#OCCUPYNIGERIA Occupy Eagle-Square (ABUJA)

The #occupyNigeria movement is primarily a protest against the removal of fuel-subsidy, however this is not the sole purpose of our gathering. As a Nigerian it is not rocket science knowing that the main problem with the country is not necessarily fuel subsidy, or bad roads, electricity etc, the underlining problem is bad Governance. This bad Governance has brought with it corruption in all sectors of the Nigerian economy and selfish leaders. Make no mistake, it took more than four decades for Nigerians to unite against our common enemy “corruption”, we may never get this chance again to unite against the forces of evil and tyranny. Thus, we must use this opportunity wisely and not allow the dark tactics of the Government to deter us from our goal, which is to ensure a total transformation of the Nigerian system.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is not an enemy, his Ministers and friends that eat billions-worth of food yearly while their citizens starve are also not the enemies. The real enemy is the system, the system that has allowed corruption to flourish, the system that has allowed for injustice, tyranny and bad governance. We cannot fight an idea that we perpetrate, thus we must psychologically and socially wash away our ideas that has sadly, in one way or another also contributed to the underdevelopment of this nation. We must not be violent, the Government is already violent and they are good at it, we must not be fools, the politicians are already fools and they are good at it, we must not let our desperation for change allow the same people we are fighting against to lead us, we would just be exchanging our slave-masters for torturers. We must not let division get in the way of progress, this protest is liberal, meaning it has no religious affiliation, it has no ethnic sentiments, it does not care whether you live in the United States or in Port-Harcourt, Kaduna or Lagos, it does not consider whether you are from the North, South, East or West, the fuel prices would affect us all equally, whether you’re from a rich home and have four cars or whether you’re from a poor background and use a bicycle, the price of food (which is universal to all of us) would rise, the price of water, the price of all the social and nutritional comforts we so enjoy.  


You are advised to withdraw as much as you can as the NLC have announced the strike action commencing on Monday, the 9th of January, 2012. We as protesters must also organize a way to get refreshments and food supplies. Portable devices, mobile coolers, plastic cups and plates, barbeque stands and any other thing you can think of.


We would setup a secretariat were we would be conducting most of our documentation and write-ups. We also welcome donations and contributions of all sorts that would be used for the protest. It would also serve as an information desk for anyone looking for details of the occupy movement. We also intend to setup a live feed, through Skype, using multiple computers communicating with different individuals and News Networks around the world. With sufficient contributions and donations we intend to setup an internet café that would give protesters a limited time to browse the internet, update and upload information.


We can employ the use of generators and connected power supply from close-by offices or ports, so as to power protesters electronic devices and equipments. We also intend to call on the assistance of informal shop-owners that provide charging services for low prices.


Protesters are advised to come with a bag, where they can keep their cloths and equipments, placards, it’s the harmatan season and it gets cold at night, thus heavy clothing is highly advised. PLEASE come with proper forms of identification, this would reduce the risk of being infiltrated by government officials and also serve as identification in the case that something happens to you. Even-though there would be a heavy police presence and other security agents there, it is advisable to be vigilant, there can be people disguised as protesters who really want to cause harm (theft, mugging etc), especially due to the current unrest that is in the country. We can also be sure that members of the intelligence agencies would infiltrate the network; there is nothing wrong with this as long as they keep their peace and maybe they might just convert.


This comprises of interactive sessions with experts either in the field of politics or economics or any other field, that can contribute to the protest. Here we would drop up plans and discuss the way forward for the occupy movement.


Even-though it is an entirely liberal protest, the respect of religion and religious practices is highly necessary. As we have seen from our brothers in Kano State, as Muslims pray, Christians stand guard, while on Sundays that role is reversed. The Government would look for all loopholes and means to break the unity of this protest, they would come in the name of religion to cause division and disunity and distrust, they would come with ethnicity and tribalism, the same factors that ruined the Nigerian political system, we must not let this happen, the moment we give-in to their sentiments, we have lost the battle.


We must understand that the Eagle Square is public property and there are people there that can get affected by certain behaviors. We are all matured and thus presume that we can understand decent behavior. In an attempt to mention but a few, there can be no; smoking, drinking of alcohol or other substances with intoxicating effects and no exhibiting of any form of nudity or indecent behavior. We can always take a stroll, during secure hours to partake in any “legal” activity we want, some can go home and do what they have to do and come back. In order to maintain a mixed society, tolerance must be employed and indecent behavior destroys the image of the movement.

We are not here to give political talks and speeches, or disturb the peace, but to allow the message on our placards speak for us!

No one is forcing anyone to partake in the #occupyNigeria protest, please come at your own choice and let us stand together in the face of wickedness and injustice.

(This was drafted and typed thanks to @ESSDonli and agreed upon by the #occupynigeria protesters)



  1. There comes a time when we Nigerians must heed a certain call and stand together as one, that time is surely now. Seeing Nigerians taking to the streets in their thousands to take a proud stand against tyranny, inequality and injustice is so,so inspiring. I also think your terms of reference is well thought of and I pray that this is the beginning of a new dawn for our beloved country.
    ” O God of creation, direct our noble cause………….”

  2. […] I have found an #occupyNigeria Abuja declaration drafted by a group of volunteers posted @azeenarh blog that highlights this broad agenda. However, with reported killings of innocent people at their […]

  3. Olajide Olamide · · Reply

    God bless you guys working tirelessly @ #Occupynigeria, we’ll together fight this monster(corruption) and its mercineries(executive government officials). We will not stop even when we are tired, we will stop when the monster dies and its agents paralysed. God bless Nigeria.

  4. I’m honored to get a call from my friend immediately he found out the important tips shared on the site. Reading through your blog post is a real brilliant experience. Many thanks for considering readers like me, and I hope for you the best of achievements like a professional in this field.

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