He put her on a pedestal
In front of God and man.
He put a ring on her finger
Before her family and his.
He put his body in hers,
Sealing them in holy matrimony.
She put her life on hold
Before fame and fortune, he first.
He started putting her through hell with words,
Then later with threats of gore.
He first put his fist through the wall before the arguments got out of hand.
Shortly after, his fists and hurtful words were only directed at her.
His friends and hers tried to intervene and get her to leave & live.
He insists they’re putting words in her head.
Because bruises and bandages aside, she’s still his queen.
And everyday that passes, she puts her life at risk.
Days ran into weeks, weeks into months.
A kid later, she attempted to put her foot down.
She left him but returned after he pleas that he had changed.
A slap here, a push there,
She kept up all appearances.
She condoned her tormentor and made excuses for his actions.
His friends & hers in turn made excuses for her obvious excuses.
On days where he perceived slights from her,
He turned the swan into a ducking.
When the worse happened, all we saw where words but down in the paper,
A normal obituary announcement.
And the day they put her coffin in the soil,
We wondered how as a society we had all put up with it.

Battered wife, battered family

Battered wife, battered family


One comment

  1. vanteya37 · · Reply

    Indeed. It’s the excuses part I never get. It’s like knee jerk response. If it makes us alk uncomfortable we should be putting a stop to it not making excuses and letting it persist.

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