Dear Tanko Almakura

“A great leader is one who appoints the right lieutenants and then has the courage to let them do their job” Unknown

“There has been change on paper, but so far, the people at the grassroots feel no difference. It is simply another politician living off the people” This is a quote from Abdul who lives in Wamba Local government. To him, there is little or no difference between the government of PDP and the CPC and he is not the only one who feels so. A lot of people are loosing hope in your government, past promises, and they are beginning to see you as just another politician. The truth is you are still greatly loved, but you are loosing critical support everyday.

Now I want to concentrate on one of the reasons why change is not happening as fast as you and everyone else envisioned it will be: The issue of the people whom occupy positions that should change lives.

There is no doubt in my mind that your first appointments were probably made out of sentiments. Naturally, you wanted to reward those who stood and fought with you in your bid to become governor but I feel the time has come to tell you some honest truths.

Aliyu Akwe Doma your predecessor became famous for doing little or nothing, you on the other hand are becoming famous for micromanaging everything and everyone. Everyone is grumbling that things are slow because you insist on over seeing everything, and this adds to the famous government bureaucracy that makes people lazy and unimaginative. I admiit that it is good to oversee people to ensure that they are doing the right thing and also that corruption is maintained but you can’t be everywhere and be consulted before any action is taken. No one is that good, you are not superman, and you shouldn’t attempt to keep schedule that only superman can keep. Now I believe the reason is one of two things: either you do not trust them to do the job, or you feel they aren’t good enough for the job. It is time to take an honest look at your team again and figure out what you need to do because the life of  millions of  Nasarawa state citizens rests on what steps you take next.

If you believe you have the best possible team that can transform every sector of Nasarawa State, then go ahead and LET THEM WORK. Stop putting them on a leash and trust that they can and will do what you have appointed them to do. Inspire them into action and give them the freedom to be imaginative if they bring new solutions to old problems. You will be surprised at what they achieve if you instill in them the belief that they can make the right choices. Take an example from the attitude of Fashola towards his commissioners, and also the free reign Obasanjo gave to the likes of Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Nuhu Ribadu, Nasir El-Rufai and Oby Ezekwesili

If on the other hand you don’t think others are up to par, then it is time you either let them go. This is really not the time for sentiments. The only other alternative is to make the whole policy makers go through a training on leadership, the issues in Nasarawa state and their sectors, AND how to bring about honest change from the grassroots to the top. I will be willing to sponsor and fund any training for your principal officers: all you have to do is give me a date and I will provide them access to the best training modules and facilitators in Nigeria.

This is an honest criticism on your impact so far in Nasarawa State. The people closest to you have a duty to tell you the truth and so far I don’t think they are doing a good enough job.

There is no doubt in my mind that your intentions are good: but never have good intentions been enough to change the world. Solid action is the only way to leave a lasting legacy on the state you love so much. The citizens of Nasarawa state know for a fact that you are trying, and that the problems you met are enormous, but we know you can do the job that was why we voted you in. It is now time to put sentiments aside and do the job we know you can do.

Until next time




  1. Well said,tho I’m not sure it will b heard or heeded 2.let’s pray he hears n listens n puts in2 motion a lastin solution 2dis near stagnation our ppl r sufferin

  2. i hope this was not just posted online, that it actually reaches him if he failes to take any action then he is on his own. People can only have patience to a certain degree

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