What’s your dream?

Most countries have a dream: they have a plan of where they want to go, and how they want to get there.
But I ask you today, what is the Nigerian dream? Where are we headed, when are we getting there and most importantly how do we intend to drive there? There is a public document called the vision 2020 but it is so unrealistic, so full of vague rethoric that the world and most Nigerians treat is as a running joke. The little i have read of it does not inspire hope in the vision because it proposes actions and strategies that have failed even the global north.
At present, every kid in Nigeria-no matter how young-knows that it isn’t what they study, practice, specialize in that will make them stand out. The three recepies for success to a young nigerian depends on where they are from, what their last name is, and who they know.
For the older ones to ‘make it’ they either have to join politics or dabble in the corrupt oil and gas sector. Surprisingly, these two sectors cater to only about 2% of Nigerians.
The truth is the old age attitude of grabbing all you can has got to change. But this change and new attitude of life has got to be gender inclusive, sustainable, just and fair. And we must remember that in this new inclusive plan we are making, Nigeria is just a tiny speck on a big Island called earth…and earth has problems.
Resources are scarce: water, land, oil, minerals, and there is a huge scramble for the little that exists. There are wars being raged over resources: from Bayelsa to Plateau, Libya, Brazil and Gaza. Land, water, minerals and oil will keep causing blood shed.
The reality Nigeria must face is that in about 10 years or less, oil may not be our cash cow so what we have, we must manage carefully. What little resources we have is fast disappearing and our population is growing at an alarming rate.
We should also keep in mind that these resources are dependent on nature so we must treat nature right. What happens around the world affects us here. We can’t continue to think in issolation but should instead attempt to fit into the global solution.
Scientists say the world can accomodate 9billion people. As at today, the population is about 7billion….so what is your dream?
Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Where will you be living?
How many houses and cars will you own?
Will you be married?
How many kids will you have in 10yrs?
How many trips will you take annually?
How much do you think you will be earning?
Now how much will you need monthly to sustain the kind of lifestyle you just listed above?
How many jobs do you know that will/can pay that sum that you envision?
How much of your income is supporting your life style and how much will support your extended family?
Will Nigeria be better? Have we solved our roads, rails, hospitals, ports and is our government still corupt?
Do your legislators still earn 100million+ annually while minimum wage is less than 250,000?
It our civil service still bloated with two ministers in each ministry?
What is the likely exchange rate of the $, €, ¥, and £ against the naira? Is it 160, 200, 250 or has it gone as high as 500 or even 700?
Are we still flying out of Nigeria to recieve even the most basic medical treatment?
Are we still spending billions pursuing degrees and graduate programs in UK, Europe and America?
Again i have to ask you, what’s your dream?
What is Nigeria’s dream, where are we headed and when are we getting there? To not think about this is a recipe for disaster because we have to imagine Nigeria that has no oil wealth, no structures put in place, and about 100 million restless and probably citizens.
It is a reality we can not run away from.
Nigeria, what’s your dream?


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