A twittering, child of anger’s reply to Reuben Abati

Normally I do not pay heed to people who go on and on about irrelevant issues BUT I believe for this piece THE JONATHAN THEY DO NOT KNOW, you Reuben Abati deserve a response.

First of all,I would personally appreciate it if you refrained from using derogatory words to refer to me and the rest of Nigerians on twitter, facebook and bbm. It would be better if you referred to us as Ma’am or Sir since we collectively pay your salary. I would hate to remind you again that every dime you get at the end of the month belongs to those you notoriously referred to as “the cynics, the pestle-wielding critics, the unrelenting, self-appointed activists, the idle and idling, twittering, collective children of anger, the distracted crowd of Facebook addicts, the BBM-pinging soap opera gossips of Nigeria, who seem to be in competition among themselves to pull down.” The irony of it is that you insulted this group of Nigerians then turned right ahead to say that President Goodluck Jonathan “He is on Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS, BB, and he reads. And he writes”. So the president is one of the unrelenting, cynical, idle, distracted, soap-opera-gossip children of anger right? Your words Mr Abati…pick an insult and stick to it.

Let me also explain this simple fact to you: when a man contests for public office, he directly says I am better that the others. I am the better option and I will do good. We select officials on that basis AND judge them on their PERFORMANCES (something you seem to have selective amnesia on). When this said official is failing-in this case President Jonathan-he opens himself up to criticism because it is OUR funds and OUR future he is (mis)managing.

You said ‘this army of sponsored and self-appointed anarchists is so diverse; many of them don’t even know why or how they should attack the President’. This clearly suggests that when you Reuben Abati spoke up against past governments, you were appointed by someone (again, your words). The remaining self appointed (unpaid) ones (me inclusive) actually know WHY and WHAT they are criticizing. They are criticizing the bad handling of the subsidy removal, the billions spent on 50th anniversary celebration, the stand Mr President took on behalf of MEND in October 2011,  the continuous shielding of Diezani Allison-Madueke despite numerous reports pointing at her corrupt/incompetent ways, the irresponsible travel, feeding, medical budget for the president and his entourage despite the security challenges in the north he still hasn’t put  stop to, the countless committees which Mr President springs up without implementing or utilizing their recommendations, the absurd appointment of ex-kingpins into sensitive security positions, THOSE are just a few of the things we are collectively criticizing.

I appreciate that you took the time to list the different foods that the president eats. My problem is that Mr President spends so much time on rhetoric fighting imaginary ‘detractors’ that he isn’t worrying about the millions who don’t have anything to eat. And while we are on the issue, it is no longer WHAT the president wants to do (campaign is over sir) but all we see is what he is NOT doing. The growing rate of unemployment, the lax and deteriorating practices in the petroleum industry, the corruption in the civil service…we want a president that can fix those issues not tell us that those ARE the problems. Errr, we know the problems sir. Can you do the job or not?

Keep in mind, we do not care what part of the country he’s from, we simply know that he is running the whole country down. Despite your cry that Nigerians criticize him out of ignorance and mischief claiming ‘the opposition doesn’t make things easy at all, maybe I should point it out that it is not the opposition’s position to make it easy for him, BUT it is his job to make it difficult for them to find what to criticize. He can do so that by performing his functions diligently. In such a case, he wouldn’t even need to hire people like you to try and sugarcoat speeches.

Additionally, no one cares about how many Hausa, Ijaw, Edo or Yoruba people or women Mr President has appointed. We just care about the type of work they are doing and so far, no one stands out. My advice to you is this: stop comparing Jonathan to David, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Kwame Nkrumah. The earlier you and Mr President throw away those illusions of grandeur and realize that he is Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, a zoologist in whose hands rest 150,000,000 lives, the better it will be for all of us.

As you Abati rightly pointed out, the clear danger to public affairs commentary is that we have a lot of unintelligent people repeating stupid clichés and too many intelligent persons wasting their talents lending relevance to thoughtless conclusions. This statement clearly applies ONLY to you. I will say no more on this issue.

As a kid growing up, my mother told me: If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say nothing at all. You should repeat this every morning when you wake up. Maybe, just maybe something worthy may well come out of you and this government.

Leadership is not for people who cry foul and spit out excuses, it is a position for people who can bring results. If you and President Jonathan can not wrap your head around that, then it is high time you find another job.


Azeenarh Mohammed (an unrelenting, self-appointed, irritated, angry, tired but NOT idle Nigerian on twitter)



  1. Andrew Adamu · · Reply

    May be Abati should say it morning and evening just like what the great Russian neurophysiologist I.P Pavlov said abt repeatation.

  2. Thanks Azeenarh for taking the time to respond to that irresponsible scumbag who decided to further abuse and insult us hapless Nigerians. I have no iota of respect for Reuben Abati who continues to dig himself into the hole of irrelevance after demonstrating a lack of integrity and inconsistency of view by teaming up with those he had extremely criticized previously.

    I was expecting a backlash from the cross-section of the ‘children of anger’ Abati was once a part of and glad to read this. I seriously hope to read more responses directed the way of Reuben Abati.

    He actually compared I-dont-give-a-damn Jonathan with Martin L. King? What cheek?!

  3. Abati is a big time silly hunger warlord because of what he wants to chop in Aso Rock. Who wants to know what the President eats ot not.? Does he care for us? We shall all drink to Abati’s exit from Aso Rock when or before a new regime takes over. The idiots are neociating with terrorists through the back door. They don’t have a front door, do they? They are not clean.

  4. Nucreed · · Reply

    You have just ‘answered a fool according to his folly lest he thinks he is wise’. His own ‘wise’ words were his very undoing. Shows how debased the man has come to be all for the price of vanity. For a moment, I imagine trying to step into his shoes to perhaps see what we could possibly not be seeing that gives him such boldness but NO, I don’t think I ever can. No, not with the spilled blood of countless innocent beloved crying out daily for justice and retribution which would eventually come. No I can’t. I simply cannot. Reuben Abati, wherever you are, may you experience first-hand, what you & your lot are knowingly subjecting those who have simply expressed hope by choosing you to do your sincere and humane bit towards a much better life for them, to.

  5. muyideen@aremualagbe · · Reply

    Am just tired of making comments about the jargons he gave us on sunday. GEJ is just messing us up. So unfortunate.

  6. AbdulLateeph · · Reply

    when a man contests for public office, he directly says “I am better that the others. I am the better option and I will do good” this is the perfect answer to those who sometimes ask other people whether they could do better than GEJ.He needed to be answered. Nice piece @Azeenarh

  7. Lovely response……sharp nd straight to the point!!!! To use the words of black Americans,Abati is a no good SNITCH!!!!!!!!!!! Such BS he put up!!! Like we r supposed to be grateful…..petrol is 95N,kerosene is even more expensive…Gas too….nd we r supposed to be happy?
    For God’s sake,what kind of president sets up a committee to ‘look’ into the recommendations of another committee?? God help us!!!

  8. Reblogged this on kingsiju and commented:
    One can’t but pity Abati, while wondering what has happened to him.

  9. Isa Abdulkadir · · Reply

    really disappointed in some of your post. some people are born critics, without any proffering any better alternative to problems. if you cant give us some thing better then shut up

  10. Well said that man is an official RETARD, he’s a disgrace to himself!!!

  11. Yetunde Ajayi · · Reply

    “As a kid growing up, my mother told me: If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say nothing at all”. Azeenarh Mohammed, you certainly didn’t heed your mother’s advice, for all you’ve had to say here are insults and remarks that rebel against your mother’s best authority. You must mean to pass some message in all the effort and time it had cost you to write this classic junk but i am searching for what that message is as it must have been covered by so much mud, filth that it has become pure dirt itself. Feel free and enjoy the futility of your tresspass on social media knowing you just don’t count, you unrelenting, self-appointed, irritated, angry, tired and jobless Nigerian.

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