If you’re trendy in Abuja, there’s no way you’ll not have heard about Designer’s Market Place. Its a once in a month event where all the Designers or those who sell designer labels turn out their goods in an open, party-like event.

There’s a lot to love there especially the open stalls. You can just walk around window shopping while great music blares in your ears. There’s just something nice about crisp green grass on your feet, the smell of cooking meat in the air and the colourful displays in the sunshine that reminds you of childhood, carnivals, and picnics.

Secondly, the food at DMP is UNBELIEVABLE!!! For a shopping event, you’ll be surprised at the food options available at DMP. So much food, salads, hors d’oeuvres, deserts, smoothies, cocktails, mocktails, barbecued meats…ah! I could just have foodgasms thinking about the DMP.

DMP is a place to find great shoes, cool costomised T-shirts, body art to die for, local fabrics sewn to the height of fashion, accessories and makeup that make u go: wow! All these are reasons to make u look forward to the first saturday of every month, but keep in mind the bad part: prices!

Nothing comes cheap at DMP, I mean absolutely nothing! You’d think that the prices are slightly lower than everywhere else but, nooooo! Not only do they match boutiques but they almost outdo them…probably because they have to pay for space, but still. The only way to get a bargain at DMP is to be like me: cheap.

I have perfected a few ways to get a bargain at DMP but keep in mind these tricks will only work if you have a lot of time (or the whole day!)
First, I’ll spot an item that I like then go and make friends with the seller. I’ll sneak in the fact that its a nice piece, but it probably costs too much. By the time they tell me how much it cost, I’ll gasp like its the most outrageous thing I’ve heard. I’ll then offer way below what they want to sell. A small haggle takes place then I make a deal with them and say: ok we’ll do it like this. If at the end of the day no one buys it, we’ll settle on the middle price. Then comes my killer line: keep in mind that the food is awesome, and there is only so much money to spend. Don’t blame me when you have to take your ware back home.
I then spend the rest of the day catching up with friends, doing body art, stuffing myself with food and keeping an eye on the item. Most times, by the time I come walking past the shop with my third desert, the person will offer the item to me at the middle price (just to ensure I don’t spend all the money on food) and both of us go home happy. Simple as that!

Don’t get me wrong sha, this tactics have not always worked (sadly), but they’ve saved me loads of money when they do work.

Anyway, if u’re in Abuja today and you have a few hours to spare, make sure you stop by at DMP and you’ll surely find me in the food section, or keeping an eye on the various items I want but I am too cheap to purchase outright.

(Designer Market Place takes place on the first Saturday of every month at City Park Wuse2)



  1. 9jaMiss · · Reply

    I shud catch ya @ this one if I do arrive safely and timely. Nice read, sumtin on the lighter side that U cud hardly come across anymore, we just have sad stories now.

  2. lovely piece, l like the flow and good to know at you love good food like me.

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