The first thing that will come to the mind of every reader is “what a very brilliant idea”. However, same reader would definitely be heart broken when he goes down to read that the state intends to build two airports. Yes two, you read correctly. Now at this point one will wonder why the government came up with such a laughable idea. Yes it is laughable because the government brought up a good idea of an airport for the state but then used same hand to spoil the whole aim by the idea of having two airports in the state all at once.

Looking at the meagre resources of the state, i believe it is ill-timed to conceive having two airports which will be of less or no benefit to the state but instead may plunge the state into some sort of difficulties.

In trying to defend the need of having one airport, the government believes that it will boost economic activities in the state because people would like to move closer to the city to enable them carry on commercial activities and so also, the government believed that with two airports, investors would be attracted to the state as the second airport would be a cargo airport that will enable investors and business people bring in their goods directly to carry out exploration and business activities without hardship,(which i don’t reason with the idea).

I honestly do not see the feasibility of having two airports in a state that is managing to stand on its feet. There are areas in the state that need immediate attention from government that will eventually attract investors to the state even before having an airport and such areas include basic social amenities, upgrading hospitals, boosting commercial activities, building of roads, provide adequate security, portable water etc, when the state is developed to that extent, then we can now welcome the idea of two airports, meanwhile without these in place, i must admit that this is a case of misplaced priorities.

Commercial cities like Lagos, Kano, Portharcourt, Abuja etc that have been in existence before the birth of Nasarawa state are striving very hard to maintain single airport each and then our dear baby state is coming up with an unrealisable dream of having two all at once. This is absurd as far as I’m concerned.

Words of advice to His Excellency the Governor of our dear Nasarawa state is that he should drop the idea of having two airports and focus on the good work he has started, use the resources to improve health services, security, agriculture and basic social amenities in the state which when these have been put in place, investors would gladly come to the state willingly to help improve in its economy especially by helping us to tap and explore the abundant mineral resources we have in our dear state.

Ismat Abdul lives in Nasarawa state. U can get more info from ha via @rukey_tj86



  1. Honestly, there is nothing wrong in building an aerodrome (not airport) in lafia, which is only meant to carry small scale passenger planes at a given time. Moreover, the idea of building a cargo port in karshi is also commendable having gone through forensic feasibility studies and cost-benefit analysis. The wholistic project in karshi is not going to end up being a financial burden to the state govt, considering its viability. The location is strategic enough to sustain its operations. It will attract cargo planes off the too busy Abuja cargo port hence resulting to increased revenue to the govt. The port will also carry goods directly meant for the ever expanding karu market and reduce time and risk on goods moving to the east. Most impotantly, both projects are to be built on PPP arrangement. This reduces the financial burden and business associated risks on the part of state govt. I believe the concept capsulated by the state is viable and sustainable as motivated by the above brief.

  2. Ayuba Wandai Usman · · Reply

    The two Airports are for different purposes, while the one in Lafia is for passengers which will open up the state to people from all walks of life, the one in Karshi is for cargo which considering its proximity to Abuja and the absence of any of it’s kind around, it will surely boost economic activities. Moreso, why you need not worry is that they’ll be built on a Public Private Partnership bases with absolutely no financial commitment from the government.

  3. Governor Al Makura’s reasoning is upside down which is not altogether surprising as Nigerian leaders are fond of putting the cart before the horse.

    I’ve been to Lafia, the capital city and I know Nasarawa state has a long way to go in providing basic amenities and stimulating business growth in order to woo investors.

    Does Al Makura really think it stops at building an airport? Have the projected the air traffic that Nasarawa can produce because airlines will not fly an economic unviable route? Building an airport which people will not fly is a fail.

    Sometimes, I think it’s all PR to arm sycophants with enough contents to sing praises about – the first governor to build two airports at once…cool

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