What values and norms can block a female politician? How do political parties use values and norms to either support or discourage woman candidates? How do political opponents use values and norms to gain advantage over female candidates? What values and norms have you internalised as a woman politician to either increase your self-esteem, or make you lose confidence in your abilities?
Do you have a story to tell? We intend to record video interviews with women politicians, and those who aim to become female politicians, to highlight how society’s values and norms affect women’s access to politics in Nigeria. We are a group of Gender NGOs with the support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation Nigeria, conducting a research into Women in Politics.
If you would like to be filmed, and you agree to have your film posted on the internet, please send us your name, contact details and the main point of your story (in not more than 10 lines!) latest by 20 July, to the following email address: info@ng.boell.org.
Once posted on a dedicated website, your contribution would help other aspiring female politicians in and beyond Nigeria succeed.


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