Monthly Archives: December 2011


by Azeenarh Mohammed (@xeenarh) (closeted optimist, provocative writer) I have expressed my displeasure at the same-sex bill again and again but I think it is time I put my name and signature to it. The battle lines have been drawn and I have accepted the mantle. I know that this article will get me a whole […]


by Azeenarh Mohammed (@xeenarh) (closeted optimist, provocative writer) I sat up yesterday to watch the presidential media chat aired by NTA and after an hour plus of staring at President Jonathan speak, I realised that he has acquired that enviable politician’s trait of talking but actually passing nothing along. What also struck me was his statements […]


by Azeenarh Mohammed(@XEENARH) (closeted optimist, provocative writer) I’ve thought long and hard about what Nigeria needs and I’m happy to say I may have come up with a solution to those problems. Please don’t rush me, I’ll tell you about it shortly. I know that a lot of other Nigerians have secretly been thinking the […]