INTO THE GROUND by @vanteya37

A slap on the left cheek.
Another on the right.
Tears swim in her pleading eyes.
‘I’m sorry’ she croaks,
leaning wearily against the wall,
‘You lied to me’
A fist closes round the swan like neck
jerking forward then slamming her into the wall,
all the while the grip tightening.
She’s choking,the tears spill over,
her hands clutching uselessly against maniacal strenght.
‘Too slow’ he growls,
murderous hand withdrawing.
Spasms rack her oxygen deprived body,
she shrinks back,
deep in her being something wonders
why her cries go unnoticed,
ignored by the lively crowd in the living room,
by the happy lovers chatting just beside the window.
The moment of reflection dies,
the beast yanks her arm,
she no longer knows which,
wrenches it backwards in a crushing twist
with savage glee.Feeding on her black nameless fear.
She’s knocked around.
She’s knocked into the ground,
captive hand held aloft,locked still in a crushing twist.
Viciously, he stomps on her belly.
Despite the pain,she turns,
she squirms, seeking a way to protect
what might be her growing child.
Her’s & the monster’s.
Salty tears fall down, joining with white spittle
& dust from the foot pushing her head down.
Bruising, grating, carpet burning her face.
‘Ifs mai dault ont do is gain’
muffled, words hidden amidst the strands.
‘Stand up’
the voice breathless with gloating & excitement.
Gingerly,she obeys, grunting from the effort
although she was using the bed post for support.
As she did,
a sinister punch connects,
stealing her wind.
She goes. Crashing,
onto the bed.

Even after the door creaked itself to a close,
her broken voice whispered. Between choked sobs.
from a tangle of debris & red stained sheets,
her broken voice whispered
‘I’m sorry’


One comment

  1. Jay,u out did urself! D emotion is palpable. Kudos,tho dis is always a touchy subject of discus

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