Another day without power and another recycled statement by those in charge. While the Minister of Power Professor Barth Nnaji was talking, this was what you guys might have heard: “We regretfully apologise to Nigerians for the erratic power situation in the country and urged them to exercise patience. This situation will be sorted out in two months”

Well anyone who has a degree in bullsh*t (like I do) would have heard this: “#1 generating station is out, #2 is down for maintenance, #3 is functioning below capacity and we will recycle more excuses as it suits us. We urge Nigerians to exercise Mrs Jonathan while we lounge with our generators paid for with your money. We are currently thinking of other corrupt ways to soak up funds from government coffers.”

We refuse to consider renewable energy even in the face of imminent destruction to our country, people and planet. We forget that Nigeria has abundant solar power potential and pretend that these power stations remain the road to salvation.

But ‘Professor’ Barth, while you complain that you need gas to function, your friend the president turns his head away and pretends not to see gas being flared above his brother’s house.
While the power sector pays salaries to non working personnel, millions of others slave to buy fuel just so they can go to work.
People’s businesses are running into the ground while you think up more excuses.
The lands raped for oil are drying and dying. The people tired and disillusioned are waiting for relief and alternatives. None seems forthcoming so they pray for the lands to turn green, for the fishes not to be poisoned, for their diseased livestock to survive another week. Their knees are bent in prayer daily praying that the rains when they come are a blessing and not the usual chemical rains.

I’m simply musing and thinking aloud, but when will Nigeria start thinking about renewable energy?
When will Nigeria stop gas flaring?
When will we start generating safe, clean energy in commercial quantities?
When will we start taking care of our environment?
Will we ever adress the crime being committed against the oil producing communities? Should this not be of particular interest to ‘the son of the soil’?
We need to start talking about alternatives and acting upon it too. In that time, we’ll wait for the professor to provide Mrs. President to us so we can exercise her to generate energy thus. Moreover, one who eats about N1,000,000 of food daily must be able to produce enough energy to power the nation…



  1. 9jaMiss · · Reply

    I am sure she must be flaring up a lot of gas!
    Hilarious truth my friend… I read this blog with the last of my phone’s ba3 level sweating profusely on my bed.

  2. Mrs president’s fart will sure be a great source of nuclear power. 1m food daily no be wasa. The atomic farts fit produce 10 000 MW

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