The story of Kerry Packer by Ess Donli

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, fetuses and tumors, Theists and comrades,

I intend to bring your attention to the anecdotal case of Sir Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer. This Australian billionaire (up-to 6 in Auzzy face slips) born in 1937, New South Welsh gentleman until his death in 2005 had a peculiar encounter with the after life. A great injustice would be rendered if I didn’t add that Packer was not only a media tycoon but was also the founder of the World Cricket Series.

Without further ado, allow me to hit the nail on the head. In 1990 billionaire Packer was having a gas while playing Polo and suddenly suffered a heart attack and was clinically dead for six-minutes. A reenactment (you’d think) of the rich man who flirts in purple and fine linen (but you’d be wrong). Packer only survived to live another 15years out of nothing more than luck. The ambulance service weren’t accustomed to having defiberillators fitted in their mobile clinics, but hospitals were known to serve Priests as is expected in any and indeed all superstitious societies. In this case (to the benefit and delight of the Packer family), it just so happened that Murphy’s Law had skipped him. After a full circle (360) of seconds, bypass surgery and surely months and lots of bed sores Packer recovered.

When he regained health, he allegedly told the New South Wales government that he’d go 50/50 on fitting all ambulances with this great device. Packer has so much of an influence in cardiac-related patients that if you were born in the 90s in Australia you wouldn’t call it a “Defibrillator” you’d call it the “Packer Whacker”. However, what to me is also as interesting, is that Packer had a thing or two to say about his circle in the after life (temporal oblivion he called it).

To his heir he said: “I’ve been to the other side and let me tell you, son, there’s fucking nothing there…there’s no one waiting there for you, there’s no one to judge you so you can do what you bloody well like” (perhaps why Junior through the influence of his friend Tom Cruise started attending the Church of Scientology. You may say?)

You’d think Packer is advocating the fall of objective morality, that is, since there is no God or devil, “let’s all go on the streets murdering and fornicating”. Quite the contrary in my opinion, Packer says this advocating for the Humanist Collective Morality (as opposed to the Theists “Objective” one): Human solidarity in the world, which is evident in the Packer Whacker and his organ transplant association in memory of Cricketer David Hookes, as well as his sense of philanthropy (which all then could explain Juniors remission from the Church of Scientology).

Conclusively (if I dare add), that Packers Humanism greatly supersedes Pascal’s Bandit. Secularism as opposed to Totalitarianism. Seeking truths for its own sake, contrary to the paradox of seeking emotional comfort from a covert lie. Reason and Empiricism over Fideism.

In the memory of Kerry Packer 1937-2005


Picture Source: Inside Story

Article by Ess Donli

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