Catholic guilt

I take responsibility for everything that is good and bad in my country. For every wrong perpetrated, there is something I could have done to stop it but I didn’t.

If I try hard, if I do everything in my power, if I remain relentless, focused, if I took more time to do right, convince others to do right, convince others to convince others to do right, then I would have fixed my country. But I didn’t. I haven’t. So I take responsibility for every bribe, every accident, every bullet, every failed test…

I no longer have the rights to conplain because it is my fault. I could have stopped it last night, last week, last month but I didn’t. I should do better, I can do better, I must do better…

I must not allow irrelevance to cloud my vision or my dreams. I can fix it. I will fix it. I must fix it. Nigeria is my responsibility and I will no longer wait for you to fix it…


  1. Jameel Naabba · · Reply

    How painful to not be able to be in 2 place at once.i feel the same pain.

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  2. I wish everyone can have this ideology and actually try to live by it. Amen to my struggle to be a better me for me and for my country.

  3. Try being me… I actually slept yesterday. And I imagine someone must have been bit by a mosquito…

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