New year, old habits

Happy new year (or as the Nigerian government will call it) time to sneak in controversial policies. I can’t believe it has been 22days already: time does fly when you’re having fun.

How are we doing with our resolutions? Has everyone failed yet?

This year I had only one: live in a place long enough to adopt a cat and phew, it is not going so well. I have a lease in two cities (don’t ask) and my plans are still fuzzy so it would be unfair to take responsibility on. The good news is, after this article WOMAN DISOWNS CAT FOR BEING GAY (oh you must read it!) I just might be closer to my resolution than I thought. Can we ALSO take out a minute to discuss the absurdity of that news report? I have so many issues: Cats get disowned? Publicly? For being gay? A newspaper covers this story in depth? More news papers cover it? Are the editors on crack? Like wtf? Only in Nigeria!

Is anyone planning on going to Rio for the FIFA world cup? I really wanted to till I saw the price range of tickets. FIFA is an association of thieves. Death to Joseph Blatter! I did the math and realized that I could but a 3D TV and throw a house party for every match and still have cash left over. This also lead to an epiphany that the analysis on TV is unmatched (but so also the atmosphere I the stadium. The maracana for Gods sake!) No seriously though, is anyone going? I even thought about rekindling my relationship with Shuaibu and Amokachi to scout free tickets to Nigeria’s 3 (and only) games then though that this might be corruption too. Even though I am a supported and there are supporters tickets right. Argggh, I’ll save that for another day.

You know I am not going to sign off without discussing the same-sex bill. What a bloody charade! Although I know this is just another chapter in the national distraction agenda, I am still pissed. The law was never about same-sex marriage because the marriage act already dealth with that.This law is about freedom of speech, association, and a cheap tool to blackmail political opponents. The law has no place in an individual’s bedroom and anyone who does not recognize that is being deliberately naive. INTERESTINGLY, the law has effectively put a stop to all future threesomes. Take that you bloody heterosexuals! And you thought the law wouldn’t affect you *bbm rolling on the floor smiley*

I finally watched blue is the warmest color. Yes it was a good movie, yes there was a lot of pasta, yes the reverse cowgirl sex scene is not a myth and no, you will never get back the 3hours of your life you will have spent watching it. Good thing I am not one who believes reviews because I could have missed out. A bit of caution though: don’t expect too much. I feel the movie was less about love, and more about how Karma catches up with cheats.

Over and out!

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