#occupynigeria N65 IS JUST THE BEGINNING!

For those of you who think Government is trying to save money from subsidy to work FOR a better life for YOU, here are a few facts and figures from the 2012 budget.

1) For transportation and ‘training’ in 2012 alone, the State house will spend N1,944,491,952

2) For electricity (that you and I don’t have) phone calls (that we use our money to buy credit) & water : N265,121,871

3) N285,137,061 will be spent on ‘Welfare’

4) Honorarium & sitting allowance (why, why, why??!!) N173,752,467

5) Food stuff (while you and I struggle to buy 200 okro) they will spend: N104,011,104

6) Refreshment N293,695,515

7) Sporting, publicity & postage: N113,139,284.

8) While 16,000 buses will be provided for 160,000,000 of us (aprox 1 bus for every 1million people) our money will be used to buy 3 (Three) Jeeps at N51,150,000. 3 (Three) saloon cars at N18,985,875. 10 (Ten) pool saloon cars at N54,450,000. 3 (Three) Hiace buses N16,335,000 1 (One) transit coaster & 1 (One)crew Hiace bus N18,095,000 for the VICE PRESIDENT ALONE!!!

9) 90 HP laptops at N300,000 each. 75 more at N314,000 each 60UPS at N55,000 20 printers 150,000 each (in this same computer village?! If they survived 2011 without it, they can survive 2012 too)

10) Public Address system 150,783,304 (when people are sleeping hungry)

11) Kitchen & Household utensils: N45,427,848 (what happened to the ones they used in 2011? Are they disposable?)

12) Magazine, newspapers, book stationary, printing & teaching aids: N541,347,475.

This adds up to N4,135,215,764 (FOUR TRILLION ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE BILLION, TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY FOUR NAIRA) in government waste and they claim fuel subsidy is what kills Nigeria.

15 or less NLC and TUC members went to negotiate N97 on behalf of 160million of us, so that government can shamelessly waste this money to take care of their friends and family. But the truth is out there for you. You either choose to use these facts wisely and stand up to demand accountability or believe the usual lies that politicians have always told you.

So, If you are satisfied with this waste in governance, the countless bomb blast of on innocent Nigerians, the incompetence of the police, the corruption in the oil sector & the bad state of your hospitals, schools, roads and power then stay home & watch history being made.

But if you want a better life, if you want our leaders to do what is right, then join us on saturday 21st January 2012 at Unity Fountain from 10am and let your voice be heard! #occupynigeria

I’m a lawyer so it is no secret that my maths is somewhat sh*tty. Feel free to cross check these figures on http://www.budgetoffic.gov.ng



  1. makinde Korede · · Reply

    This is unacceptable……… How I wish I’m in Abuja right №ώ. Pls is there any protest here in Lagos?

  2. gideon ogba · · Reply

    M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ sister may ƓO̲̣̣̥D̶̲̥̅̊ give us the Grace,strength and courage to win dis war….cos fighting government is like fighting a faceless monster.

  3. Prince Olalekan Adejola · · Reply

    This is an act of gross mismanagement borne out of the egocentric nature of our so-called rulers, who choose to exploit d citizenry mortgage d future of Nigeria with their make-belief pretense & lies about fuel subsidy removal. Let them explain why they r wasting our hard earned resources 2 cater 4 their selfish interest & cut off all dese unnecessary expenses. Their bogus salary shud be slashed to 50% n allowances reduced 2 little or nothing. That’s d best way to prove themselves as good leaders rather than being rogues in purple clothes. Long live Nigeria, Long live Occupy Nigeria!!!

  4. PA sys,2address who? 4wat purpose? Our skls r shut down n our ppl r starvin! Oh n by d way N50 okro is wat u mean,tho we’ll 4give u since u don’t eat it.

  5. Bernard in Chicago · · Reply

    First let there be a constitutional addendum to the cost of running the govt and it must be pegged at a % level of the income realised which must be less than15%. Millitary & Police must be pegged at 10% and infrastructure development @ 50% and foreign business attraction and aid to local investment and repayment of stolen money to foreign creditors must be 25%. No more subsidy to senators and reps, Build a Dorm for future reps and senators so permanent residencies will be henceforth limited. No servants, No subsidy for gasoline, cars, medical and other benefits that are not available to Nigerians. No free flights.
    Any plane that did not disembark on time because it is waiting for govt official trying to smoggle money out of the country should be penalized heavily. No government payment of salary in $s Naira must be used to pay everybody including the president.
    Police must be de-centralised and let each state be responsible for their own citizen protection. National security aparatus should be derived from efficient local police system. Federation must be implemented ASAP. Each state responsible for business licensing, development including Power supply, Telecom and mass media. Then the country will see the light of day and young grads will get jobs and Federal govt will get taxes and will be happy

  6. […] implementation of the budget! A lot of us stood up and claimed the reason we were on the street was ‘MORE THAN N65′. Then came NLC’s shameful compromise and the whole protest stuttered as a whole. People where […]

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