Real Madrid is worth over £1.7billion and earns £422million annually. Los Blancos is by far the biggest football club in the multiverse. The question of player worth is rather silly, like asking the Qatari Royal Family if Paul Cezanne’s The Card Players (worlds most expensive painting) is worth $250m (£211m). It’s always better to […]

I take responsibility for everything that is good and bad in my country. For every wrong perpetrated, there is something I could have done to stop it but I didn’t. If I try hard, if I do everything in my power, if I remain relentless, focused, if I took more time to do right, convince […]

Lately my biggest crime can be summarized in a sentence: I don’t pick calls, return them, or pay visits to friends and family. If you are one of those people whom I owe a call to, please accept my apology. I promise I will return it (and visit) very soon. Like most young people around […]

I have a love-hate relationship with the rouse of representatives in Nigeria. These are days where they stand up and really speak with the voice of the common man, and then there are days when its all about their greed and how much they can wrestle from the coffers of government. Their independence is refreshing, […]

I dreamt that I was going to be an author…a successful one. That was my biggest dream growing up. I thought nothing could be more awesome and gangster than writing books for a living. Eventually, I decided I was also going to be a soccer player, lawyer and scantily the president of my country. Lately, […]

                A bright rising sun is just about to overpower a white blanket of fog over the hills and valleys on which the settlement of Hurum Gora is scattered. The settlement is just coming alive; farmers are making their way to the fields, while cattle rearers are milking […]

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, fetuses and tumors, Theists and comrades, I intend to bring your attention to the anecdotal case of Sir Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer. This Australian billionaire (up-to 6 in Auzzy face slips) born in 1937, New South Welsh gentleman until his death in 2005 had a peculiar encounter with the […]