Many of you are asking yourselves why you need to get out of your comfort zone and into the streets to protest about the withdrawal of fuel subsidy. The government’s argument is that if we do not stop funding fuel subsidy, the economy will crash and we all will go down with it. But are there no other places to reduce spending to save money? Let us take a few moments and consider these points:

  • David Mark earns N600 million annually, enough money to set up at least, 100 schools in his Benue State
  • President Jonathan and his friends will eat N1 billion worth of food in 2012, while fuelling their cars for N1.7 billion. This amount will build at least, 50 good health care centres in the South-South
  • N200 million was budgeted to water the gardens of the President in 2011. This is enough to educate 200 Nigerians through university education
  • This is more than a quest for economic rights, it a quest for justice. This is not about fuel subsidy, it is about the ruling class’ war on the Nigerian masses. They cannot claim our country is broke when president Goodluck Jonathan continues to feed fat on N3 million worth of food everyday. They cannot claim to be broke when they increased the recurrent expenditure of the 2012 budget by another N92 billion. They cannot claim to be broke when the First Lady just spent N5billion furnishing an office. They cannot claim to be broke when in the whole budget is about their salaries and allowances.

BOTTOM LINE: Government seeks to impoverish us the more by removing fuel subsidy while they continue to waste money on their friends and families!

ACTION PLAN: We will have PEACEFUL PROTESTS in all the 36 states + FCT from Friday 6th of January 2012 at 10am. We do not condone violence so why not Join US and also spread the message to everyone around you. WE shall prevent people from going to work and helping the government inprison us in poverty while the ‘leaders’ buy mansions and travel all over the world.

This is a fight for all of us: students and workers, unemployed and self-employed, bike men, taxi men, traders, teachers, mai-ruwa, barbers, mechanics, househelps, newspapermen, tomato sellers, civil servants, students, business men…in fact, EVERY NIGERIAN! We all have a duty to make the government change its mind and we will not stop protesting everyday until petroleum subsidy is returned!

“This is your fight. There are no activists anywhere to save you. This is the time for you to become your own messiah. Now take your place on the arc of history, call out to your neighbours and friends, the Nigerian morning of Justice has come!!!” -Japheth Omojuwa (Editor,

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  1. We support the cause a 100 n 1x. There’s no reason why we can’t buy fuel at a subsidised rate…if nothing else fuel should be affordable to US the tax payers!!! In the UAE fuel is still heavily subsidised,u can fill ur tank with less than 3000 I.e supposing u have a jeep!! Its all crap,we’re tired! Tired!! Tired!!!

    1. Greatest Nigerians! I am fully in support of d mass action because I believe all dis nonsenses must stop. But come to think of it, is there anything like fuel subsidy? According to their (FG) contradictory statement, “they pay subsidy on petroleum but there is a cabal dat sit on d money”. The question dat we Nigerians should ask dem is if d cabal is diverting de money, den where does d money go? into subsidy, or to d pocket of d so-called cabal. The problem with dis people is dat dey lack quality information about d module operandi of Nigeria Petroleum and dey are perishing in their own ignorance. Must innocent Nigerians suffer for d crime we don’t commit or must we be punished for d government inefficiency? A capital NO! Let’s not be deceived, u cannot remove what never existed. U can only stop d corrupt system and bring d perpetrators to justice. I believe in Nigeria where there is justice and equity, righteousness nad truth, where there is no oppresion nor terrorism, where there is no misappropriation of public fund nor office and wher d rule of law is true, operational and effective. SAY NO TO OPPRESION! SAY NO TO IMPERIALISM! SAY NO TO FALSE REMOVAL OF FALSE FUEL SUBSIDY! ONE LOVE NIGERIANS!

  2. joe obanewo · · Reply

    I am 100% in support of dis protest,as much as we don’t intend violence.
    I will do everything within my reach educate,inform and mobilize people towards dis protest.

  3. umar sanda muhammad · · Reply

    Unless we act and act now, the rulling coterie will continue to take us for a ride. It is true that we didnt elect them but hence they have managed to impose themselves on us in the name of democracy, our collective voice must be respected. Iam all for any peaceful action that will make the Government come to terms with realities of our time. The days of autocratic rule are gone for good.

  4. Nigeria we hail thee. Jonah Jonah.

  5. selre Oyinloye · · Reply

    Omojuwa good job! I just pray that our cowardly population will raise up to the occassion this time. Hope our labour will not sell out. As for me I’m in all the way!

  6. Infact I am in support nigerians most take there place in the hand of few others.lest do it come friday.

  7. mohammed kakangi · · Reply

    Aluta continua, victoria acerta

  8. Oh Allah we ❤ you

  9. Good facts and figures.I have written an article like dis since sanusi made us understand how much our leaders earn.I say even if d price is reduced back to 65 naira,the protest should not stop until reasonable salaries is been allocated to all poilitically elected leaders.infact,we’ll fight until PDP and all its members are completely wiped away from the surface of Nigeria wether peacefully or by way.they have taken us foolss for too long.a simple protest has led to d death of an innocent citizen.dey have shed our blood and we shall shed theirs.

  10. We have 2 fight 4 our right, cause is getting unbearable 4 we the masses, we must join hands and make a gud move!!!

  11. AaAhhhh gudluck nawawooooo

  12. We are supporting u 100%

  13. I will certainly join d protest. Pls let me know d venue in abuja ASAP! Our future is in our hands!!!

  14. Janet Ahmed · · Reply

    I concur . Solidarity fr ever . Struggle we must .

  15. Bravo!

  16. ali abdullahi · · Reply

    I support d initiatives and also envy your courage… Long leave a FREEDOM FIGHTERS long leave NIGERIA!!!!

  17. sydney shocker · · Reply

    True talk bro enuff is enuff haba are we slaves? Deffinately nt, we shall fight dem and win shikena

  18. bello saidu · · Reply

    Wat is this?

  19. i support this action, but what will be the effect if goverment does not cut down their spendings. especially for ther own luxury.

  20. Since, we have doubt on this man so called Goodluck/Badluck, this guy has know focus look how he returned this country like Iragi any where Road block soldiers and police men with sophisticated weapons enough is enough we are tired of this dictatorship leadership he have to step down or people will fast for three3 consecutive days to prayer for ALLAH to destroy him and his cabinet may God help us, Ameen.

  21. Chukwuma · · Reply

    Government should reduce their spending, it’s outrageous!

  22. umar yemi · · Reply

    Please let us come together to save ourselves from d power of darkness in Nigeria. It is toooo much. Let speak out.

  23. Oladipupo Oludare Emmanuel · · Reply

    E no easy

  24. My prayer 2 baba god is dat baba we help us control dis country and our nation

  25. Amina Abubakar · · Reply

    Allah ya ISA

    1. Gud Amina das d only coment 2 zalimoon!

    2. Suleiman Namu Namu · · Reply

      mtsww! God wil punish u

  26. We need not fight abt  subsidy removal alone their allowances must be cut down! We need a peaceful and calm Fresh Air

    1. i concur bros

  27. Na wa

  28. mubarak bashir ibrahim · · Reply


  29. olulana michael grace · · Reply

    i love the idea i’ll be glad if i can be part of this bcos i also have a mandate by God almighty to establish is own religion.there is a religion of man to God and there is a religion of God to man.may the labour of our heros past never be in vain. Here is my number 08054283709

  30. haruna bappah · · Reply

    we should all wake up and fight for our rights, we need to change the situation. may God help us.

  31. Ummi Umar. · · Reply

    Oil subsidy so they call it have been removed,but then where is the money going? On wetting their gardens, furnishing their houses n office, going on luxirous trip, eating superb food etc On the other hand, the masses are at the receiving end, they leave in hardship in just 2-3days since the removal of the subsidy. Are practicing democracy at all!

  32. Treasure · · Reply

    This is well a thought-out write up. But I wish to state that is too late to start a protest that we want to have an impact. The fact is that in Nigeria, an average worker is already at the office by 8am. and if we want to ensure that no work is done, then we must ensure that everybody joins in the rally or stays at home (there is should be no third option). The impact can only be strong when there is no economic activity at all.

    We have been known for protests without result, but this time we must have result and so we must make calculated attempts at achieving our objective.

    God help us.

  33. Its God that will help us all. God will punish all those who are wicked!! Shame to bad and wicked pple in govt

  34. Am sure if you were made president u would do worst!who knows how much funds you will steal.your all good at pointing fingers like your any better. hypocrites

  35. Abubakar · · Reply

    Badluck after killing our brothers nd sisters in ther name of boko haram u stil want to kil mases if u can jst leave the office k, poors are dying in 9ja pls who can save us in this country from
    this bad people ?.

  36. Aare Babalola Ogunmefun · · Reply

    There is no finer moment to revolt against the increasing and perpectual injustice in our country than now.we must arise,one and all and collectively say NO to the perpetrators of evil.Let us make it abundantly clear that Power belongs to the People,we must be willing to confront GEJ and his team of insensitive and heartless technocrats who are more interested in impressing their slavemasters at IMf than those of us who gave our collective rights in TRuSt to them.we shall resist subsidy with teeth and nails.Aluta continua

  37. Yakubu Saidu · · Reply

    God will judge.

  38. ADENOLA "KENNY" SOWOLE · · Reply


  39. Madueke Tochukwu N. · · Reply

    I beg to dissent a bit. Nigeria is in a very sensitive state now and the concept of peace in Nigeria now is more delicate than ever before, a little stagger can break it to pieces. We need to be very careful.
    The question is what is our gov’t trying to do by removing this subsidy?
    Do they rely wish to oppress us?
    Is there any merit in there decision?
    It appears that we have forgotten so soon that we conceded to this when we thum-printed on their side of the ballot papers.
    We trusted in their ability to govern us. Why can we not give them a chance now to prove their competence.

    1. Madueke, Haba! Man, what are you talking about?

      Before we thumb-printed on their side did they not promised to improve the life of the common man?
      Did they promise to remove subsidy?
      Is the life of the common man improving now? (may be your’s is improving because you are eating from the fat share they gave themselves)
      Is subsidy removal an improvement in the life of the common man?
      Nigerian runs the most expensive democracy. What single thing did they do to reduce the cost of governance?

      If you can honestly these questions sincerely you have gotten the answers your questions.

  40. Nura Sabo Anku Hadejia · · Reply

    Pls ma ppl try 2 come out on streets of our town to protest n cal 4 impeachment of dx no.1 foolish man ever had as our leader i mean Badluk

  41. Ibrahim Hussain Ririwai · · Reply

    Allah Ya ba talakawan Nigeria nasara bisa kan azzaluman shugabanin mu!Rabbana wataqabbal du’a!!!

  42. Madueke Tochukwu N. · · Reply

    I beg to dissent a bit. Nigeria is in a very sensitive state now and the concept of peace in Nigeria now is more delicate than ever before, a little stagger can break it to pieces. We need to be very careful.
    The question is, what is our gov’t trying to do by removing this subsidy?
    Do they really wish to oppress us?
    Is there any merit in their decision?
    It appears that we have forgotten so soon that we conceded to this when we thum-printed on their side of the ballot papers.
    We trusted in their ability to govern us. Why can we not give them a chance now to prove their competence.

  43. Danladi Bala · · Reply

    Allah (S.W.A) yayi mana maganan azzalumai da miyagun shuwagabanni ameen.

  44. oge faith · · Reply

    This country is handing for dOom if proper measures is not put in place.the disable president has disappointed every one with his backward attitude!

  45. Idowu usman olamilekan · · Reply

    Oh God take control of dis country o!

  46. timothy alonge · · Reply

    jonathan is a failure to nigeria,i think dis is the right time for us to fight for our right

  47. Yes I suport U ooooooooo,,we nid $ have ro fight back

  48. balogun A S. · · Reply

    And I cry:'(:'( ….so they say,if u av been pursued by som1 and it get to a stage whereby d person has pursue u to da wall..u av no option dan to turn back and face d person pursuein nigeria this proverb seems not to b obtainable,nigerian will rather break d wall and enter inside it instead of waitin @ a point of no exit.are we goin to b sittin and watchin dis visionles and not purposeful govt of ours comin up with unfavourable and nefarious policy all in d name of their own greed and selfish interest?nigerian pls let fight dis togeda and say no to fuel hike by not goin to d fillin station to to purchase fuel,if its possible for them to drink it let them go ahead and do so.its just a sacrifice dat will can do for ourself inoda for dis bad listenin to our demand. Adewealth 2012.

  49. Ogechi uruakpa · · Reply

    Read ! It is very lmportant

  50. Taiwo Adebayo · · Reply

    #occupy nigeria



  52. Nancy o a · · Reply

    Enough is enough

  53. anonymous · · Reply

    Peace cannot achieve anything № more. Notwithstanding your peaceful protest,someone was killed. We need to meet force with force..we need to cry out to nations who can give us support(we need a repeat of Gadaffi’s fate in Nigeria) we need to kill them all. We the people need to take our future into the hands of God through ourselves. We need a revolution

  54. You have my support. Let’s goooooo!

  55. This is the time to show our love to our great mother (NIGERIA) i am in support of you

  56. You have ma support.

  57. Great nation bad leaders, badluck

  58. Barawo, thief, ole,

  59. Diz protest is highly welcmd, we cnnot continue 2 allow ourselves 2 b oppressd by few nigerians rulin d affairs of dz nation lyk their family buznes.

  60. Sowunmi 'dara. · · Reply

    Fuel Subsidy removed, whats the Govt. doing to curb the subsequent hardship???

  61. jamil Danbala Shuaib · · Reply

    Goodluck Allah ya tsine maka,dan shegiya.

  62. Ramatu Ibrahim · · Reply

    D president s vry stupid,selfish nd heartless i wonda wat type ov food dat he will eat a day dat cost 3million naira,haba!dys s jst mere wickedness

  63. It time Nigerians to arise and say no to injustice

  64. Auwal Aliyu · · Reply

    May the cause of Allah be on anyone who contributed towards the removal of this subsidy

    1. ameen summa ameen!

  65. Goodluck,if u do good,twill surely knock at ur door,so as bad too!!! Enjoy ur moment.

  66. you forgot also dat in this year budget proposal, FCT minister is proposing N20billion to build new residences for d president, the vice president, the senate president and d speaker. this has gone on long enough.

    1. Musa A. Abubakar · · Reply

      I think that was the reason we voted them into power to build houses for themselves

  67. comrade fahad auwalu ibrahim · · Reply

    Hmmm! Dis is a gud move. Om behalf of our forum “CONCERN NIGERIAN STUDENTS FORUM” I assure u as d president that we r in total support n we have go far in enlighten n mobilising both our members and the general public.
    We were among d organisers of that of kano state, n I in person was among doz said to be arrested by BBC on 3rd ov jan. Bt dat will never deter us come 6th n finally, I assure u we will remain to be law abiding n peaceful.

  68. Fatima M Babate · · Reply

    May God help us.

  69. ogbonna francis · · Reply

    We need justice and a change in this country.. Let’s fight for freedom from all these wicked leaders of ours..

  70. Am totally in support of this move

  71. what a Stupid And Wick3d Govt


  73. Plsss FG shuld sort out this fuel prblm, so dat dey can conclude wit ASUU……we student need 2 go back 2 skool…its not ideal 2 enter newyr wit surplus of strike.

  74. smith adekunle · · Reply

    pls let all d youth come out and overwhelm the streets even the police would be intimidated and join the struggle.I was a part of the yesterday from yaba to ojota and I am glad I did

  75. Livinus Divine · · Reply

    Na so!

  76. There father gynas no get better hole

  77. For all the ills and hardship brought to Nigerian citizens, God would punish everyone in government who makes descisions to make our lives more miserable than it is. What did we do to deserve such? The one thing am sure about is that posterity would find them out and greet them everyday of their lives

  78. Thank God i didnt waste my vote for the callous person called Mr Badluck belle Jonathan. Umar Mohammad

  79. And have you forgotten about food budget the president and his Vp has made in the same budget, if we are to sacrifice it should be from the top, Jonadull lead us by example

  80. grace yohanna · · Reply

    whatever happened to agriculture,whatever happened to training formidable engineers and busines men to boost the practically nonexistent industrial sector.gudluck and his cohorts have no excuse at all!!

  81. suleiman usman taura · · Reply

    GoD. We NeeD Ur Help….

  82. Gunu Emmanuel · · Reply

    Enough is enough, the time for struggle to free ourselves from their chain is now or never.

  83. abalaka timothy · · Reply

    Let there be steady power supply and our refineries back to work then the subsidy is good to go!

  84. Abimbola · · Reply

    I believe it’s time we say no to this oppressive government. Enough is enough. God bless Nigeria

  85. Chindo, Bala · · Reply

    It is absolutely sceptical if the Mr. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan would be able to finish his tenure. The vacuous decision he took in the removal of fuel subsidy is even enough to generate huge doubt in his tenure. What more of insecurities of lives and properties that has taken all the available space of peace in the country. No wonder! An adage says,” he that is always grinning his teeth is extremely evil and heartless.” It is high time for the Mr. President and his cabinets to go on with the masses like this! Enough is enough!!

  86. Philomina Ewakwere · · Reply

    Protesting about the removal of subsidy does it stop them from robbing us blind??? We should hang them all and collect back our money then build refineraries and all that, so we won’t have to be exporting crude oil!! There are many things wrong with our government most of them were not elected now is the time to kick them out! I won’t protest only oil subsidy I will protest every ill I have had to live with and put up with!so adjust your agenda and am in,if not count me out !!

  87. Poor and stupid Nigeria you guys really need it since no sense in the country..hahahaha

  88. Ebenezer · · Reply

    this cruel, too bad 4 Nigeria…God help us

  89. Abbas Kabir · · Reply

    We can’t rely our trust on this kind of leadership anymore.

  90. jelilah A. · · Reply

    Walai Allah ya ISA, Its not fair on the common ppl, The rich r getting richer while the poor r getting poorer.if my generation can’t live comfortably atlst there should be hope for my children’s generation? The way things r going I dnt thk there wl be any hope left for them if we dnt do smeth.

  91. isah salihu · · Reply

    Who ll stand up n mobilise us for protest ALLAH YA ISAN MANA


  93. This picture is a share mockery of the man God will use to salvage this nation!
    Please remove it. It does not tell the true situation of things as you think!!!

  94. maina bk · · Reply

    year we hav 2 fght fr our ryt am in fr bta fr wrst!!!!!

  95. Its funny the way you all write up shit that don’t make sense,
    First of all, the budget of food is not only for the president and his vp, the whole office of the presidency benefits from that food budget, i.e the security details, the cooks, his guests which include other presidents and so on etc, He is our president for christ sakes do you know how much the white house spends on Obama, so Gej should be eating wack food is what you are saying… reason abeg. 200million on watering garden for a whole year, my dear its called maintenance, you don’t have something that beautiful and not maintain it, so our president should reside in an unkempt place, reason abeg and you all seriously need to watch this before you do anything or say anything.

  96. Abraham Audu · · Reply

    Goodluck should reconsider his decision & bring back the pump price down. Government should be responsible to her citizenry at least for ones.

  97. grandvere · · Reply

    Please translate this to as manay major Nigerian languages as you can, it will help spread the rallying call faster and deeper.

    More grease to you.


  98. Temitope · · Reply

    I wonder, if those they want to use billions of Naira to build house for were sleeping outside before.

  99. joseph Akanimo · · Reply

    This is a very insightful and educative piece if information but please where were you and your group when innocent christains were buthered in a place of worship by muslims.

    Why didn’t we take to the streets just to complain and register our displeasure?

    I am available to join protest only after we have protested for those that died!

  100. The reomoval of fuel subsidy in 9ja iz just like. Killing the masses indirectly. And the rich getz richer… papa gudluck. Make u change diz wooooo….don uwarka

  101. Its unfortunate! Very unfortunate!!

  102. Abdulmalik ishaq kishimi · · Reply

    I think the dimension of things have to change nd religious aspect should be removed because some of our Christian brothers are brainwashed to believe that goodluck or rather ebele is for the christains nd any decision he makes is for their best interest nd as they can see mr president does not give a damn about them either,this is a trying time nd I wish we could use our brains for once nd do something worthwhile for our selves since they that claim to represent us are there to represent only there families n friends,the choice is ours,let us come out en mass nd protest to make nigeria a better place!

    1. @abdulmalik,if any christian should tink dat way,dat means dey are fool like GEJ.becos dey do nt put cotton wool in ear when many christian reportedly killed in some nothern part.the recent one dat happen in niger on xmas day, there mumu christian brother was crying there nt knowin that he had this evil plan on mind an execute it less than 24hrs aftet d fake we should all wake up from our sluber an let’s fight all this ammagedon call leader in our country.we are suffering for the battle our father fail to face then due to lack of avenue to proper information an now we find it difficult to forgive if we also fail now the comin generation will curse us bcos every thin we need to fight this battle.let us face them spiritually an physically an God will fight for we masses.SHALOM.

    2. Mohd Kawu · · Reply

      Tnk u 4 telin dem d truth.

  103. Idris Ibrahim · · Reply

    Before 2011 election people criedout that Buhari causes ‘YAR BUHARI, so what of now? One day JEG will become History as ‘yaradua, OBJ and others

  104. But why are those in power so wicked and heartless. If they give evey Nigerian 1million each it will go round and still av plenty more to share. We need a Revolution.

  105. Bashiru Garba Tudu · · Reply

    Yes! We shall all protest peacefully up-till the so-called deregulation died harshly…. More power to the elbow of this document; u’re indeed a good patriot. Thanks

  106. olayemishams · · Reply

    Only God will geodg nigeria politicians, and we should also stop deceiving our self by voting them cos of the little money dey gave us and stop religious sentiment.

  107. Pls, get this translated in the three main languages for a more effective circulation.

  108. Adamu aliyu bawa · · Reply

    Let all nigeria come and protest in a peaceful way to fight agains their right

  109. Dis government is bad,easy 2 incease there alowances & dificult 2 increas civil servant salary.We pray GOD wl surely b wt us in all our Endvours.

  110. Oniye olubunmi · · Reply

    I am ready for this war.

  111. Babatunde Sulaiman · · Reply

    I will do anything humanly posible to make GEJ see that nigeria belong to all of us,enough is enough as the saying goes that coward dies many time before their death but the brave dies but ones.Let preach the gospel Okonjo & GEJ and it co travellers are enemy of the nation all the are doing is to listen to IMF biddingsso that they will tell us tomorrow that we need to borrow another money from the western world that feed fat on us .SHAME on you Ebele Jonathan,Okonjo Iweala,Deizani and the rest of u alll.

  112. Abubakar Maiwada · · Reply

    The mistakes is from us, cos we voted them into power!

  113. ahmed musa tahir · · Reply

    or Allah help us eliminate our leader

  114. only god can save us.

  115. grace charles · · Reply

    I regret ever voting for good luck jonathan, he wll soon regret ever treating us like this, may God punish him and his entire generations to come!! God help this nation.

  116. alive or death! no going back. the devil bad luck, most 2 steep down, we dont need you anymore, 9ja is our country weare not slaves. And we wiii never being your aslave.

  117. lawal adamu · · Reply

    subsidy means no more government’s help to a common man, help your self or die.

  118. May almighty Allah in his mercy protect us during the period of protesting

  119. usman abdulrahman · · Reply

    All we want is for him to jst step down and leave Nigeria in Peace….GoodLuck step down…u av become Badluck…..You must Go!

  120. thats exactly whats happening Shifau………. but God is enought

  121. rubbish talks. Go and sleep you Hippocrates. the subsidy should be removed my friend!… -ea-

  122. We must protest, to let them know that we are not comfortable with this.

  123. Sanusi S. Bello · · Reply

    Its a time that nigerians should come together regardless of sex, religion, ethnicity and all forms of faction that divide the nigerian masses and make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Its only when we stand united we will make it right.

  124. Millionnaire Kayz · · Reply

    In as much as I would love to join a peaceful protest for the right of the Nigerian people I will also like to know what the pragmatic suggestions of this association is to the current Nigerian situation. It is not enough to just kick against a fiscal policy without having an alternative suggestion. Nigeria didnot get to this stage in one day and it would take drastic measure to get out of it, we can say reverse the subsidy and letz continue in our deteriorating state or we accept the fiscal policy which may be hard on everyone initially but at the long run is for the Good of all Nigerians. The choice is ours, let noone deceive us!!! America was in bad state almost four years ago, the republican criticised obama n his policies but almost 3.5years later the economy indicies r beginning to turn around. Naija is in worst state and no quick fix we solve our problem now!!! We can continue to eat our future in d name of fuel subsidy but one day we will staill be faced with thesame decision we keep pushing forward. God bless Naija (Naija dey Bam!)

  125. Decaying society hav always sought the participatory concern/enlightment of its natives people if at all they want to revives their lost spirits. Your effort enlighling millions of Nigeia as to where this nation is headed is highly recommended. Indeed you form part of good people of this great nation.

  126. Kabiru maikimba · · Reply

    We will do it till we get our righ or death.

  127. Muhammad · · Reply

    I read one artical today dat the presidency is trying to collide or negotiate with all nigerian ISPs (internet serv providers) to shut-down their services; this would enable them to cut down dissemination of information by protestors among different individuals.
    Greatest 9jas, even if they cut their services lets use oda means of communication to dessemite info to F & F.

    1. Any service provider that complies with Directives to shutdown Internet service will have themselves to blame

  128. JONATHAN-NAMADI must go.

  129. kanyinsola · · Reply

    Lets remember the people that live on what they earn on a day to day basis. Are provisions going to b made for them?????????
    Am ready for what would make Nigeria a better and fairer place

  130. He does not desarve to be a leader, but Northern leadrs appoint him. This is just the beginning, if we ll not take action

  131. Date for the protest seems shifted from Friday 6th to Monday 9th. This i got on my bbm as the outcome of the meeting held in Abuja with NLC & TUC. To all readers, we need more light on this so we don’t just act on our own.

  132. We need revolution…Every Nigerian nids to agree for once…unison is d key,drop aside our diffrences and embrace our similiarities…we need to fight today for a better tommorow…

  133. Gloria Ifechukwude · · Reply

    Yes, it is indeed time for us Nigerians to act before those wicked leaders send us into extinction.
    They compare us with developed countries in prising fuel but not in terms of governance and provision of infrastructure.
    They travel abroad, enjoy d goodies over there but it never occured to them to bring home those goodies they enjoy abroad.
    Their school abroad, they receive the best of medical treatment abroad.
    In Nigeria, they abandon our hospitals, schools, roads etchas no roads, water, electricity. They tell us that these lacking because fuel was subsidiced.

  134. Mr. Jamil Jasa · · Reply

    May Allah save us from this TYRANT leaders! I asure you my Felow Nigerian we are going to get over this but if you only work hard and answer to call. thank you all

  135. Kehinde Mustapha · · Reply

    Our destiny is in our hands. All what we need to do is to muster enough courage to fight our common enemies.

  136. Godwin Asowata · · Reply

    Comarad we must not only protest, we must keep protesting until we win. We must also demand that those govt media like NTA etc who have refused to report things as they are should desist 4rm same or they will be shut down. Now this may not make sense, but d truth is that more than 80% of Nigerians listens to this govt media.

  137. lizzy briggs · · Reply

    Is it not the same budget that all of the presidnt in nigeria used or u guys think its different? U guys are discussing all his allowances nd budgets coz he kept it open,which of us opened the budget of all oda president lyk obasanjo nd yaradua’s expenditure.which of us exposed ders lyk dis.all of u guys are stupid ,adding distruction to dis country cos uve seen one president dat is loyal nd honest,my Goodluck still remains d best,non of u nos wat he is goin tru,d pressure nd evrytin~~so piss off nd let God tke control nd judge. U guys shud pray 4our beloved country nd president dan bringing more harm nd suggestions dt wil do no gud dan harm ~

  138. Anbdulsama Mikailu · · Reply

    Where are d conscience of our leaders? Have they forgotten dt they swore 2 serve us(masses) wiv respective holy books? We d students are @hom(ASUU strike)a semesta has bn added 2 each & evry1 of us! These a fyt against coruuption & not only subsidy! We must fyt dis brutals off d throne of power! May Allah guide our leaders & purnish d purnishable,amen!

  139. D man is a fool n a thief..

  140. Mrs O . O · · Reply

    Its quite unfortunate that Goodluck has betrayed and failed our great country Nigeria. Its so sad

  141. The armed forces should pursue everybody and thing from Aso Rock…they should stop behaving like zombies and take a stand with Nigerians for once. This problem as they know affects all Nigerians..(This is NOT a call for a coup!)

  142. maliki sylvanus · · Reply

    Idiotic leaders

  143. NOAH YUSUF · · Reply

    I think nigerians still don’t know the final solution to all our problem,the action we need in nigeria is the action of ROLLINS of GHANA we really need to evacuate all this people and start our leadership at fresh,because if we pic bad will be out of bad ones,picking bad ones and it will still remain bad ones


  144. Paul yusuf · · Reply

    Let’s do it. 100% with u.

  145. Don’t even think about our future

  146. mohammed · · Reply

    This is one fight in unison, It’s one hundred and forty million country men and women against not more than two thousand of them. Let us not stop at the reversal of this decision, no GEJ must go.

  147. Jamila usman paris · · Reply

    Allah ya isan mana we re goin 2 kip on prayn.

  148. mashaczy · · Reply

    God help us

  149. May god help us

  150. Abdullah · · Reply

    All what we nigerian sopose 2 do is 2 join hands 2gether both muslims nd xtians fight d any bad leader 4rm caunsulor up til presidnt

  151. gidado ahmad · · Reply

    Allah ya isa, ya kuma karya su

  152. sagir shugaba · · Reply

    No problem bad jonathan we know Insha Allah ur own will come 2 an end we’ll convict you 2d court of ALLAH.

  153. osareme · · Reply

    It’s easy to see that these people- political moguls and cabals are out to finish off Nigeria. Imagine them telling us to go back to farming. Good idea, but their children should come back from London schools (the most expensive in the world) and join their mates in the farm. They are all guilty, all of them! We need a J. Rawlings in Nigeria!

  154. Olivera · · Reply

    Bad govt

  155. Collins Gyang Daniel · · Reply

    Let’s protest against the Removal of fuel subsidy. Untill when the Government builds enough refinaries that can serve the fuel demand of Nigerians…

  156. zulhairu abdullahi · · Reply

    Allah zai saka mana y’an Nigeria

  157. julia Lagos · · Reply

    “wht a Country!!! I hate bn a nigerian cos our suposed leaders r selfish & very greedy!! “Oleeeeeeee 2 Mr Presidents & his cabinets”

  158. This is good,we need to protest,we can not continue like this.

  159. oyewo ebenezer · · Reply

    What you dont know is that many of the so called religious leaders & Xtian brothers are worst than GEJ himself. LETS 4GET ABOUT RELIGION NOW & FIGHT 4 OUR RIGHT. 4GET ABOUT PRAYER & TAKE PRACTICAL STEP. WE SHOULD NOT STAY LONG IN THIS DIVICULTIES O

  160. Daniel Darpi Danboyi · · Reply

    Fresh air has turn to hash and hot air,may da lord 4give our so called elite.

  161. kabir shu'aib · · Reply

    we just pray 4 Allah 2 condems all them

  162. yes.we can.we must come out in mass to fight for our right.

  163. truelove yetunde · · Reply

    What would one do, our voice is too low † be heard, all we need do is pray that’s all, I still find it difficult † believe that jonathan did this, Jonathan is just used a a frontier, A̶̲̥̅♏ sure they are other leaders who call theselves philantropist rulers ambasador all the rich merchacants making decision, and covering it hoep with Jonathan face, in order † see Jonathan as a bad fellow, Nigerian is dieing we need help, else lots of things we go wrong, as its happening now, won’t b surprised if World war 3 starts, WE own fuel, Y*is Fuel scarce, Y WE begging for it, ARE this rich merchants not still ok with all they’ve gotten from Nigerian money, God I wish ♍Ɣ children don’t see these*we youths need † fight are what people keep saying, even if we do, we still lost, cause their voice is final**Lord help**sad face*. A graduate selling pure water, being a bike man, a graduate prostituting,gush*MY country don’t no what certificate and being a graduate is, what a pity*crying*

    1. truelove yetunde · · Reply


  164. God i know is in heaven, and won’t come fight for us, we would call upon Him in prayers and not just stop there but stand up for what is right, THE LIBERATION OF NIGERIA FROM THE GRIP OF UN-VISIONARY LEADERS!

  165. Dauda Abdulkadir · · Reply

    This clawn has removed fuel subsidy.

  166. A very sincere and wonderful apraisal.. It’s either we come together as one Nigeria, stand up on our feets and protest this extreme injustice, or we die on our knees.. Let Nigerians decide what they want and which way to go

  167. seun oyebanji · · Reply

    Its a joint war we all need to fight It out.jonathan is not bigger than nigerian.we elect him and he did »̶-̶̶ йȍ†̥-►elect us so he should rather serve us.

  168. Osareen · · Reply

    he is definately underestimating Nigerians. He is in for a shocker…

  169. Kasim usman · · Reply

    Insha Allah may almighty help us for achieving our aims. Allah ya shirya mana su!

  170. sanusi sani · · Reply

    Please Nigerians we shall consider the future, our younger ones our children’s for if we aloud this corruption to just continue like that how will they cope with the life, even if not us directly? defensibly we all have to keep sentiment aside and be back to our senses to unite and pull these greed idiots called our leaders out of the government and reconstruct the nation for the better of all the citizens. (imagine at this global era turning citizens slaves in there fatherland). and let me tell you that those idiots are just using this bombs whatever to deceive us so that we’ll not come together and reason things. my brothers enough is enough.

  171. Nuradeen Maiwada · · Reply

    Allah ya tsare mu da ga mugayan shugabanni.

    1. juliana ibrahim · · Reply


  172. Beloved,
    Thank you so much for every effort.
    I love Nigerians to know that the after effects will include;
    1. Devaluation of our suffering naira
    2. General increase in all aspect of livelihood to the common man
    3. Even if the government decides to increase salaries to 50,000 minimum wage life will still be unbearable
    4. Increase corruption at all level
    5. Increase in the rate of robbery
    6. and lots more….
    God help Nigeria

  173. Bello Baba Ganye · · Reply

    O God bless our country 9ja wth leaders nt rulers

  174. Nuradeen Maiwada · · Reply

    Allah ya isa shegu kawai.

  175. Basheer Yakasai · · Reply

    Hmmm mr.Jonathan wre ix d fresh air u promise 2 Nigerias?May thunder fire u nd urz cabinet.U knw ol wat u mean,let a poorman die nd let a richman survice datz ur plan,goodluck i tink ur end has come,so take note stupid leader…

  176. I like people to come out to fight of their right because nigeria leaders are bad leaders. Imf now is empty bank in the world.

  177. Abdullahi Shuaibu · · Reply

    There is no president of any nation that will think of such for his citizens. We all say no to it!

  178. Sani muhammad Tukur · · Reply

    The money given to them is a bunch of wastages the so-called political leaders in the first this the rational behind of going to that office

  179. The struggme must continue for this country and it citizens have a good future. One great thing we need campane again is continuous domination of. PDP and level of corruption in the national assemblly and the national judicial system.

  180. I really think this Íڪ uncalled for, in my own opinion. Why?? Firstly, this entire blog Íڪ one-sided. You say that govt says the economy will crash if they don’t stop funding fuel subsidy. If this Íڪ true and u are saying govt should keep funding it, it simply means you are pushing for †ђξ economy to CRASH!! Fine it Íڪ noted that govt officials are looting or however u put it, and cutting down on those expenses Íڪ necessary but it Íڪ not crucial to saving the economy. If you were a doctor and you have two patients – one for a cosmetic surgery and †ђξ other needs a liver transplant desperately, which do u attend to first!! (This Íڪ just an example BTW). So pls no offence to your post but initiating something of this sort could be harmful to human life and †ђξ economy as well. I think we should let Mr President roll out his plans and give him †ђξ free hand to fully implement them. Thanks

    1. pls.. if u dnt much about wot’s goin on in d nation….. stop analysing unnecessarily. Go and learn about dose developed nations our so called president is trying to copy,, then u can comment

    2. All we are saying is the govt shuld consider how d poor iz goin 2 survive, explore oda options. b4 doin somtin lyk dis somtinz nid 2 b put in place lyk constant nd affordable power suply, gud drinkn water suply nd fud,gud transport system in place. y not deregulate d curruptn nd fraud in dis country by cutting dwn govt expenditure nd let say some percentage of d subsidy nd put somtn gud in place 4 d masses, nd gradualy wit tym they can lift al of it witout ppl even noticing.

    3. Mr man, you may be talking with sincerity but with ignorance. Fuel subsidy did not cause our economy to go like this. All is the fault of corruption. Even the money they withdrew from subsidy will also go to their personal pockets. Am talking base on expirience, that’s what has been happening all this while. Therefore, you are either ignorant or you are part of the oppressors. Peace!

    4. I mean Its sad enough that this is a sensitive issue and many wise thinking Nigerians are involved, economist, lawyers and the global watchdogs but its appalling that some people rather than extol d virtue of critical thinking appraise issues blindly. I guess samuels or samuel must have been paid to think in a shallow manner and that’s very dysfunctional n dis Tonda guy come on who are you this is not about Jonathan this about whether we run a democratic government or an autocratic goverment after all niger delta people fought for ibori I’m not surprised! Foooooooooools

    5. Mubaraka Muhammad · · Reply

      Hello Mr. Samuel! Did u consider d vast number of poor ppl in Nigeria b4 making ur comment? Did u consider how much increase is going 2 befall each and everything product in d country? Did u consider d number of tyms a poor man eats in a day nd how many tyms it is going 2 b wit dis fuel subsidy removal? Do u think a poor man can continue surviving in his own country? Oh pls Mr. Samuel b reasonable now!

    6. abdulwahab · · Reply

      He should implement them 1st, be4 removeing it, we have the money.

    7. samuel, its nt dat we re against da removal of subsidy but let da economy be improved first. let da refinaries be working, stable power, nd job oppoturnity. atleast if dis re made available, den subsidy can go 4eva.

  181. fareeda Abubakar · · Reply


    1. juliana ibrahim · · Reply


  182. Bappha saleh · · Reply

    Allah zai saka mana duk wadda ya zalumce mu.

  183. Omo yhu de madt die I swear..for printing dis shit..see how yhu de call millions like say yu fit count if dem gve yhu…see dis mugu ooo..idiot…as if yhu ma enta dere yhu go be saint..put it dis way..if yhu enta dere wetin yhu go do..mumu..imbecile..jus give d man a break..mumu..hater..yhu no want mke naija move forward..I am vewi sure dat yur an hausa man..mugu..and abeg kmt dat pik

  184. Interesting blog. But, for now, I just wish you had an rss feed. Email me when you get it, so that I can keep coming back to read… Thanks.

  185. Abiodun comrd adebayo · · Reply

    Dis is uncal4,i wonder wot we’ve been doing wit lots of billions we hv in dis country. GJ : u hv 2 pity d masses. Do u even no hw much a congo of rice cost. I wept wen i saw ppl treckn 2 includn d ages one. Moreso, there own parents enjoy wit our money. U are nt a good xtian man.

  186. Farida musa · · Reply

    Oh Allah! C us through dis hardship

  187. Goodluck .

    1. I prefer ‘bestt of luck’ lol

  188. Well,I have nothing to say but may God in his infinite mercy cool down his temper on us human race bcos God himself is not happy nd soon the repacaution will fall on us.pls let us be patient nd leave the control to God nd fold our arms to see the rise or the fall of man but the concept of human right stil exist as far as Government is concern for the people are also Governments on their own cos they choose for Government to exist..I pray that these challenges we re facing may it be of good comings or if so not to be right may God do his own part to rise nigeria to its sleeping state.(AMEEN)

    1. Ibekwe Gift · · Reply

      God bless u 4 dis comment. U ar rite, let d will of God b done in dis our country Nigeria. Our problem in dis country is dat we don’t love ourselves,if we do we will all join hands in making Nigeria a better place 2 live.

  189. We need to get the fight right this time around or never.
    If we say, do not remove subsidy! then we mortage this country to the priveliedged few in charge of importing fuel.

    Our fight should be :-
    postpone removal of subsidy to march/ april to plan better ; afterall subsidy is already on the available oil now.
    Give us realistic plans to cushion the effect of removal, with timelines.
    Let us know how and when measuring of milestones and reports will available.
    Give time to fix power, to reduce the use of fuel for other commercial activites.
    Subsidize transportation.
    The alternate list goes on. . . . . But we can’t keep subsidy.

    1. Nikruks · · Reply

      Well said!

  190. Allah ya saka mana.

  191. We would not accept this mothfucking noses in our country.

  192. Tony Simeon · · Reply

    It is unequivocally apparent that our leaders are becoming very ill and uncivically minded but one thing they don’t seem to picture is the fact that they are driving so many into a “psychopetic obsessive behavioural lifestyle.” Many are already developing a deep seated obsessional hatred for the leadership and this will surely cost them so much than they could ‘ve imagined.
    I’l fight the fight till finish. For my younger one’s who’s been “forced out” of school, my parents who are already looking like “aids-patients” as a result of thinking…
    I’ll fight till finish.

  193. Lets think no muslims no christians we are fighting for our dearly NIGERIA we can do it

  194. Shariff Adam Ismail · · Reply

    The government of nigeria have nothing to do with the plight of the masses, that is why the leaders always introduce new policies to keep the masses contemplating/debating,while they (the officials) concentrate adiquetly on looting and travelling abroad. It was kidnapping 3 hours ago, boko haram 2hours ago, and now oil subsidy syndrom, which of these problems did the government succeded in tackling? Nigeria has everything a country should have,but her leaders are not ever seriouse to make good use of the resources for her citizens, more talks less or no action.on the topic of the day,(fuel subsidy)with protest against it or not, its already a failed project becouse this is not the right time for it, and there would be no time for it as far as nigeria is concern, and we have to wait for time that can actually tell of the failure of this ignoble and dishonest project.

  195. Aminu Dauda · · Reply

    Nigerians should be resolute this time around. Our leaders have played with our inteligents for long.

  196. kennytrust · · Reply

    Gowon. 6k to 9.5k
    Gen. Obasanjo 9.5k to 15.3k
    Shagari 15.3k
    Buhari. 15.3k
    Babangida. 15.3k to 70k
    Shonekan. 70k to #5
    Abacha. #5 to #11
    Abdulsalam. #11 to #20
    Obasanjo. #20 to #70
    Yar’adua. #70 to #65 the ̶̲̥̲̣̣̣̥̅̊ best president of all
    (R I P)
    Jonathan Badluck. #65 to #141.

    1. You really made research, cudos to u. God will deliver us from these exploiters we call leaders

  197. A major fact o!we voted him in we also have d mandate to kick him out! What nonesense!

  198. Nurudeen Abdulsalam · · Reply

    It’s a fight that must be fought by all nigerians. The time to act is now.

  199. Abdulsalam Ibrahim · · Reply

    Compare all the sums you have highlighted to over 1000billions (1 trillion) spent on subside. I agree that the government need to cut cost, and removing the subsidy is one way. I way want to government to remove the subsidy and increase the minimum wage substantially.

  200. muhammed d. makama · · Reply

    “purely gov’t by ambush” d real hypocrates are not even saying anythn. i e tradional leader, are they not part of the genesis of the problem? when govt’s treasury was being looted & Given to them during election. Allah Ya isa!!!!

  201. Ajene Ogbu. · · Reply

    O’my beloved country,NIGERIA!
    How soon can you get saved from these multiple rapes?
    Mother Africa! Save your beloved DAUGHTER from the grips of these multiple RAPISTS or else she collapses and leave you bereaved for ever!
    Watch not from the fence anymore. Tighten up your girdle and act NOW!

  202. Ajene Ogbu. · · Reply

    Abdulmalik Kishimi,its time enough we dropped this religion stuff & begin to think alike. Nobody is thinking religion here. We are all worried that the system is being raped & the masses been dealt a blow by the Jonathan Govt here. No christian anywhere thinks this madness is in the best interest of himself or herself. Its only petty to think so.Pls,lets grow above this,cos it can only arouse sentiments and as such polarise the system!

    1. Agreed my fellow compatriot. God save us and do away with any sentiment that may arise out of this protest. Amen.

    2. u talk true Ajene

  203. bashir k.s.pawa · · Reply

    Only God almighty can judges us.Gudluck remember there is lyf after dead.u wil acount 4ur deed

  204. This is more than unfortunate and no amount of brain washing can watered it down the throat.

  205. 'Wale Oyelade · · Reply

    I think it’s high time each & every Nigerians wake up from their slumber; for there is no appropriate time to stand up against this tyranny other than now! We cannot afford to continue standing on the fence anymore ‘cos the fence itself has become weak & if we don’t leave our assumed comfort zone immediately, we might all be caught up! Let’s join force together to right this wrong in the guise of deregulation cum fuel subsidy removal! Enough is enough!!!

  206. OLUWAJUWONLO · · Reply


    “A leader has the right to be beaten but never to be caught unawares…”

    To think that the presidency and or his cabinet has not done an overview of the likely aftermath
    of removing the much touted fuel subsidy is definitely nothing more than mere musings.
    Yes! i believe that Nigeria is experiencing birthpangs and birthpangs no matter how painful, heralds a new birth,
    new life and relief for the carrier of the pregnancy.
    Going through my facebook page, i discovered that quite a large number of the people involved in the occupy Nigeria
    protest are as ignorant as their arab rising counterparts who blame the Western world for their domestic woes!
    We just seem to be asking the wrong question at the right time.
    Lets start here… The home grown terrorist group in Nigeria – boko haram, on monday 02/01/2012 gave a 3 day
    ultimatum (expiring today!) to all christians and southerners in all the northern states of our beloved country.

    It takes someone with foresight to be able to connect the dots… that external forces comprising both physical and spiritual
    just might be involved in all these… “when all these things do conjointly happen, let no man say they are natural!” – Julius Ceaser

    Someone is definitely missing something! Nigeria has come too far to breakup at this juncture (you dont have to agree!)
    What i see is a woman undergoing labour pains and she shall bring forth! Even the Western world knows that Africa alone is the
    saving grace for the imminent implosion about to be experienced world over. South Africa which had been touted to be a major force in Africa
    unfortunatley lost the battle on moral grounds with the acceptance of the immoral western bug (homosexuality; they are also high
    on the HIV/AIDS listing).
    You do not need a prophet to tell you that 2011 protests were simply preambles for the power shift/transfer about to be experienced worldwide!

    If you can just go down memory lane and check out the history of how USA freed themselves from Britain, you will discover that
    Nigeria is just about to be free indeed!
    What then should we do? a very hard thing i will ask of the Nigerian youth… go back to the drawing board and chat a new course
    for our dear country because responsibilities (quite huge ones) are coming our way soonest! I tell you emphatically that the fuel
    price increase wont kill us neither will it kill our economy… the presidency did right thing, only we no longer trust our
    leaders with money and they also are not saying everything but who does all that anyway?

    The Nigerian youths should at this point organise themselves and plan for the coming responsibility. take it or drop it, the location of
    World power is about to change, maybe not to Nigeria but i am rest assured that Nigeria will be instrumental to the achievement of
    that end (we are the means!)

    Distractions i say, are all these boko-subsidy issues… take the pain to see beyond the now!
    What then are we missing?… that Nigeria is about to breakforth into everlasting bliss but certain forces (human & suprahuman)
    are bent on shifting her gaze on the face of the sure blaze of GLORY!
    Tell those who dont know that the point in itself is neither the boko haram nor the subsidy removal (they are mere rumours of war)
    the point realy is that we are about to take over (seems bleak and standoffish to the myopic!)

    Yes, we are being beaten but we will not be cauught unawares… we shall be prepared, we are ready, we shall breakforth…NOW!

    Tell them that we have seen the light!
    Tell them that now we know!
    Tell them that we are aware of who we are!
    We are Nigerians! Gods own people (We are the largest exporter of God to the world!)

    We shall not lose focus!
    We shall not be dismayed!
    We shall stand as one!
    We Shall overcome our challenges!

    We Shall get there!

    I believe Nigeria is the best place to be right now!
    I believe Nigeria is the best Country to belong to now!
    I know that Nigeria, at the end of 2012 will be a world power broker!
    I am a Nigerian!
    I am Proud!

    GOD BLESS NIGERIA…and everyplace else!

  207. Quinn jazmine · · Reply

    Nigerians nid God nw*more dan eva

  208. Gandu shunom · · Reply

    This really is a trying time for all nigerians it’s highly necessary we come together in our differences and save the nation. It was mean’t for good to make us one independent nation but i think the leaders seek ways to bringing the masses into black slavery by black masters it was not an easy fight 4 independence and i don’t think we can salvage a once free nation dragged to slavery. Our destiny, dreams, hopes. Great nigerians it is in our hands to decide letting sentiments, greed, hipocracy, to send us to ruins. Let us o compatriots to grieved Nigerians call obey to serve our responsible fathers land those wit children those who loved who had faith in one greater nigeria lets tell ourselves the truth about wat we shld fight corruption. Removal of fuel subsidy is one too grate a corrupt act. Call for accounting for failure in governance to achieve good suxes in the past and prosecute. The truth is bitter be ware. But no matter it’s taste let say do it defend it. Seek it and preach it.

  209. Raji Eniola · · Reply

    I must say, Azeenarh, you have the thinking of the new Nigeria. Webmust protest and we will. My question is, if we succeed, and theyy reverse hike, what next? We will still have these corrupt people leading our Nation nowhere. We will still have other things to protest about. My point is simple. Total overhaul of the system. Sounds herculian, but possible. I think we should meet, mail me on We need a new vision for our country. Nigeria is too blessed for her citizens to be subjected to this horror.

  210. A xtian just said GEJ is not a gud xtian,hmmm! wat a pity,wen ur pastors were tellin u “vote 4 ur broda don’t vote 4 GMB his going 2 turn our country into a sharia state”.Dis is ur broda’s new year gift SUBSIDY REMOVAL.nonsense. Thank God we ‘re not d only 1 suffering. Wanda suka zabe shi ma sun fi kowa kuka.

  211. Ahmed bello · · Reply

    with the protest we don’t want this nation to move forward, this is the only opportunity we have goodluck should go ahead with his plans, we all have to bear it for a while so that nigeria would be good again, the same deregulation of oil down strime was done in Ghana and look at how their economy has grown. Here in nigeria we don’t like good things, we are not protesting period.

  212. we dont no where will are going,may God almight help us 2 Relu dis Nation call Ngeria.coz dis is not what mr presidant promisse us. But what i no si that,if mr presidant.dont do the right thing,militry will take over by fair by peopel our money have no value agin.doring Obasonjo reging noting like boko Aram.infat nor tife use Boma 2 my presidant rel site nd rel Cupurple.

  213. Dole mu fita mu kwaci encinmi a wujan gumakan azalimanmu,Allah ka tai makemu ameeeeen.

  214. Hameeda Badamasi · · Reply

    May God help us 4rom dis Govt. Ooooooo

  215. ODIBA ISAAC · · Reply

    This not a moment for self pity but the moment to act against those cabal calling them self leaders.we must support the LABOUR UNIONS, and our self for the successful defeat of the CABALS

  216. Sani Ahmad · · Reply

    Ideally we re in critical situation,this nigerian government just only waste their tackling the crisis of boko haram and niger delta,while this oil subsidy removal is more riskable than boko haram coz the subsidy removal can cause to vandalize goverment assets or properties.

  217. Sani Ahmad · · Reply

    Ideally we re in critical situation,this nigerian government just only waste time their tackling the crisis of boko haram and niger delta,while this oil subsidy removal is more riskable than boko haram coz the subsidy removal can cause to vandalize goverment assets or properties.

  218. cola ACHOR · · Reply

    we will protest and our protest will have a meaningful impact in Jesus name, insha allahu. God be with us in this struggles and we shall win. Protest is the answer. Thank Ɣ☺u̶̲̥̅̊‎ all

  219. my flow Nigeira,Coz we would not accept this mothfuckin Noses in our country…cos dis not what mr president promise us…during d yharadulh regin noting like BokoAram,nor tife use Bomb 2 president pls live d fuel as ur late masterYah Raduh,live it…..we dont needs ur buss.

  220. Subsidy the only thing we Nigerian masses have ever enjoyed that’s if there was one. No schools,health care is zero and many more. The devil has eaten deep into their human hearts to make them inhuman.

  221. Don Drambi · · Reply

    I reside in the FCT metropolist, I will like to kkow the venue for the protest as am ready to join.

  222. Adeloye Esther · · Reply

    Mr president is only talking about fuel subsidy.y is he not talkin about Boko haram where d lives of inocent piple are wasted?y didnt he declar on d 1st dat bilions of naira av bin releas to purchas mor security facilitis.o my God wat is wrong wit mr president?

  223. Yes its time to stand up against bad act of our goverment,enough is enough,we re tired.

  224. We will surely protest,we can’t continue like dis,enough is enough

  225. Nuradeen G.r.a · · Reply

    ΨђåƮ a briliant article,we need people like you who can express their feelings in an educative manner…..may God bless you and us all…..Nigeria!! An expensive country which į̸̸̨§ lucky enough τ̲̅ȍ have a gift of nature,but the nost annoying part of it į̸̸̨§ that they can’t utilize the massive resources they are bestowed with,utilizing in the sense that we the poor are not benefiting and yet it į̸̸̨§ used τ̲̅ȍ giving us a sleepless 9t….enough į̸̸̨§ enough,we are not protesting with a harsh tongue either we are doing this for the benefit of we Nigerian. Let’s join hand and do the best for our country irregardless of our culture,religion,ethnic group etc. May Allah see us through..Ameen

  226. godwin E · · Reply

    D issue here is not about religion like one of the muslim brother said.the issue is about the elite class taking us 4 a ride.afterall,the past govts 2 are guilty as’s time we take what rightly belongs to us.even the holy book told us that the kingdom suffereth violent and we need to take it by force.enough is enough!!!!!

  227. salu similola oluwaseye · · Reply

    All stuff needed to be stop all this badluck governmnet needed to be stop look at this well are in the new year and we can not be happy all nigeria are been feeling bad why all this stuff pls and pls let the military take over again is much better than all this stuff that is happening now

  228. is'haq akinwande · · Reply

    Is goog to hear this ,but we only have starting in nigeria.

  229. Oluwaseun · · Reply

    Dere is no dought abt al d aligation laid above about d government expendicture. D fuel subsidy has no effect on them bcos most of dem owns a petro station for them self and does who does nt hv, has a shear in one or two station eg jimo ibrahim. scacity has no effect on dem dt why none of them can disagree wt dis condition expect d poor, d goverment is now operation fight for ur right so i wil plead al d civilian 2 joine hands 2gether cos they ar nothin without us. We ar d source,investment,role,way,panel and d key of there of wealth. So with doing wt we want dey can not get wt dey plan or wish for eg d president cant go out witout a driver, a compiny cant progress witout worker. A bank cnt be global witout d worker

  230. My fellow Naija people, protest is the answer, lets show them we are no slaves to no bagger, is this the kind of democracy they talking about? To hell…

  231. is'haq akinwande · · Reply

    Is goog to hear this ,that is d starting but I don’t think we can get to the end of it.

  232. Anita njoku · · Reply

    If u hav my tim i wil hav urs

  233. monica richard · · Reply

    if d president can not do any thing 4 us then he should step down we are really tired of them. mr president i hope u’ve heared of d word baby step. nigerian’s have done alot 4 u but what have u done 4 d masses those garri sellers that ur wife won their confidence 2 vote 4 u

  234. Shola aka castoro · · Reply

    Goodluck wateva dey call you,…..u have become badluck 2 ur nation ”nigeria”,you betrayed so many people,most expecially d christian women and children from d northern part of nigeria who risk dia life all bcos dey so much have faith in you,some wia killed,sum wia hospilised,etc….is this the riteway u shld react to the present problem,…. May God reward you has you’ll continue to be badluck to your family till dealth do you part.

  235. your protect is ill timed

  236. your protest is ill timed.and the reasons are not worth protesting about

  237. Paul Midala B · · Reply

    Look Nigerians we better take a stand or die as slave. Let me say this outrightly a polititians religion is money. so lets keep any of our feeling aside and stand for right! lets rock the streets.

  238. Abubakar Sadiq · · Reply

    @ Samuel y re u putting sentiments 2 it. Even if its d best 4 d country, Is this d best time 2 implement it? Whn pple re away on holidays. Let’s b fair 2 ourselves. Even if @ all I blv govt shld still cut dwn on its expenditure & also increase d minimum wage. If u can afford 2 buy pms @ 140, dt doesn’t mean d person by ur sd can. Hv u tried taking a cab lately? Or even gone 2 d market? Its crazy!

  239. kasim jere · · Reply

    keep my brothers nd sisters,Allah will surely listen 2 u.
    kasim jere

  240. Mustapha Ringim · · Reply

    It is obvious that Nigeria in now under the total control of the imperialist power. After the war in Iraq and Libya, the level of Oil accumulation for industrial growth in America and Europe has drastically fall down. What next, is to look for a country with refined and abundant Oil and with leaders that lack sincerity of purpose and lack of national interest at heart. Nigeria is of course an ideal environment to provide that soft landing. GEJ and his irresponsible and myopic Executive have succumb to that and sold our country on the flatter of Gold. As the USA and Europe are preparing for 2015, which according to them will be the year for Nigeria’s disintegration, let them note that our God is watching, and as they plan, He is also planning and He’s the best of planners.

  241. Ann Ane Akor · · Reply

    may our leaders nw and past neva knw peace. Amen

  242. dukawuya · · Reply

    dividend of democracy

  243. dividend of democracy, this is PDP we said no to them but others said they most be on that sit. what do we do now no uption

  244. If we unite we’ll conquer our enemies. No tribal or religion sentiments

  245. anita paul · · Reply

    If dis is d fresh air he promised,i rather choke oh!evry1 shld cum 2geda n fight 4 ours right.religious differencies is nt in d picture nw.let’s fight bcos we ve bin taken 4 granted by dis govt.bcos we always kip quiet 2 anytin dey do shldnt nt make dem tink we can trampled upon

  246. Ibekwe chukwuemeka · · Reply

    Nice one! I tot myself those are better reasons for us to protest as against the t. u.c. And the NLC going in to protest for a reduction of pump price which is not going 2 be of any Gud to 9persians.

  247. Moses .A. · · Reply

    Nigerians should arise for protest, even we should go on hunger strike like indian. There should be massive protest at eagle square, vehicle should be provided to convail people to eaqle square from the 36 states, no food until fed govt reversed the action.

    Its time we arise and fight the selfish rulers not leaders, God will rain brimstone and fire upon them.

  248. Sekesebi · · Reply

    The problem is because our minister’s and adviser’s cannot use their brain to think and see other area that we need to block to increase money available for capital development because it will affect their personal comfort and greed except petrolem. In every budget, they have built in the number of personal houses,plaza,estate,hotels,cars,the best school to send their children to abroad. CONCLUSION: Both past and present leaders,any civil servant of Director level should be prepare to summit themselve to the People Audit Committee to account for their wealth or else no to subsidy removal. Let us all go down like Greece Nation. We should ensure that they cannot fly out of Nigeria until we have cure them of the fair of the unknow that makes them to plunder the resources of the nation. Long live Muslim and Christian of Nigeria.

  249. okwuikpo ken · · Reply

    This is a case of man inhumanity to man, injustice metted man in his own sovereig
    n mother land ,lets go afterall the man died they say is not he that is lowered six ft beneath the earth but who lives in the mist of tyrany with his mouth shut

  250. kanu daniel · · Reply

    In my own view ,if u claimed to be an analyst it’s stupid of u to be deceiving ppl in dis manner,i know too well dat those of u publishing dis sought of rubbish are d ones who is gonna be striken down by dis economic reform,u guys have been in dis oil buisness for years filling ur pockets,mr analyst can u just tell me why d house of rep & senate is yet to approve dis,to still remind u cuz i know u already know is bcuz they are gonna get a massive pay cut,individuals like u have been taken advantage of bad government for years past to fill ur selfish pockets,please mr dead reformist stop decieving ppl & embrace change

  251. juliana ibrahim · · Reply

    Oh God oh God oh Gos save us from the hands of bad rulers cos that’s what they are and let ur will be done.

  252. Hafiz Yusuf · · Reply

    What Govt did with d Forein reserve which late umar yar’adua kept?

  253. Abduljaleel bello · · Reply

    Kai yan nigeria anya kuwa!!!Ni dai Allah ya isa sau dubu sabain.

  254. Leach M Tarfa · · Reply

    The same people that voted you to power will throw you out by the special grace of God if this is how you have decided to pay them back.

  255. ibrahim salisu adamu · · Reply

    we bealive on transpomation, there4 we hv nothing to say until we achieved our aims ”transpomation” now our northern governors will bear themself from the word transpomation. Thank u northern nigerians

  256. Ibrahim · · Reply

    This is the best time for every nigeria to come out for revolution

  257. Leach M Tarfa · · Reply

    No government has ever removed 100% subsidy at a go,for GEJs government to do that is evil,its wicked,it shows how truly inexperienced he is!

  258. Bilyaminu G misal · · Reply

    9ja oil subsidy is a lesson to dos who. Vote 4

  259. Timmy Babatunde · · Reply

    We will fight to finish,w`ll tell them we are tired of their Fooling strategy.we must all come out masively to deliver this great country from the hands of oppressor and cancaworm

  260. Ibrahim Musa Abubakar · · Reply

    “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”
    Fellow Nigerians let’s come out in MASS to rebel’

  261. Rodgers · · Reply

    My religion teaches me to respect my leaders,leadership comes from God but i am contemplating and gradually loosing confidence on this our goverment and their policies,may God forgive us and have mercy on us. This reminds me of the saying “all animals are equal but some are more equal than others” as amended by the pigs(Snowball&co) in the novel “The Animal farm” by George Orwell

  262. This is a greatest madness on nigerian soil.

    1. This is greatest madness on nigerian soil.

  263. Olu Ogunwole · · Reply

    AGENDA 2011-2012
    First- Tenure elongation. What benefit to the present Nigerians situation?
    Next- Same sex debate. Do we even need debate that unGodly in our culture?
    Also- No hope on electricity power supply, maybe unlit Ghana comes to the rescue of the African most populous country with blessed resources bastardised.
    Now- unbearable increase in fuel price called subsidy removal on Nigerians despite on going tensions in the country.
    What next? Maybe, privatisation of all roads; as removal of subsidy of public roads, whereby al Nigerians wil pay for passage, even from one village to another. After the privatization of NNPC.

  264. Oda contries can survive revolution bt nt naija.this whole issue has bcom a religious & tribal sentiment.i weep 4 our country niaja, & wish 2 c d end muslim brodas tak hat,its jst 4 a while everybody wil expereince freedom in our own domain.

  265. Allah ya isanmana tsakaninmu dasu.

  266. Only God can save us

  267. ALAYAKI KEHINDE · · Reply

    I don’t have much to says. If the Government refuse to change, what are going to do?. The road to areas where this people live should be barricaded. Thanx

  268. Auwal Mohammed · · Reply

    stricke goin back

  269. JACINTA · · Reply

    sometimes it is going to be hard for it to get better, this fuel problem some times has to go that to generate fund 4 d government. i no its hard, y dont we pray 4 d president so dat God can lead him, here in london d prime minister has increased there fuel prices twice last year,increassed buss pass twice, cut state penssion, increase school fee 3 times more and a lot more just in one year. the problem is not increasing the prices but making better use of the money, in niger the government put all thier hope on fuel, most peaple dont pay tax, most peaple dont pay phcn bill etc

  270. richard joyce · · Reply

    everything don change 4 nigeria

  271. Maurice · · Reply

    It really obvious dat of all d senators, House of reps, ministers d Federal executive council, infact all d elected as well as appointed government official, non wld buy but refill 4rm time 2 time on d account of d masses all in d name off Gv official. D fed gvt is takin and yet has nt been able 2 giv notin back in return. I pity our mother land cos d emergence of joe has rit 4rm onset give not but grief. Starting 4rm his days in d house of assembly in bayelsa, causing grief 2 d den speaker, den 2 d deputy d 2 d den governor as wel as 2 yaradua. And now he’s extend it 2 d entire nation. Wat a shame 2 see a cat been impregnated by a mouse. D time is now 4 us 2 say no 2 d injustice dat has raiding our land courtesy of joe

  272. Maurice · · Reply

    It really obvious dat of all d senators, House of reps, ministers d Federal executive council, infact all d elected as well as appointed government official, non wld buy but refill 4rm time 2 time on d account of d masses all in d name off Gv official. D fed gvt is takin and yet has nt been able 2 giv notin back in return. I pity our mother land cos d emergence of joe has rit 4rm onset give notin but grief. Starting 4rm his days in d house of assembly in bayelsa, causing grief 2 d den speaker, den 2 d deputy d 2 d den governor as wel as 2 yaradua. And now he’s extend it 2 d entire nation. Wat a shame 2 see a cat been impregnated by a mouse. D time is now 4 us 2 say no 2 d injustice dat has raiding our land courtesy of joe

  273. Alee saleh · · Reply

    We are 100% behind u pple.

  274. thanks so much 4 d very 1derful mssg. we shal come out emass 2stop the tyranic leaders

  275. M. A. Adam · · Reply

    From Goodluck to Badluck. This is how best to describe Prisoner Jonathan. Because i see prison as his abode very soon.

  276. Omotoso Moyosore · · Reply


  277. this is the time to keep sentiment tribalism and religion aside to fight for our right, it is also a timeto know who are true nigerians, if the government think that they are the nigeria. that they have the power to do what they want lets show them that they are wrong. the country belong to us.

  278. Abdullahi Abdulmumin Bello · · Reply

    Allah ya saka mana da Alheri,musulman cikin su in masu shiryiwa ne Allah ya shirya su.In ba masu shiryiwa bane Allah ya halaka su duka.

  279. Shaking my head

  280. wasiu yusuf · · Reply

    Jonathan,u r a stupId man and I will join the rest of Nigerians to curse and abuse u.God will punish u and the rest of ur cabinet,most especiially ngozii iweala and abati and the rest….I had no shoe,I owe moni in sch,let’s give fresh air a chance,ask urself are a president or 419?God will punish u and the rest of ur generatiion.

  281. sagir muhammed · · Reply

    The only thing we know about this fuel subsidy is there is the the thing that kept in mine in order to achive there aims of deviding 9ja in to two part the more condition is critic then any thing can happen and by god grace they can’t achive what they want to achive

  282. Abdallah Mohammed Umar · · Reply

    May GOD hpp us from our bad leaders to erredcat them, let us not forget our GOD let us pray well…………

  283. alero betty · · Reply

    May God help us all,IJN…Amen!

  284. Usman Aminu · · Reply

    Hmm, all we need is revolution

  285. Allah don pass dem tey tey

  286. Muhammadu shamsudeen isah shinkafi · · Reply

    In the namd of ALLAh the most beneficient the most merciful, to the best of my knowledge this is a very hardship to all nigerians but before that what ever happen we should have our selves to be blame why? Cos we fold our arms watch them do what ever they like, STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHT this time. So help us GOD.

  287. Isa Mamman · · Reply

    ‎​President GEJ, pls take a look at this b4 u plunder d entire nation into unwarranted war: OPEC Members:

    Fuel Price Per Ltr. MinWage.
    1. Venezuela 3.61 N95,639
    2. Kuwait 34.54 N161,461
    3. S/Arabia 25.12 N99,237
    4. Iran 102.05 N86,585
    6. Qatar 34.54 N101,250
    7. UAE 78.18 –
    8. Algeria 63.55 N55,957
    9. Libya 26.69 N23,813
    10. Iraq 59.66 N25,813
    11. Naija 140-200 N18,000?
    USA 157.00 N197,296
    UK 334.41 N295,644
    Oman 48.67 N91,583
    (all figures are in NGN Naira)
    Now, Mr. President, if u want Nigerians 2 buy fuel in accordance with d int‘l mkt price, then, pay workers in accordance with d int‘l Minimum Wage! >:O

  288. Ajayi Kola · · Reply

    It’s a fight we must fight together, if we must have a stake in this country. Nigeria belong to all of us.

  289. Soji alabi-famous · · Reply

    We no gree. If we don’t fight it now people we suffer. We are just suffering and smiling every day

  290. Ruqayyah · · Reply

    We are fully prepared! Today at 10am in Lafia,Nasarawa state parade ground! We shall air out our voices and cries we are ready! #occupynigeria

  291. Elujoba · · Reply

    Where is the protest taking place today

  292. pius vandi · · Reply

    This is our land and we shouldn’t fold our hands to watch them taking merit of us.Protesting couldn’t be the solution lets indulge in prays against these predectors,cankers and slashers’of peace agonizers of slavery incurers of problems they should not continue with we are their stoppage of mind

  293. segun kayode · · Reply

    We need no push to take a step my people this the right time to take our right…….. its the right of all .we must fight them to fall…..we have the power of number lets use it.

  294. Milcah p ujulu · · Reply

    I‘m in total support of this protest a 100 n1%.
    Nigerians were promised lots of things such as good roads, electricity, health facilities, good schools n free education, employments to mention but a few. But which of these promises is fulfilled? None that i can think of.
    Nigeria is blessed with lots of resources but is still one of the poor nations of the world. If we as citizens of this country can‘t enjoy the wealth that God has blessed this nation with, atleast our greedy leaders should allow the poor masses to enjoy fuel subsidy.
    Our leaders should always have it at the back of their minds that, there‘s a life after your time here on earth is over. And every single person will give account of all his/her deeds.

  295. Agi Micah Jonah. · · Reply

    No reasonable Nigerian dat wil not b in support of dis save me or us 4rm dis hardship protest again fuel subsidy removal. We re in total support.

  296. Iam not regrettind cos i didnt vote for GEJ

  297. Victor R · · Reply

    We all know that things are definately not going to be easy. Every time we want to try something different we say its not the right time, when would the right time come? We keep doing the same thing and expect something different. Our case dey complecated.

  298. T Adeboye · · Reply

    Yes o! Whereever d protest will take place, i’ll be at d fore front, because am just so tired of dis government thinking we are fools. Lets tell them we know all dey think we dont and we are not fools. We’ll fight until the pms per litre is returned to 65 naira. God bless Nigeria.” Occupy Nigeria”

  299. Bola Jacob · · Reply

    Before the election,d GEJ promised to increase salaries of civil servants,but now we are in for a big show.I mean,no additional pay,no security,no trust,no peace!in short,dis administration is a messy.Why?I support d protests but let d force men not be violent on the protesters.

  300. Oninure · · Reply

    GEJ has proved that because it was difficult for him to get shoes when he was growing up, then he must enjoy now. He has not learn from noble behaviour of former President Yar’dua who advocated for salary reduction and declared his asset. GEJ is a good example of Pig parable.

  301. i pray, believed n wish God will punish any leader that means hardship to his people. nigerans should unit n form WAHALA HARAM.

  302. Tolulope · · Reply

    Boko haram this is the only job you are suppose to do for the progress of our country. Do only these and be heroes ; visit the bad leaders that are making money every day and make us suffer, delete them so we can start new nigeria. If you can look vividly you will dicover that they are the cause of religious crises.

  303. kanu daniel · · Reply

    Any sensible igbo person shd b agitating 4 anoda tin & not dis,com to think of it wat z Boko harram? With the much I’ve heard z simply mean western education z a sin,so y don’t dey just tell us dat a group called western education z a sin z responsible 4( i)not allowing Goodluck to take ova wen our late president cud not continue(ii)post election voilence,killing & raping of corpers during d election (iii)independent day bomb blast,police hdqrts bombing,un house bombin,killings of christains in d north & many Many more atrocities,I here by tell u dat dis z a term widely accepted & work on by a whole ethnic group.i know dat dis govt z here to work,& end d prospect of “THE RICH GET RICHER & THE POOR GETS POORER” once & for all in dis country.

  304. … [Trackback]…

    […] Read More here: […]…

  305. azeez abdulazeez aremu · · Reply

    we must,even if i must die,enough is enough,even if it’s lead 2 revolution we must do it
    thngs ar gettng worst,

  306. usman abdullahi · · Reply

    nig is one nation-state, consists more dan 250 ethnic groups, our so called leaders intends disunite d nation by creating conflict across d con3. Boko haran is not d problem of our dear con3. but d problem is government. GEJ is irresponsible leader he abandoned d interest of d nation, he open d door 4 western con3s 2 come nd exploits our recourses 2 develop their own economy…. WHAT is wrong wit our leaders. Are we in state of Anarchy?. There is high tendency of social revolution in nig if things keeps moving lyk this.

  307. nig is one nation-state, consists more dan 250 ethnic groups, our so called leaders intends 2 disunite d nation by creating conflict across d con3. Boko haran is not d problem of our dear con3. but d problem is government. GEJ is irresponsible leader he abandoned d interest of d nation, he open d door 4 western con3s 2 come nd exploits our recourses 2 develop their own economy…. WHAT is wrong wit our leaders. Are we in state of Anarchy?. There is high tendency of social revolution in nig if things keeps moving lyk this.

  308. Wow, this article is nice, my sister is analyzing such things, therefore I am going to let know her.

  309. Wow, this piece of writing is pleasant, my sister is analyzing these things, therefore I am going to convey her.

  310. Variant: Nothing ventured, nothing have. Divers Proverbs, Nathan Bailey, 1721 ..[11]

  311. haaaaaaaaaa…ds is too much to be comprehended! i dont think they have concience anymore oooooooooo

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