Wise people have always drawn stories from street life. Once upon a time, it was said that a man leaving his house one day found a snail in its shell on his doorstep. Picking it up, he chucked it against the front wall. One year later the snail reappeared in the same spot. When the man saw it there, he knelt down and asked the snail, ‘What’s your problem?’

What the man did not understand is that the snail could not die because it was protected by its shell. The moral from this tale is that the day of the little ones (or the weak) will come and it will grow in impact, and the big one will have to bow down and listen to its demands. The true value of this piece of ancient wisdom however, so far remains concealed from our vision, because the #occupyNigeria has not achieved a single one of its demands. On the contrary, the NLC/TUC has thrown it against the wall after hijacking it, and has succeeded in betraying the peaceful protest it never started.

However, what the government does not understand is that the creators and defenders of #occupyNigeria are not the NLC/TUC they succeeded in silencing, who they thought would help in snuffing out #occupyNigeria peaceful protest in exchange for money or position in the government. Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, they are not the ones who started the #occupyNigeria peaceful protest. What proves that the NLC/TUC struck a deal with the government is the appointment of Peter Esele as a member in the PIB task force.

The purpose of this article is to say that the real #occupyNigeria peaceful protesters are going to come out for more protest because the revolution has not died. watch out for the return of the snail in its original shell, without the parasites that stuck to it along its journey. By parasites I mean the NLC/TUC.

Why will the snail return?

It will return because the #occupyNigeria rose up for the sake of life, freedom, and social justice. None of these has been achieved: the so called cabals are still there living like kings with stolen money; the president does not want to cut the waste in his government; cost of living is high and the price of bread has been increased;cost of transportation has fared. Citizens have not been given the right to protest and oppose the rules that govern them, a right that has been banned by dispatching military men all over the street. Obviously there is no justice,the likes of Muyideen Mustapha died for nothing. The bizarre thing is that the murderers of Muyideen Mustapha and Co are still free like a bird in a tree. The whole Nigerian people now hates this government.

I will not forget the main road, the people who are silenced whichever class they belong to, and I’ll hold onto the wisdom and so should you. Be certain that the snail is on its way…

Writen by @Muhammadsageer.


One comment

  1. Hi!
    I am a member of Occupy Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. I see that you have written some truly great things on the Occupy Nigeria Movement. I currently attend University, and I am going to write my senior research paper on protest movements in Nigeria, with a focus on the Occupy Movement. I was wondering if you could give me some information on this, or if you knew of some people who could within the movement. Thank you so much! Solidarity from Louisiana!

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