Most of the time, we take it for granted that there are soldiers are out there keeping the country safe, but do we really appreciate the work that they put in?

This is a piece reminding us to take a minute out of our busy schedules just to respect what they do, appreciate them and even pray for their safety.

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As a kid I had this dream of being a soldier but in the end, I gave up on it because I couldn’t give it my all. You see, a soldiers life is not for all. It requires courage, determination, fire and a spine of steel. For in the dust, sun or rain, a soldier must still remain a soldier before being a person. One has to be ready to have blistered feet, little sleep, poor food. Overworked and underpaid, they are moved from one destination to another with the simple stroke of a pen.

They may not be perfect, but these brave men and women have their lives on hold while the army takes first place. They live in a life on limbo and are sometimes sent out to far off and dangerous places for months on end to defend the territories of Nigeria. Their job is to defend the country from internal and external threats and they are doing the best that they can with the little resources available to them. Everyday in Maiduguri and beyond, soldiers are blown to pieces. Their families often don’t even see their corpses or say goodbye. A minute silence, that is what they get in the end.

We have a habit of turning it off in our head when statistics of fatality is listed on the news or in the papers. 5 JTF officers killed yesterday at a gun battle with Boko Haram, 2 soldiers killed on the creaks of the Delta, a platoon blown to pieces in Abuja 3 dead, more in hospital…we seem to see these as just numbers, well we can’t afford to anymore.

In the blink of an eye, bones are shattered, flesh is scattered, lives are lost, and plans are stuffed out. Families are left bare and dreams are forever frozen, never to be completed again. This is a common occurrence, but one we should never gets used to.

These numbers are fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, uncles, lovers, friends and colleagues. They had dreams, aspirations, plans, and lives waiting for them but many get killed in the line of duty. We can’t afford to take that for granted because most times while we sleep, hundreds of them are awake patrolling, protecting, defending and strategizing so that we can wake up in a safer Nigeria.

In a country not at war, we are loosing too many soldiers and my prayer is that they and the civilians are spared of further casualties. We aren’t there when a mother is told that her son is dead. We’re safe in our homes when a father has to hold back tears that his only son can only be returned in pieces. We’re living our lives when a daughter is told that her future just flew in the dust with the bombs that ended her fathers life. We’re oblivious of the moments when families and friends are confronted with the reality that they would never see their loved one again…

A soldier who paid the price for our safety

So today, even if we were not privy to their pain, I want us to take a moment to say thank you, and then offer a prayer for those who have laid their lives on the line for us, and for the ones who continue to do so. This imperfect group of patriots who get up each morning knowing that wearing that uniform may lead to their death but having the courage to do so anyway.

For the brave men and women of the Nigerian army who fight to keep us safe, may God keep you safe, and we pray you come back to your family in one piece.

You are our everyday heroes!

(This piece is dedicated to ‘Bigman’. You are a hero yesterday, today and tomorrow)



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  2. @showshanah · · Reply

    WOW! I am so guilty of this. Thank u so very much for drawing our attention to this. May God bless and protect every soldier out there fighting for our safety, and may the souls of the fallen heroes rest in peace……*sober reflections*…..thank u 4dis,

    1. My respect goes to all the military personnel protecting our nation and beyond. They are our unsong heroes. When a man wears his uniform he goes beyond religion n ethnicity. My respect goes not only to those who died protecting the nation but also those who completed their tour of duty and came back safe, those that came back alive but lost limbs or legs and also those who are left with scars for life. To my father, brothers, relations, friends and every man who ever wore or still wears a uniform. I say well done.

  3. muyideen@aremualagbe · · Reply


  4. paul adaja · · Reply

    Thank you

  5. Andrew Adamu · · Reply

    God bless the Nigerian Army.

  6. Victor Abibo Jr · · Reply

    Touching… I’ll whisper a prayer to our soldiers tonight… Yes, I agree with the writer, we often take the work of our soldiers for granted… I appreciate every Nigerian soldier wherever he/she is right now.

  7. Lt Samuel o Iluyemi · · Reply

    The prices for our safe homes lies with the security at the enterance of our villages.The soliders in uniforms re the watch dogs while we sleep comfortablly with our families. so always respect them when u see anyone in Armed forces uniform. May the souls of the departed soldiers find peace. Amen.

  8. A brave Soldier dies once. But a Coward dies in million way. Got a Soldier mind, Soldier heart, Soldier spirit and turn on your audacity!

  9. janet Adolphus · · Reply

    Indeed it is only he who wears the crown understands the pain. My heart goes 4 all the militry personnel out there, may U̶̲̥̅̊ all find solace in the presence of the almighty always. God himself will watch all that concerns U̶̲̥̅̊ in life. Rest in peace our Heroes past.

  10. Emmanuel ogbolu · · Reply

    Quite a touchy piece but true to the later. most of us are guilty of this matter. May God give us the grace to appreciate them more even in our prayers.

  11. Kanfanka... · · Reply

    *SMH* these ppl are heros….

  12. GOD bless the military men & women who keep laying down their lives for our safety.
    It is well with them & their loved ones. May the souls of those who have been mowed down in the line of duty rest in peace.

  13. uchegbu Ngozi · · Reply

    Huge eye opener we take these men and women efforts for granted ,great write up reading it I just imagined myself as a wife mother daughter father sister and brother .God bless and keep them.

  14. This is all fine and good. But you should ask yourself if we really need an army. Have they ever defended us from external threats? Can they not be seen as being responsible for worsening our situation? Because their coups made them inculcate a culture of govt not being responsible to the ppl. And what of all the harassment that goes on at checkpoints? I do not think the nigerian military is worthy of adulation. Except for the work they’ve done in liberia, sierra leone, darfur etc. But within nigeria, they’ve been more a cancer than anything. If I had my way, the military wd be disbanded in favor of a strong police and coast guard

    1. You have a right to express your feelings on any subject any way you like it. That said, I get the feeling you do not reside in Nigeria, so, it’s okay for you to make reference to the military’s antecedents and say, ‘they brought you here’. What’s most important at the moment is the situation on the ground and the efforts and sacrifices of some unsung few who are putting all it takes to ensure that the political office holders orders are obeyed to the latter.

      So, while you are laying the blame at the premise of the military, ask yourself some salient questions; what has happened in the last 12 or so years? All the cases of insurgency we’ve recorded in Nigeria were during which style of givernment? How did these insurgents develop and what where their roots? Were they the result of military incubation or political office holders? These and many more, if you are intuitve enough, you’ll ask yourself and I believe the answers are right in front of you.

      Dear Nigerian, in as much as it is okay to be retrospective, it is not a good idea to dwell too much on the problems of the past. Rather, proffer worht solutions to the present with a cursory look at the past for lessons sake.

    2. @kalama u’re quick to judge.Pls read d constitution very well n u’ll see that their work includes internal treats n aggression.can u waste ur sleep for a night.give honour to whom is due.

    3. zainab s garba · · Reply

      Kamala,really in a while,have not seen someone who doesn’t show apprieciation or rather sympathy!didn’t u c d dead man?sad!u are a man right?for a day,u can’t b a solidier!only few man are chosen

  15. Buhari Madaki · · Reply

    Thank you very much for a really poignant piece; it is people like you who make the sacrifices worthwhile. May the Almighty guide and protect our soldiers, sailors and airmen whereever they may be. Currahee!

  16. I respect soldiers!!!! God bless them all

  17. Very touching. God bless all you brave soldiers out there.

  18. Gentlemen, Godspeed · · Reply

    My heart goes to ‘Dusty’. A lieutenant of the army who was killed in action last year just weeks after his wedding. Continue to rest in peace.

  19. To all members of the armed forces, thank you

  20. My hrt goes out 2 our Heros out dere dat lost deir lives,May GodAlmigthy give u Rest in his bossom of d LorD..

  21. Capt(DR) Iheagwu OI · · Reply

    Thank you so much, whoever the writer may be.for the kind words and appreciation shown to each and every one of us..as we do our job..thank u once again for showing us that atleast u care.

  22. They truly are our unsong heroes. Not just to the dead but also to the living. Those who went and came back safe and those who came back without limbs or legs. They all have scars. I pray this unites us cos when a soldier wears his unform, he neither has areligion nor ethnicity. To my father, brothers, cousins and friends. Who wore and still wear the uniform. I say well done

  23. May their gentle souls rest in perfeckt peace, Amen.

  24. Its well and GOD Bless d Nigeria Army

  25. glamourkwin · · Reply

    Close to tears, wat more can I say.. May d souls of d men and women who hv died protecting and fighting for this nation rest in peace and may d gud lord protect and bless d families they hv left behind..God bless us all

  26. Giwa-Robert Damilola · · Reply

    When I started reading this story I was like what is my business with soildiers bt reading further I realise I was crying.I wish d govt can do sumtin about this things and wish the bokoharram nonsense is put to an end.may d life of d soildiers n all d victims taken judge d bokoharram for killing pple innocently,and may dia gentle soul rest in peace.Amen.

  27. @Gen_Schultz · · Reply

    Those few momemts when we all know we re guilty. No questions asked. I salute bravety, I salute sacrifice, I salute love.

  28. Mohammed Rabiu · · Reply

    Nice writeup. Let’s keepon praying for our dear Country Nigeria and may their souls rest in peace. Amin

  29. So touching, may GOD Protect Nd Bless Nigerian Army accordint to their iNtension.

  30. Robinson Udende · · Reply

    Really, this is so touching!

  31. RIP our great heroes

  32. May d souls of d heroes past RlP.

  33. I knw i appreciate u soldiers, n i respect that u actually do wat i never wud do ever…God bless n keep u!

  34. Very touching and true. So I say a big thank you and God bless you to the Nigerian army. And to those that have lost loved ones i pray that God continues to keep you.

  35. Akomolafe titilayo justina · · Reply

    Very emotional but it is the truth.

  36. May the merciful God continue to protect n strengthen u all. May the souls of all dead soidiers rest in peace. Amen.

  37. It then takes bravity to be a soldier’s wife

  38. Thank you, Azeenarh… Thank you!!!! 🙂

  39. Its an honor to have brave and willing people.I want to let them know that there duty is not nothing…….. I wish them the best

  40. Abidemi Akano · · Reply

    To d writer-thank u for remembering our fallen heroes. We appreciate u. @ dat Komala u r either a non Nigerian or one of those spoilt over pampered rich kids who fed off d struggles of these heroes or u r simply jealous. Wat have U urself contributed to ds great Nation. Go n dust ur history books if u av any and u will c dat a lot of great nations got to wia dey r today after so many civil wars. And these wars were fought by soldiers. To all ma brodas n sisters in arms like d motto goes ” and if we do not cum back,tell them we have sacrificed our today for dia tommorrow”. I Luv u all.

    1. Justice Peace · · Reply

      May God bless U……….tell dat Komala!!!!!!!!! To members of the Armed Forces of Nigeria and there sister forces……May God see U. Bless U are…..

  41. Abidemi Akano · · Reply

    To d writer-thank u for remembering our fallen heroes. We appreciate u. @ dat Komala u r either a non Nigerian or one of those spoilt over pampered rich kids who fed off d struggles of these heroes or u r simply jealous. Wat have U urself contributed to ds great Nation. Go n dust ur history books if u av any and u will c dat a lot of great nations got to wia dey r today after so many civil wars. And these wars were fought by soldiers. To all ma brodas n sisters in arms like d motto goes ” and if we do not cum back,tell them we have sacrificed our today for dia tommorrow”. I Luv u all. One luv

  42. ahmed maryam · · Reply

    May Almighty Allah continue to bless all d officers nd men of d Armed forces. And I also pray for d repose of those who have lost their lives . God Almighty give d families d fortitude to bear dis irreparable lost .

  43. Am really impressed abt our nigeria army’I pray God continue to bless ad guide u all in your daily activities in life.without u pple’their will be no us.once again I say a big thank _u to all d nigeria army out there.

  44. May God bless all d offcrs nd men of d nig army. To their wives may d gud lord lord who has taken us this cont to b our source of courage. It is well wt us. God bless our husbands, fathers, uncles,brodas n frnds

  45. fahad murtala · · Reply

    May god help and protect

  46. Aminu Muhammad · · Reply


  47. anthony garba · · Reply

    God bless d nigeria army. Ur labour 2 our. Fathers land shall b. In vain

  48. kelechi mbaegbu · · Reply

    Yes may Ÿ̲̣̣̣̥ø̲̣̣̥u̶̲̥̅̊ all that have us i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ mind, as Ÿ̲̣̣̣̥ø̲̣̣̥u̶̲̥̅̊ pray fø̲̣̣я̅ us to come back safely to our family, we say Amen Απϑ thank Ÿ̲̣̣̣̥ø̲̣̣̥u̶̲̥̅̊ very much fø̲̣̣я̅ U̶̲̥̅̊r kidness, brother Ȋ̝̊̅§ not easy to be a solder,

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  50. i love you all my soldiers.

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