Monthly Archives: November 2012

Dear Tanko Almakura

“A great leader is one who appoints the right lieutenants and then has the courage to let them do their job” Unknown “There has been change on paper, but so far, the people at the grassroots feel no difference. It is simply another politician living off the people” This is a quote from Abdul who […]


“Mankind is notoriously too dense to read the signs that God sends them from time to time. We require drums to be beaten into our ears, before we would wake from our trance and hear the warning…” — Mahatma Gandhi Well, there has never been a louder gong than the one being sounded in our […]

What’s your dream?

Most countries have a dream: they have a plan of where they want to go, and how they want to get there. But I ask you today, what is the Nigerian dream? Where are we headed, when are we getting there and most importantly how do we intend to drive there? There is a public […]


There are only two sackings in the history of Chelsea FC that I have disagreed with. The first was The Special one, next was Chelsea legend Ray Wilkins. Today, the sacking of Bobby Di Mateo makes it a hat trick for me. The Champion’s League trophy was always the utopia he craved but even that […]

INTO THE GROUND by @vanteya37

CRACK! A slap on the left cheek. Another on the right. Tears swim in her pleading eyes. ‘I’m sorry’ she croaks, leaning wearily against the wall, ‘You lied to me’ A fist closes round the swan like neck jerking forward then slamming her into the wall, all the while the grip tightening. She’s choking,the tears […]