It’s been exactly a year since the NSA contractor Edward Snowden made his now infamous leaks of classified US military documents. Since June 5th 2013, there has been a lot of debate as to if his actions were those of a hero or a villain and depending on what side of the privacy bracket you […]

17 Nigerians died. They died due to the negligence and greed of Abba Moro. Abba Moro is yet to to be prosecuted and we are here to remind Nigerians that 17 people died. They will of course try to discredit us. They might send down thugs to start a screaming fit within our lines. They […]

On Saturday 15th March, we went to the mortuary of Abuja’s National Hospital. We saw seven cold and soulless bodies. They were all passively shaking as the slabs they lay on were one after another pulled out of the freezer. They weren’t even properly labeled as the mortuary staff attending to us had to go […]

NIS Recruitment Disaster was a Murder by Negligence By Azeenarh Mohammed (@xeenarh) on 16th March 2014 Before sunrise, in the early hours of Saturday seven young Nigerians put on white shirts and left their homes. In their hands their school certificates, a pencil, biro and eraser. They were heading toward the national stadium, intending to […]

Happy new year (or as the Nigerian government will call it) time to sneak in controversial policies. I can’t believe it has been 22days already: time does fly when you’re having fun. How are we doing with our resolutions? Has everyone failed yet? This year I had only one: live in a place long enough […]

Today is the last Saturday of the year and if you are still single, (cue panic attacks) I guess that’s another failed resolution for 2013. If your mother like mine has tired of trying to U-Haul you out of being single, not to worry, I got your back. By the time you are done with […]

I’m sitting in front of my computer and usually, I would have churned out three to six paragraphs to publish, but the joy of writing was taken away from a lot of us in 2013 (more about that later). For me, writing now requires so much edit, thinking, rethinking, rephrasing, and ultimately over-thinking because I […]