By Azeenarh Mohammed (@xeenarh)
(Closeted optimist, provocative writer)

In the past 2weeks, Nigerians have witnessed an unprecedented show of stupidity & cowardly determination by their president. While the citizens protested in droves, President Goodluck Jonathan flew to South Africa for the ANC 100 years celebration.
While people marched on the streets standing united against his inhumane policy, he permitted ‘security forces’ to proceed with live ammunition against people who only held placards.
While peaceful protesters slept at night in Kano & Abuja, he deployed soldiers to attack & maim them again and again.
When 500 peaceful protesters converged on the streets of abuja, he sent 2,000+ police men to come over & ‘invite the leaders to the station’.
When NLC & TUC went over for the meeting on Saturday, the President, the Vice President & the entire cabinet couldn’t be bothered to show up.
In his farce of a broadcast this morning, not even a word for those who lost their lives in the past 2 weeks. Coward, coward, coward!

But the good thing is, we all saw this coming and we prepared for it. Whenever there is an increase on the price of petrol, labour grumbles but then they make secret deals and reach a compromise. This was the reason #occupynigeria was birthed. I remember seeing this on twitter and facebook on 6th January 2012: “When and IF labour sells out, #occupynigeria will be here to fight for us”.

So crunch time is here. This is the moment we all must decide for ourselves. Will you continue to stand up for what is right or are you ready to give up? I don’t know IF the NLC and TUC speak for you but I know that I speak for myself and NOTHING but N65 or lower will get me off the street.

Now is the time for you my fellow Nigerians to show a bit more courage. If government can revert to N97 because you took to the streets and stood up for your rights, you had all better show more strength & resilience and keep marching until N65 or less is achieved. I urge you all to continue as we have started. Peacefully conducting ourselves in protest and urging the government to return Petrol price to the status quo of N65 per litre.

Let me urge u all, regardless of where you are, THIS, TODAY, is your chance to take a stand. To be men and women with dignity and pride or to be men & women harassed, intimidated & abused by a dictator hiding under the guise of democracy.

The biggest question today is: Will the security forces (army, police, sss, civil defence) be human and defend tax paying & harmless Nigerians, or will they be inhumane in subduing Nigerians who disagree with the president? 17th of January 2012 will tell that tale but in the main time, please DO NOT forget that safety comes first. Carry hankercheifs, with a bit of kerosine (for your nose) and toothpaste to smear around your face (for your eyes) in case of tear gas. And at ALL TIMES, KEEP YOUR CAMERA’S ROLLING!

For those of us in Abuja, the #occupynigeria ground remains ASCON FILLING STATION, on Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent Wuse 2. See you all there from 9am.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” JFK



  1. I respect your courage, Zeenarh, i salute your spirit. Sadly P.h is soooo dull; most ppl dont seem to care.

  2. mimi (naija_TFB) · · Reply

    Bless u xernah

  3. @Xeenarh

    I don’t know about all these other people who have been going to Ojota for a musical concert. This is what I have been waiting for. Let’s see Nigerians stand.

  4. Emmanuel · · Reply

    I believe this is our oppurtunity as a country to stand against corruption and not fuel subsidy.
    fuel subsidy is a good idea in economic terms but corruption in nigeria is the problem dat will make this good idea a failed one. so will should stand firm against corruption rather than subsidy.
    I dnt trust wat ever blandishments from the govt as long as nigeria’s oldest enemy(corruption) is still there.

  5. joe obanewo · · Reply

    Sometimes we have a good reason to fight but bcos of our carelessness and inability to control our emotions we say agressive words that are capable of ruining our fight and our dear Nation.
    In as much as we are fighting a good fight and hoping to win,let us all guide our tongues and get our facts before posting anythin online or broadcasting.

  6. Very wel written

  7. I appreciate ur courage and pesistence in this struggle to show the Govt of Nigeria that the people of Nigeria are more superior to the Govt. It is N65 that we want and I believe we not relent until Govt understands that the will and desire of the people should naturally overrule the selfish intrests of a Minority. God bless the people of Nigeria and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  8. temitope · · Reply

    I believe we nigerians should know dat Labour speaks for demselves not us because if dey do dey would have realised we stood for 65 not 97 nor 140.But dis has been a precedence dat labour usually indulge d FG wen it comes to negociation and dey r not truthful at all.Am not sur prised at all bt their act becos dis is not the first time Labour succombs to FG level.Pls my fellow nigerians Occupy Nigeria till dey revert to 65

  9. Isa Abdulkadir · · Reply

    Lets be realistic, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN NOW

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