WHEN, WHERE, HOW AND WHY. #OccupyNigeria

by Azeenarh Mohammed (@xeenarh)
(Closeted optimist, provocative writer)

The people are restless and the demands for a demonstration are loud. I am very happy to hear those calls, but once again I must call for caution. The events that took place at #EagleSquare in Abuja and other parts of the country yesterday the 2nd January 2011 only serves to buttress my point: we simply aren’t ready…YET.
What started out as a call by Dino Meleye to take down the names and details of volunteers eventually ended badly. Citizens were tear-gassed, bullied, chased, beaten & some where arrested. As I write this, some of them are still in custody. Although I am unhappy with these events, Japheth Omojuwa has pointed the glass as half full for me because the turn out was massive despite just having only 1 or 2 hours to mobilise.
But as much as we want to rush out and demonstrate, we have to do it with reason. Why not use the few days we have left to organise and prepare ourselves? Let me tell you why.

A written notice shall be delivered to the police, SSS, road safety and other relevant agencies stating the intention for a peaceful protest in accordance to Chapter 4 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with particular reference to Sections 33, 34, 35, 38, 39, 40 and 41 of the CFRN which will contain the date, time, where the protest will take place (from which streets it starts and to which it will convene) and the estimated number of people expected.
We shall not stoop to the level of fighting the security forces physically, with arms, or engage them in verbal arguments. They are first of all Nigerians and we have to remember that.
Protesters will not obstruct traffic (WHY WE MUST PROTEST CLICK HERE), or antagonise people going about their normal business.
With crowds, absolute control can not be achieved but we must try our best. Violence is NOT an option. I repeat, violence is not an option. Let’s not give this people a reason to turn on us. A single life is too costly-and we’ve lost too many already. We can do it peacefully and we will. We are going to rely on the educated ones among us to broker & maintain peace in case a disagreement ensures.
We will ensure that every excuse used in the past to intimidate and harass citizens are minimised and if possible, completely extinguished. Hopefully, the police, army, civil defence and co will join us shortly.
Now remember, Mr President has said he is willing to risk civil disobedience by removing subsidy. This tells us that they are ready for us. We not only have to match their resolve, we have to beat them at it.

WHAT ARE WE TRYING TO ACHIEVE? The demand is short and simple: Return fuel subsidy until our refineries are either fixed or new ones built! My mentor Salim Malami asked me to google ‘How To Build A Refinery?’ Apparently, a refinery takes between 24-36months to build from concept to completion. This is a fact. Jamnagar Refinery located in India is the biggest refinery in the world and it took 36months to build. The question we should be asking is why isn’t our government trying to refine its crude oil? We also want the cabal found and prosecuted, the billions retrieved, and we demand transparency instead of secrecy in the oil industry.

HOW DO WE INTEND TO RETURN SUBSIDY? The ONLY logical way for us to achieve our aim of returning subsidy (apart from certain war) is IF and WHEN the entire government is ground down to a halt. Anything short of this will get us nowhere. Realistically, this can only be done with the help of organised labour. No one will be allowed to go to work: and when everyone from janitors, secretaries, accountants, human resources, gate men, personnel, to support staff, all continue to shun work at ministries, parastatals, airports etc, the government will have no option but to dialogue with us and our demand WILL remain simple from the beginning to the end: return subsidy and we return to work. I know the cynicism people feel towards organised labour and their tendency to sell out. Believe me, I feel it to. My singular consolation is that WE make labour so we will have to sit up and NOT sell out.
Now is the time when we need everyone to be on board; from organised labour, religious groups, professional institutions, unions NUJ, NURTW, ASUU, SUG, NBA, Civil societies, clubs, NGO’s, self employed individuals, to your gateman, your househelp, the owner of the store at the corner of your house, the mai-ruwa, the mai-shayi, the brick layer, the saloon owner, the groundnut hawker, the teachers, the nurses, the cab drivers & okada riders to ALL come together and stand as ONE. We must have EVERYONE involved.

WHEN WILL WE START PROTESTING? From the looks of it, FRIDAY 6th JANUARY 2012 will be the date. When it starts, no one expects government to cower immediately. Citizens are expected to use Wednesday & Thursday (4th & 5th January 2012) to make long term plans that will ensure their comfort and that of their families for about 2 weeks to a month.

I expect everyone to share this message via email, print, bbm, twitter, facebook and beyond. We need you all to recruit and engage one another. This protests can not be isolated. We will shock government with our coordination.

WHAT MESSAGE ARE WE PASSING ALONG: we are ONE, we are organised, we do NOT believe in violence, and we will persevere until fuel subsidy is returned.

WHY ARE WE DOING IT THIS WAY? Because having little 150-200 disorganised rallies will not help anyone. If every group organised their rallies & demonstrations, they would be ineffective, uncoordinated, and the security operatives will end up bullying, intimidating & arresting protesters. The rest will be lucky to flee for their safety, returning home dejected & discouraged having lost energy, time and effort. Labour is ready, willing and able to shut down the entire country. We will join them to ensure that they not only do it, but they do it right. Once again, I need to remind us all: this is not the time for ego’s, popularity, fame or fortune. Our strength lies in our unity and our planning. There will be no winners if we refuse to work together. This is not the time to be alone, or prove that you can do it on your own. ONLY IF WE ARE TOGETHER ARE WE UNBREAKABLE!

WHERE WILL WE DEMONSTRATE & PROTEST? In all 36 states of the federation + FCT. The most delicate ones are the four with state of emergencies (Plateau, Yobe, Niger & Borno) but we are doing our best to keep them involved.
(Tentatively) Protests are expected to kick off simultaneously at 10am in all states (most venue’s are yet to be finalised) and we will continue our peaceful demonstrations all over the country until the subsidy is removed.
You all asked for a chance to prove your worth, a chance to contribute your quota to your Nigeria. Well this is it…so please don’t blow it. Read, share, retweet, email, print/circulate, and orally recruit more people. If each of us recruited 10 neighbours & family members, and each of those 10 people recruited 10 more persons, we will well be on our way to taking back this country from our oppressors. No number is too much and none is too little. Emails can still be sent to xeenarh@gmail.com with phone numbers & location to help with easier co-ordination and to aid in faster sharing of information. “IF WE CHOOSE TO FIGHT WE MAY WIN. IF WE DON’T WE HAVE ALREADY LOST.” (Unknown)




  1. Victoria Acerta!
    God bless Nigeria.

    1. If we can be dis unite and organized that the subsidy should remain while the Govt invest the next 2-3 years on refineries then lets stage the protest but no peaceful protest has yielded any good result on the African soil. Late Sage Awolowo ” a time will come when the masses will fight for themselves” maybe its now?

  2. You said and I quote, mr president is ready to risk civil disobedience by removing subsidy….if we wait till friday, won’t the people be used to buying fuel at 141 by then….
    Let’s face it, when has peaceful protests ever achieved much in this country….
    The government is ready to dialogue with the so called boko haram (terrorists), but jona is ready to risk civil disobedience when it comes to his own people and our rights….
    I say fuck (pardon my french) this government, enough is enough….they are gonna burn for this…cos the way I see it, if I don’t die from the fighting protest, I might as well die of starvation with the way things are going.

    1. Nafisat Al-darayn · · Reply


    2. i agree with the suggested organised protest, we have lost enough lives and so loosing more is not worth it. Also as the yoruba adage goes “you cannot break easily a bunch of broomsticks” if we come forward as an organised united force, victory is inevitable. We need to collectively ask the FG some question and we need answers. Rushing to the street will do no good

      1. usman ali busuguma · ·

        am 200 percent supportive. I believe dis is d begining of d end. May god almighty help us.

    3. abukar u dem ryt.dis govt are takin us 4 granted.we are 150milion strong vibrant ppl.300 usles senators an rep an minstas cant hold us captive

    4. Love ur passion n relate to it.

    5. anonymous · · Reply

      it is because of people like you Nigeria does not move forward. Violence is never the answer. You die then we still pay N141. Why not grow up and try a peaceful approach


        Some people in Libya, Eygpt and other countries in the world died for a gold and those that are left are enjoying it. That is the price for revolution. No wonder somebody said all Nigerians are women.

    6. Azubuike Morah · · Reply

      Sir, i sincerely share your sentiments and like every other Nigerian, am ready to (in French) fuck the government, but how and where exactly do we start from. The above article suggested a structured plan by which we can drive home our grievances and hope to overturn the present subsidy predicament facing us. I vote we act upon it as instructed and see where that leads us.

    7. akindele seun · · Reply

      My comment may not directly relate to your blog but am sure it is from a honest positive mind or view.
      But if the protest last for 2 weeks or one month, how will the citizens keep up with provisions? Don’t forget that an average nigerian lives one day after another based on means of livelihood or per capita or disposable income(because low and middle income nigerians will power this protest more) The protest scheme looks effective from the way you’ve structured it but it needs to be fueled by motivated nigerians as well and we will not live the rest of our lives on a returned subsidy on fuel. One month seems too long for our people to keep up but nonetheless I pray the objective be achieved before the stipulated time elapse or else we may end up solving riots amongst impatient nigerians.
      May God help us all and I wish us peace and unity on d premises of fairness and equity…….Arise O’ compatriot, Nigeria call obey!!!

      1. My broda this is something that must be faced squarely jst forget about that if u dnt do it be ready miss the one u use to get

      2. Bruno udoka · ·

        Nothing gd comes easily,dat of Egypt,Libya etc did nt come overnight there ws also casualties which cannot be ruled out in Nigeria.So its beta to suffer for a mont & achieve our aim dan 2 do otherwise and gain notin.Rise up Nigerians!

      3. Gregory Eromosele · ·

        Read ur comment but if all Nigerians keep on thinking the way u have illustrated from ur write up, we will never move forward in this country. Let’s stop given excuse of what will happen to our self and our family for once and fight d good course of moving our country forward. If u say dat most Nigerians live by getting their income daily(which is a fact) and we sit down because of this what will happen to those people when their income pay day can not even feed them self or their children in the immediate future? We have to learn to make sacrifies for our country and our unborn children’s future. We love to watch the American people stand up and fight together and then we clap for them, do u think they don’t have those dat are poor amongst them or live on dailly income? Mr. Let’s stop given excuse like unpatrotic citizens for once and fight for the right course. Let’s suffer now so dat our future will be better.

      4. God will help us…weeping may endure in the night but joy comes in the morning

    8. bubu please don’t die on us oh! we’ll get our results soon, I see Nigerians coming together to make this work. Hopefully, we can invoke the June12 spirit!

    9. Peaceful protest has NEVER worked. ASUU strike,security threats from Boko haram unresolved,and now the removal of the subsidy…..I think the president is about to set himself ablaze…….everytime we make sacrifices how hard can it be to recoup money stolen by dis cabal?who are this untouchable cabal anyway?y can’t they pay minimum wage but pay themselves exuberant salaries and allowances?all d money stolen by prev govt officials can’t be retrieved?…….peaceful protest my foot,we’r going hard

    10. michael · · Reply

      Nigeria is a great country with foolish and selfish greedy leaders who wants to satisfy their selfish desires at the expens of our survival so I say fuck pace if that’s ђã†‎​ they want. Why not cut their expenses instead of fuel subsidy? I say let’s fight even if not for our selves but for our children’s children cuz this doesn’t seem like its gonna end soon since we are still ruled by thesame people.

    11. michael · · Reply

      Nigeria is a great country with foolish and selfish greedy leaders who wants to satisfy their selfish desires at the expens of our survival so I say fuck pace if that’s ђã†‎​ they want. Why not cut their expenses instead of fuel subsidy? I say let’s fight even if not for our selves but for our children’s children cuz this doesn’t seem like its gonna end soon since we are still ruled by thesame people. God bless Nigeria.

  3. Abubakar Jalo. · · Reply

    Beautiful plan,we need the organized labour to start with the mobilization and enlightment campaign..we must salvave the future of our children and childrend children..Time to act.

    1. Certainly!!!!

  4. Olugbemi · · Reply

    Brilliant article. But the requirement of application for permits is unconstitutional bcos it was imposed by the Public Order Act, a law which has been voided by the Court of Appeal since 2007 in IGP v. ANNP

    Furthermore, in addition to the reinstatement of fuel subsidy, we must call the NASS to commence impeachment proceedings against the president because he has clearly expressed his incompetence and unwillingness to address the core issues of increasing our refining capacity, arresting the spate of economic sabotage in the oil industry and bringing to justice the so-called cabal in the industry.

    To demonstrate our seriousness, any dissenting legislator will be recalled in accordance with section 69 of the Constitution.

    1. tolsbee · · Reply

      “we must call the NASS to commence impeachment proceedings against the president…
      To demonstrate our seriousness, any dissenting legislator will be recalled in accordance with section 69 of the Constitution.”
      ‎​✓ ‎​✓ ‎​✓

    2. You people can’t be this ignorant…… Its amazing how inconsiderate nigerians can be. Sometimes I wonder if the government is our enemy or we are actually our own enemy. Pls get serious

      1. Femi Shunt · ·

        KC,you are the most ignorant wretch I have ever come across.You find efforts at rising up in unison to fight insensitive rule as unserious?You surely belong to the stone age and should be indefinitely confined there.People like you should no have been born in the first instance because of what use to mankind is a man that can’t fight against injustice.Fool.

      2. KC, God bless u. I was just looking for 1 different opinion nd I found it in u. R we really dat ignorant? How have we become so blinded nd deafened by our woes, dat we cant even see d signs of good things to come neither can we hear d redemption song?

      3. Gregory Eromosele · ·

        Mr. KC don’t understand ur comment. Are u for this course or u are against it? If u are against it, you need a doctor. You can sit at home and don’t do any thing like you Nigerians have always been. Let other people dat have Nigeria at heart to fight for d right thing.

      4. Olugbemi · ·

        @kc, Kindly tell how ignorant we are for asking a clueless, witless and callous government to go. From their posture, the government has indeed declared itself an enemy of the people. Brazenly lavishing our collective wealth on personal, valueless expenses when they are asking Nigerians to endure self-imposed hard times is a direct attack on our continued existence. So, you need to get serious.

  5. Garba Nasiru Bello · · Reply

    You guys are doing the right thing keep it up and may GOD reward you abundantly amin. If their will be cooperation in this exercise we shall make it by His grace gudluk to us all the concerned.God bless

  6. habibah abubakar · · Reply

    Well said azeenarh nd may God bless you

  7. Olugbemi · · Reply

    Brilliant article. But the requirement of application for permits is unconstitutional bcos it was imposed by the Public Order Act, a law which has been voided by the Court of Appeal since 2007 in IGP v. ANNP

    Furthermore, in addition to the reinstatement of fuel subsidy, we must call the NASS to commence impeachment proceedings against the president because he has clearly expressed his incompetence and unwillingness to address the core issues of increasing our refining capacity, arresting the spate of economic sabotage in the oil industry and bringing to justice the so-called cabal in the industry.

    To demonstrate our seriousness, any dissenting legislator will be recalled in accordance with section 69 of the Constitution.

  8. prince sani lawal · · Reply

    Indeed,Nigerians this is d time,we just need to make dis supreme sacrifice nw or our hardship n continuity in unabated penury will will b quadrupled…I believe in our ability to do watever we say we can do,nt even dis issue dat demand d importance of our attention…I repeat no going back fellow compatriots..its now or never.

  9. Ahmad Isawa · · Reply

    Let’s do it kawai

  10. Abdulrauf Mansur B. · · Reply

    Yea, this is wat we must do in order to succeed. Any mistake might cause us total failure. Pls let’s fully prepare for friday. @abdeezo is fully in support of this 100%.

  11. Yaya Abubakar · · Reply

    Am sick of all this. Wat is Nigeria. becoming? Hmm… We’ve made a terrible mistake.

  12. lilbash fika waziri · · Reply

    Dats a good plan….may God help us,amen

  13. Fatima M Babate · · Reply

    Its fyn,nd all is well dat ends well.we are here in yobe bt our prayers are with u.we will do it insha Allah.

    1. Anonymous · · Reply

      For the first time in a long time, i must say dat i am proud to b a Nigerian. Not bcos of our resources or wealth. I am proud bcos today, we as Nigerians have chosen to rise up and take the bull by d horn. Our suffering today must occur in order for our children to hav a better future. I weep so much evrytime I c our people in abject poverty, for poverty doesn’t knoe Muslim or Christian, it doesn’t know tribe or region, it only knows people. What makes me weep is dat there are a group of people responsible for this poverty, and they roam the streets scot free, while lives r being lost to their wicked and evil plots. Jonathan, u shall know no peace. Ur life will be full of sorrow as u hav chosen to increase d sorrow of others. Nigerians, rise up against this, irregardless of ur religion, ethnicity or social status. God help us all.

    2. Our President is a Very Useless Man… He has no Human Sympathy…How could he just wake Up and turns the price of fuel of 65Naira per litre to 141 Naira.

      I pray he Dies an Untimely death…

      He has no sympathy and we are determined to go on Strike …

      1. M.Y Saheed · ·

        Micheal ! Your message is interesting. Continue to Neutral in your dealings.

    3. alpazuzu mariantus · · Reply

      Am in 100%. I will be useful in many ways. Plus I don’t care if I lose my life in this struggle.

  14. I must say that this article is brilliant. But for how long shall we keep on with the peaceful demonstrations? The ones we have done in the past, how have they ended up? The organised labour strike has always been a case in point, how has it helped so far? The so-called elders that have bn sent to dialogue, wat did they come bk with? Just stacks of notes in briefcases and GMG bags, with coerce words of compromise. I say we arise, no matter how it is, let the pple speak and let our voices be heard.

  15. bamidele · · Reply

    It has just just been confirmed that Hon. Dino Melaye and other concerned Nigerians were shot at during the peaceful protest against the removal of fuel subsidy at the Eagle square abuja, 30mins ago. DINO HAS BEEN ARRESTED! THIS IS TOTAL MADDNESS Pls broadcast to all nigerians

  16. funmilola · · Reply

    Good to go!

  17. I support this movement & I wil give my absolute contribution insha Allah may almighty Allah protact & guide us Amen

  18. Kupeleye Rotimi · · Reply

    Must done, this is the begining of tyranny

  19. Amina Adara · · Reply

    This is sensible!!!

  20. Sadiya Bununun · · Reply

    Ɣε̲̣̣̣̥§ Ψε̲̣̣̣ ca̷̷̴ŋ.

  21. Pls,advice labour to go on strike. There is no need to give notice legally. Nigerians are suffering.

  22. IT’S TIME NIGERIAN, lets do this!

  23. zacharia Emmanuel · · Reply

    This is the right way to do this. We will expand the network. Weldone.

  24. Amina Abubakar · · Reply

    They ( the govt) had it all planned up…. Its crisis dey want btw we d citizens why dey sit at home or evn travel out of d country doing nothing bt eating our money…. ALLAH YA ISA…. May GOD b wit us all (AMIN)

  25. sanusee · · Reply

    Nice quotation u hav here ,we re here i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ zamfara prayin for u guys  achieved this and by God almighty Allah ll end this misery of government of GEJ and his governors nd his cabinet crew…..Allah yabamu sa’a̶̲̥̅̊….

  26. Hassan Mohammed Barkindo · · Reply

    This is a rather formal and well organized plan of action,Nigerians must stand up to oppression…

  27. IT’S TIME NIGERIAN, lets do this!Good article, question who is coordinating what,how & where in the 36 states?

  28. Nurateecha · · Reply

    We sopport

  29. Ibrahim Aliyu Ekandug u · · Reply

    Yes the subsidy must be return!! Even we in Nasarawa state are in suport and we will help you with our prayers and efford toward the protest. An encouraging article

  30. auwal ahmed · · Reply

    Enough is a enough for are wise.d question is that how a poor man survy in this nation?I need d way out…

  31. Galam Nanyak · · Reply

    Way to go

  32. Hauwa Ahmed · · Reply

    Ubangiji Allah ya taimakemu

  33. Wasila Mohammed · · Reply

    This is a very good write-up. What we should pray for now is that labour will not sell us out. We need them to make this work.
    God bless us all Nigerians and may HE help us fight the oppressors, amen.

  34. This is a wake up call Nigerians. Its suprising that sm pple feel d govt is doing d right thg. It not as if we want d subsidy 4eva but build refiniries then remove d subsidy but u cnt lunch a terrorist attack on ur citizen indeed dis is a declealration of war on d citizen of dis country. Let’s come out in mass I am will 2mobilize pple.

  35. My country must get it right this time,enough is enough how can they treat us this way we must rise up and fight this time

  36. Abida Isah Abbass · · Reply

    This the best thing to do!!violence is not the way forward….am with you 100%

  37. Zailani · · Reply

    Very briliant articule from a brilian person. I really love ds submission & let us join hands together

  38. Viva Nigeria. We stand together or we fall apart piece by piece. Enough is enough.

  39. Osunbor Tony · · Reply

    Brilliant! …but it is also important to weigh both sides,the suffering it will bring on our poor country men and also the betterment it will bring to our growing nation. The situation of our nation hurts bt I still believe in CHANGE and I know things are working for the better.

  40. How can a million ignorant Nigerians and a few morally bankrupt half enlightened ones hope to change a handful of corrupt officials?
    This baffles me…
    From where shall their replacement come???
    Isn’t it from the same pool???
    Each one enlighten one… We would get there in no time.
    Otherwise, in our current state, I’m afraid it’ll just be a merry go round…

    Corrupt chase corrupt,
    Replace by corrupt,
    chase corrupt,
    Replace by corrupt,
    chase corrupt,
    Replace by corrupt,
    chase corrupt,
    Replace by corrupt,

  41. How can a million ignorant Nigerians and a few morally bankrupt half enlightened ones hope to change a handful of corrupt officials?
    This baffles me…
    From where shall their replacement come???
    Isn’t it from the same pool???
    Each one enlighten one… We would get there in no time.
    Otherwise, in our current state, I’m afraid it’ll just be a merry go round…

    Corrupt chase corrupt,
    Replace by corrupt,
    chase corrupt,
    Replace by corrupt,
    chase corrupt,
    Replace by corrupt,
    chase corrupt,
    Replace by corrupt,

    1. Enuma.i dont agree with u at al.even if we know evrybody is corrupt but there are just sumtyns one shdnt do,if jonathan and his senators want to eat Nigeria,s money let them do so tactically not stupidly.this is the most stupid act i have ever seen for me i believe the man is just incapable of running the affairs of Nigeria. . he is a big failure.he has to be impeached.

  42. Chinyere uchendu · · Reply

    I agree with n i will do my best to get more people involved

  43. asinamai athliamai bitrus · · Reply

    organised labor is wat we need, i also apreciate d fact dt u made mentioned dt we in borno state ll nt be lft out. We ll march forward till fg rescind its dcision on subsidy. Aluta continua victoria acerta.

  44. Anas Abdurrazak Ahmad · · Reply

    Diz iz wot we Nigerians suppose 2 do since,cox we have been suffered since independent….sinmly 99% of the citizens arε̲̣̣̣̥ illiteratesm..bt now sum arε̲̣̣̣̥ ​₪o˚˚˚°ºH‎ more due τ̲̅ǿ politics awareness…i rilly support diz 100%… α̲̅πϑ may Our God help us α̲̅πϑ have mercy  us….Ameen

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  46. I completely support dis idea, we can not be toiling and suffering for others to eat from our sweat.

  47. May Allah reward you for this! That way we wouldn’t have hypocritical politicians masquerading as social crusaders…

  48. Sunday Zakari · · Reply

    We all say no to fuel subsidy removal until Nigeria start refining its crude oil locally and more refineries built to ensure no more importation of fuel.

  49. Jibreel · · Reply

    We’r ready to go.
    Arise O’compariots,
    Nigeria call obey,
    to serve our father land,
    with love n strenght n faith,
    d labour of our heroes past shall never b in vain,
    to serve with heart n might,
    one nation bound n freedoom,
    peace n unity.
    Lokaci yayi mazaje!!!

  50. Nafisat Al-darayn · · Reply

    This is just τ̣̣ђё best demonstration methods I have eva read….Its tym to tk τ̣̣ђё bull by τ̣̣ђё horns….but ‘̶̷̩̥̊͡ђã†̥ hurts ♏̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ more is,so many people will not β̣̣̥c̶̲̥̅̊ willing to heed by τ̣̣ђё strike ãήϑ refusal to go to work,which if τ̣̣ђё did would β̣̣̥c̶̲̥̅̊ τ̣̣ђё best measure to curb this menace…τ̣̣ђё hike in fuel price is so obscene….No constant electricity supply,no pipeborne water,poor medical facilities to mention but few….Its tym to go….Aluuta Continua,Victoria Acerta….

  51. This is one fight that we all must engage in !this subsidy removal affects Christians,Muslims,Animists and free thinkers alike.For once we have found something besides football that unites us.How long shall we live in an animal farm called Nigeria.Let us protest with all we have because truthfully our existence and that of our children is hanging in d balance. Fight now or live a life of abject poverty!

  52. Hafiz Nasirudeen Kusfa · · Reply

    Thanks for this article. “It is better to do the right thing at the right time“.The government already planned how to dealed with us because they are expecting it to be like POST-ELECTION VIOLENCE where they killed most of our brothers. “A WISE PERSON CAN NEVER BE CHEATED TWICE“. You brought a good idea.

  53. adeyinka · · Reply

    Well, this subsidy programme has become so reckless and the president has bluffed the entire country by implementing the programme while its still under debate by our law makers.

    All i’m concerned about is, does this mean everything in the economy would sky rocket, ranging from the air we breath in, to the allowances we earn?

    if it was taken in as a gradual process, i have no objections at all, after all nigeria as at last year was one of the countries selling at the cheapest price. But this is a shocker and it is too sudden to bear with.

    I’ld want Mr president to do understand what it takes to be a democratic leader and release the victims of democracy that was arrested yesterday the 2nd day of january 2012, and follow de normal process of implementing the subsidy programme by listening to the cry of the masses and constitute this democratic nation, if it really is.

  54. akande babajide raheem · · Reply

    Has the venue for the kick start of the protest in lagos been finalised?

  55. ibraheem Garko(hussain) · · Reply

    Yeah I got it n its a super brilliant idea,dis is sumfn we could hav done earlier bt I do agree wid ds article n I will go on letin n campagning 2d ones hu dnt hv access 2 ds,we will go as 1 n hv our country rebooted by d grace of God Almighty

  56. Byencit · · Reply

    “From the looks of it” friday 6th is not a definite date to start the protests. When will people know for sure. You can’t expect people to come out and probably risk jail or worse their lives on ” from the looks of it….”

  57. Nora.0.E. · · Reply

    First and foremost, we do not have a president in Nigeria. What we have is a figure head. I am beyond shocked to see that our so- called leaders are willing to negotiate with terrorists yet they remain adamant towards the phlight of Nigerians at time like this. I am ashamed to say that I over estimated GEJ. He is a failure in every ramification. If he still wants his head on his shoulder,then that dull brain of his should not conceive running for a second term. The Federal Govt. wasn’t even subsidising d fuel for Nigerians. Rather than concentrating on building or rebuilding our local refinerineries our number 1 fool( as I chose to call him) has remained headstrong and insensitive towards the untold hardships this will cause Nigerians. Its so interesting to see how quick and proactive our leaders can b wen it comes to their selfish interests when it takes them forever to implement minimum wages. Shame on all of them. I totally agree to the fact that for once Nigerians should keep religious and ethnic sentiments aside and let’s fight this inhumane action by the FG to a standstill. If not for our selves but for the upcoming Nigerians.

  58. muhammad attahir · · Reply

    May God be with us in our fight for our right and freedom.

  59. Beautiful piece I must say,however we need the NLC to enforce this cos some organizations may fire staff who refuse to come to work. If Labour insists and warns ALL organizations especially Banks I believe we will achieve our goal! God bless Nigeria

  60. mukhtargwarzo · · Reply

    a well tot plan bt ppl should b made aware dat no 1 wit any form of ‘weapon’ wil b allowd in 2 d protest venue

  61. hadiza magaji · · Reply

    God help us

  62. That’s d way forward. I hope every nigerian will stand up for there country to make it a better place for the younger generation

  63. Finally, we are intelligently planning how to implement this protest with reason, please keep us informed and we should have people strategically placed to broadcast any violence initiated even to the international media.

  64. Mfonima-Abasi · · Reply

    This is the first time I’ve come in contact with someone who wants to take a step and not just sit around complaining! We have to do this and do it right! Because at the end of the day, if we just sit back and fold our arms and say ‘God will punish them’ we waste time and nobody moves forward and nothing gets done! I’m in lagos and would very much like to be a part of the demonstration, pls let me know the people mobilizing in lagos and where. This is my country and as much as I’m frustrated with the situation here, it is still my country no matter where else I might go. Time to act is NOW.

  65. We are not stupid are cowards,we are patient,we are annalytical,we are not ruled by violence, we are peaceful and peace is the tool with which we will fight and we shall win!

  66. Nice article, by that time people would have gotten use to buying fuel at that price, the government would be ready and would use every force necessary, who wants to stop them, it is me or you or the courts! Face reality, the best time is NOW and this is the best way civil disobedience, they are negotiating with boko haram has they did with the militants! It is because they were peaceful or law abiding citizens! Come out and loin us!

  67. Abdulfatai · · Reply

    I’m so very game in ds movement,pls notify of any movement,time of movement and notice of any meeting I’ll be there,insensitive group of fools.

  68. Khalil ahidjo · · Reply

    I realy appreciate d writer’s courage bt i think this is not just a protest to return subsidy bt should b a revolution to end this terrorist govt. And unless we are ready to spill our blood risk our souls then our aims wl nt b acheivd. And security wl neva give us permit bcos they afraid of d tyrants and nt willn to risk their job…with due respects comerades please lets go ARAB WAY.

  69. Obafemi Tosin · · Reply

    This is good as we have peeps thinking round the clock. Let us also not forget that we need God to intervene in this situation so let us also include prayers as the Bible says “if my people who are called by my Name will humble themselves and pray, and turn from their wicked ways; I will hear from heaven and heal their land”. God will help us, Amen

  70. I hope this is going to work, as our leaders as really taken us as fools and for granted! Gej however knows nigerians won’t do anything. But if we could do this together in unison, there’s got to be changes. And we should remember the voice of the masses, is the voice of God… We should do this, cos it is CHANGE that we want in NIGERIA!

  71. Olatokunbo · · Reply

    I totally agree with you! We need to be prepared! This is no JOKE Nigerians!!! We’ve got to stop bn cowards! We’ve got to take a stand n stand firm! The time is now or never fellow compatriots!

  72. Bryan Eduards · · Reply

    Provocatively correct in every facets. Big ups to you and your comrades. The entire nigeria populace is solidly behind you.

  73. Dis is INJUSTICE…..its jst not fair

  74. kehry king · · Reply

    This is the way forward.

  75. Rich Olugbenga · · Reply

    Am in support, in fact u av my full support. Because for how long are we going to suffer, is this what is called a Nation. No!

  76. Japharable · · Reply

    Its well with Nigerians

  77. gift ada · · Reply

    Brilliant ideas!we pray that god will see us through

  78. Ameh helen · · Reply

    It is a vry good idea but we must ensure is trueli a peaceful protest so dat our aim is not defeated at d end. God bless nigeria!

  79. Aishaislaha · · Reply

    We’re wit u guys wit full enhusiasim in fightin against our oppressors. From my ends mobilisation begins enough of tyrany

  80. aysha abubakar · · Reply

    We will WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. ramatu shehu · · Reply

    Now everyone is talking, I truly feel that the past politicians have nothing to say. “See them mouth” how dear u guys talk. You should have provided us better things than what u guys did. All Nigerians need is light,water and hospital. If u guys have provided it long before now this wouldn’t have been an issue. My apologies to our dumb president, you should have been able to explain why this is done. Nobody actually knows the ridiculous amount of money used for this sub.
    Your explanations would have been ur popular backing from all of us. quite drinking and start working with ur own head. I believe GEJ is an intelligent fellow but he misuses his head for other matters.
    I hope the budget will be used wisely, all we r asking for is light,water and hospital then the idiots we put to rule can pocket all they want.
    The money will never finish just do ur work n steal all u like. Prestigious thiefs.

  82. Say No to fuel subsidy. And let’s the mr president to follow the rules of the past leaders. If we wait/allow this things to happen we will all finishs

  83. A brilliant idea uve put. Protest On a Friday might b hindered by d Juma’at service of d muslims except its gonna b organised very well wit an Imam dat wud lead d muslim protesters wen its tym 4 prayer. Afterall, d prayer can b said anywhere, nt necessary in a mosque n d sermon should reflect wats happening nw. I think u should consider dat option

  84. mubaraq AM · · Reply

    May Almighty ALLAH bring the end to dis tyranny n slavery life we are living. We stand with U in good o bad, sweet o bitter till our last breath. 2gether we can achived. MAY we bring the end to this western rats hypocrycy.

  85. Yahaya Muhammed · · Reply

    I simply have no comment except that am already fully prepared waiting for anything that will make this wicked leaders return the fuel subsidy right away.Am writing from kogi state and will be waiting for the ralying points in kogi state.We shall not take it this time around.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  86. I will b glad if we can all do dis dis 1 tym,its ova due

  87. Babangida Bala Jatau · · Reply

    This cause is highly supported for posterity to judge us. This cause is justified for our children to meet a country called Nigerian. Less all go ahead and fight them peacefully, NO VIOLENCE.

  88. Dr Nkem Ezekwesili · · Reply

    Let take the war to them so they understand what we are feeling ,am ready to die protesting rather than see my children die of hunger LET’S GO

  89. Gaskiya ya na kiki
    Ds is waht d nation nids. As jona isn’t redi 2 listen 2 d cries of d citizens hu voted him in2 power, den, he may as well be redi for d disobedience he’s mentioning.
    Enuf ȋ̝̊̅ڪ enuf

  90. Mohammed A. Mutallab · · Reply

    I agree with you and it’s the best way to tell the Federal Government we the masses are against the subsidy removal until the refineries are restored to it’s normalcy or new ones are build (Violence is not the solution to our problem but peaceful demonstration/protest)

  91. Keep it up the lord is with you

  92. As laudable as this project is…I feel we are aiming at the wrong issues- if subsidy is removed the cabal will continue to eat fat and then what. Our protest shud be to the nnpc- have government audit them- March on to the court and have them make their judgments against erring individuals (a judge who knows there is a mob outside his court room would not risk giving a wrong judgement) – then we face the enforcers of the law (if it means arm-twisting the police to make necessary arrests).
    The problem is not the subsidy, its the corrupt cabal that are eating fat on it and if we do not rise up against them (by way of protest to make the government wake up to its duties) it would be business as usual….

  93. Seyi Olunuga · · Reply

    The action of Mr. President is nothing short of a declaration of war on d people of Nigeria. This well thought out protest action is laudable n achievable. Freedom is not willing given by d oppressor (Jonathan, PDP, IMF etc) but must b demanded from d oppressor by Nigerians. Arise o Compatriots, Nigeria calls, Obey! Together We Stand.

  94. Do u tynk d security bodies will give u d go ahead for peaceful demo?

  95. This is nicely said and constructed. I hope well educated and meaningful Nigerians would read these to be able to reactive positively. If I may, you mention using the law to back the protest, DO WE ACTUALLY HAVE A RULE OF LAW FOR THE MASSES.Lets not forget The Government is for the people by the people. If they feel for themselves, lets tell them we put them there and we can remove them ALL. With all the political unrest happening, I sense the worst is cooking up. Other African countries have done it and they suceeded because I believe that No matter the demonstration they would still remove the subsidy if not today maybe next government.

  96. bashir sambo · · Reply

    There is no going back. We must fight for it and we will. I am proud to have pple as cour ageous as you. May god help and bless nigeria. (Ameen)…

  97. Abdul abdul · · Reply

    Forward ever, their is no going back jona must go

  98. mohammed Kashim · · Reply

    Our govt implements borrowed policies without asking to know d palliative measure on these policies, palliative on public schools, medical institutions, Agric sector, minimum wages, house policy, interest rate, transport sector etc! How do unemployed masses cope with no social security policy or even d so call employed graduate who has put 9-10yrs in federal service with a takes home pay btw #40,000 – 55,000 cope with transportations,house rent,Electricity bill,school fees,medical bills,feeding etc! There’s a huge disconnect btw d govt & d masses! If u most deregulate, fix d refinaries & buiid new ones,implement a sound palliative measure,develop our infrastructures,Can sum1 tell Nigerian how much it cost to build a refinary? Those in govt hv to b told that they are not more Nigerian than d mairuwas on d street! D president can’t b leaving on over #1b meal allowance a year while d average Nigerian leaves on #36,500 a year! Its unacceptable!

  99. Victoria Nkong · · Reply

    I’m all inn for this…we need a revolution

  100. aluko abayomi · · Reply

    This is a big blow on nigerian and this is the time to liberate ourselves from this mess.I am in full support of the protect

  101. EMADAMERHO A.FELIx · · Reply

    Wat d people wanted is not torture but norture,remember how u sufferred in time past,do also want odas to go 2ru dam same path of life? Ask ur self if realy u are doing d right thing?Do unto odas as u want odas to do unto u.,Remember the risks Nigerians went thru to put u there especiallys those that were cut into eatable pieces5uring the April elections?Mr president ,have u no mind,say and conscience of ur own?

  102. I am in full support of this course of action it is long overdue

  103. @olugbemi, you just said it perfectly. This president and this govt have failed beyond measure, and should be impeached immediately. What continues to sadden me is the election that brought him into power in the first place. No matter what people can say against buhari we would not be in this mess right now if he was our president. Nigerian people continue to be swayed by silly sentiments and it’s always easier to name your neighbor the enemy instead of coming together to fight the common enemy. Even as people are trying to band together to fight this, I continue to read messages of civil war, disunity and bigotry in the social media. I pray to God to give me and others like the author and you, the power to act, to act truly, responsibly and effectively. Amen.

  104. This is an immensely mature post. i must commend you for this because it is exactly the sort of articulation that the opposition needs.

    i may have a few areas of disagreement, but that’s only natural. if reinstatement of subsidy is the way to go, then this is how to go about it.

    Thoroughly impressed. Thumbs up!

  105. Fresh Air package


  107. Garba S Ruma · · Reply

    We must realise that there is no subsidy to be removed from the pump price of N65 because it is been analysed by Dr Agbon that the actual cost of a litre of petrol in Nigeria is less than N40 both domestically refined and imported. To argue that we are protesting fuel subsidy removal is to fall into the trap of government that there is subsidy in the first place. We must therefore be protesting against an unjustified tax, which has the added dilemma of currency erosion, high or double digit inflation of goods nd services, and the pauperisation of the Nigerian population. Creating new poor in our dear country while the so-called cabal enriches themselves at our expense. The IMF nd WB dimension of the destablization of the Nigerian nation in service of America, Britain nd other Western powers to continue plundering our resources, must be resisted by the Nigerian people. The struggle must be clearly situated for it to be meaningful.

  108. tunji lawson · · Reply

    Sry I need u 2 cal me 08091145037 vry imprtnt 4 Srpt

  109. AKPAN HARRY BROWN · · Reply


  110. A very strategic plan.I hope d bst wil kom out of it.I evn hrd oshiomole I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ part of d pple wu to negotiate wit NLC on behalf of jona.

  111. zakari Audu · · Reply

    Wen we all allowing our governors to embezzle our fund and go to them to ask for peanuts, it felt good
    Now that the Economy is on de verge of collapse and de only promising start is subsidy,
    All you complaining
    Save the future from today all of you and just be reasonable in wat you support

  112. Kabiru maishanu · · Reply

    An 100,000% in support of that,let us all go out for our right

  113. oyeyemi adebisi · · Reply

    Why is it our govt is S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ adamant ,boko haram is there ,they refuse  do anything about it and is subsidy remover is d next on angenda,dis is crazeness,inconsiderat,people are dieing ​​ 
    ( 😀 )

    / \ ,
    ’ ‎​. γ̲̣̣̥φυ know every day of boko haram,and yet №τ̲̅ can be done about it

  114. no going back,we most fight for our right coz if not nw when nd who ever is afraid of death shuld stay at home……

  115. I support this action. We need to caution those good for nothing leaders. We elected to offices, but they careless about masses they represent. We need to show them that they cant inflict pain on us. It is high time for Nigerians to fight for our rights.

  116. “yes we can” It is time that we let those blood suckers know that they are there to serve us not to rule us.

  117. Mariam Fomwul · · Reply

    I like this strategy. I also think we should start making moves of recalling those so called reps we have in the national assembly that are suppose 2 protect our interest but all they are concerned about is money. We must bring this govt to its knees since it is insensitive to our plight.

  118. imoter j gbatar · · Reply

    United we Stand, Divided we Fall.In as much as we want subsidy back we all must be organized to avoid breakdown of law and order. Lives have already been lost we can’t afford to loose any more life.

  119. We as a nigerian we cannot sit down and watch all these idiosyncracy and dictatorship to disstabilize the nation, so attempt must be made to ensure security and maintain the standard price of our fuel.so please nigerians let’s fight for our right and defend the interest of the masses. May God help us ameen.

  120. God bless Nigeria

  121. My sentiments exactly…we sit at home, boycott work, cripple the economy till the Govt listens to our voice…enough is enough!

  122. Aishat Umar · · Reply

    Revolution took place in Tunis jst b,coz of increase in bread price. Fuel is now 145 per liter in nija,wh y? Does it mean gov’t has been paying #80 on each liter as subsidy? I dnt tink so my fellow nigerians. Come to tink of it wat gav our leaders d courage to make life miserable 4 us b,coz dey knw d havoc dey hav already caused within d masses. Say no to ethnic and religious differences. Then we can stand firm and fight 4 our right. Nigeria doesn’t need to pay subsidy wen it has d capacity to buiild refineries instead of importing finish product.

  123. Nice plan,WE CAN DO THIS!!

    1. This is our opportunity or never. We have been too afraid to confront bad government because they have intimidated us for too long. Libya, Egypt, Syria, etc have done it because their citizens realised that power actually belong to the people, so they took it back from their government when their leaders didn’t serve their best interests. Fellow Nigerian compatriots its time to say no to fuel subsidy removal. We all must be bold to say NO. We will all keep a date with Friday 6th Jan 2012

    2. Those dt spoil d garment of honour n virtue wear d mask of disgrace. Ds 1 wil nt go scotfree 2. Where’s gadaffi 2day????? We can do it n mor dn conquerors

    3. Abubakar Ashafa · · Reply

      We support your plan here in Nasarawa. Please keep us posted as we take it upon us to spread the message. God be with you.

  124. Abegggg xeennaah wee dnt have dt time, did d gvt follow any formal proceedure to wat it jus Did???

  125. To go on we need to put our hands together…

  126. sherifat · · Reply

    yes u av really say d fact.if we nigerians can b organised about dis protest i think we make it.

  127. Skalo donkapelo · · Reply

    God willing we’ll make a difference this time. .Enuf is enuf 4dis government. They have intimidated n bullied us enuf! Lemme point out sumtin here dat as much as we all pray 4 d almighty God’s assistance, we also have 2 cum out n fight 4ouselves cos if u don’t make a move 4ursef,God almighty will not step out 4u. .May d almighty God guide n protect us all,IJN,Amen!!!

  128. oladimeji · · Reply

    Its now or never because this has happened and it means more are yet to be unfold. I pray we can come together to do this as planned.

  129. Am appealing to all nigerians to come out on friday and fight for what you belive in.

  130. Get sirous with this

  131. Amina Bala · · Reply

    We must do it right, stick to the plan and persevere.

  132. Let’s pray so dat the Allmight Allah[SWT] will be on our side and surely there will be progress

  133. Its a good idea labour a̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ other organisation are planning pls let u̶̲̥̅̊s stand now as from today to say NO to fuel subsidy its seriously killing frm 65 to 145 haba dis govt is against †ђξ massess a̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ ŋȍτ̲̅ for †ђξ massess

  134. My fellow Nigerias no need of fighting, so we need to pray for them so that they will know what they are doing and what to do.

  135. skypharm femi · · Reply

    Its necessary

  136. abdul abdulazeez · · Reply

    Nice article I must agree. I do believe we’ll succeed in our struggle against this senseless and inhumane government. NLC/TUC must not let the masses down.

  137. BB is gain down

  138. Bibiana Uke · · Reply

    I am getting ready now to go to d market to get food supplies for my family dat will last thru out d period. Pls let us be serious about it cos it may end in our mouths alone. These people cannot continue to treat us like slave. All we need is sm1 to mobilize us & we can hv sub-mobilizers. Pls kip the fire burning. VIVA Nigeria!!!

  139. sylvia david andrea · · Reply


  140. Mohammed, while ur brother are telling our brothers to leave the North you re calling us to join you to occupy. Occupy where? Grave yards?

  141. makanjuola · · Reply

    Yeah,supported.dis country needs to be condusive 4 d masses

  142. I agree with Bubu, fuck peaceful protests. Time to d̶̲̥̅̊ọ̥ what needs to be done.

  143. Give the guy a break. The removal of subsidy is right.I agree there will be pain but what you should be doing is agitating for restructuring of the anti graft agancies…If we ensure the money isn’t stolen then we would have achieved something but to say subsidy shouldn’t be removed is a silly position.

    There is austerity and hardship all over the world..

    Let give him a chance!

    1. bode usuv · · Reply

      Fuck u and d horse u rode in on Mr B(astard)! You are tryin to tell me dat pre-subsidy- we don’t av enuf money in d treasury to do all doz things d government are nw claiming d removal of d subsidy will allow dem to do?? Plz watch it oh! I know ur IP address and I can trace the fuck out of your shit!

  144. emeka aso · · Reply

    You are the man,I belive u n I am up 4 this

  145. Nice article but we all know nigerians are not unite no matter what. Having a peaceful demonstration can not be controlled. All we need is to go strike in all aspect of organizations , with nobody going anywhere but sit at home till the govt. Listen . That way tthe securities or others agency can’t fight or molest us but listen to the people. We all know if the protest start , it will be with looters , extremist and pple with other motives. So pls I urge all nigerians to go all strike no matter and stand with banners front of our homes and not going out for protest.
    Me and you know with suituation like this even if we write to all the necessary relevant agency like police/ sss, no permittion with be given for the protest no matter how you try to convince them about the peaceful protest.


  146. bolidunga · · Reply

    One of our major objective is to request the immediate impeachment of the president and dissolve the entire executive arm of the government. This is time we took a stand and firm and long term effective demands be made. Jonnathan is weak and cannot lead us.. He has shown his weakness on different issues.

  147. Ms. Nwadi · · Reply

    Azeenarh, I love your plan. Have you served notice though to the relevant parties? Are we certain people will turn up? I’m updating my facebook page with this.

  148. Georgeenah · · Reply

    This makes a lotta sense.

  149. olateju ogunfowora · · Reply

    We must unite

  150. lets unite and fight this unfornate visit to our doors.

  151. During election they said they voted for the man Απϑ №† the party they have forgotten that the party is behind the man.My say is that Jonathan be impeached now before he is given Apple like Abacha oo.He has brought bitterness †☺ this nation.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  152. God wil mak us win in jesus.if d Govt refuse 2 hear our plea pisfuly.den we wil tak an example frm arab world.an if dat dnt wok.den we go 2 war.

  153. biyi oke · · Reply

    Lovely article. I reside in ibadan. Please notify me when the protest of ibadan is about to start so that I can recruit some people. Thanks

  154. Micky Wonder · · Reply

    The Nigerian state has become an albatross to her citizenry

  155. Ado Shuaibu Muh'd "ASM CHAMO" · · Reply

    What a nice n confidential article was dis ! A nation wit nt less dan 6 million ppl set an xmplinary protest in favour of deir freedom n achieved deir aims,why dnt we,wit olmst 25 tyms of deir population can’t demonstrate n go against a 1man group dat deceive us wt a polluted air of subsidy removal instead of fresh air of gud governance n transformation. Why can we with-stand a critic dat wil nt only afct us bt our children,grand children n grand-grand children,b courageous,stand still at ur ryt. LETS JOIN HAND,TOGETHER WE CAN MEK THE CHAMGE

  156. Great plan. Like you said, the key is in large numbers, persistence and non-violence. Let’s not give the law enforcement agencies an excuse to abuse or kill innocent citizens on orders from above. I am proud today of being a Nigerian with a stand. Whoo hoo! Come on people,

  157. fuel subsidy must come back · · Reply

    than you all…….lets all go out and say no! to this tyrany!

  158. estee christy j · · Reply

    Sup frnds

  159. I think the protest should continue until the subsidy is removed! 😦 Go out with mats and lanterns. Take along ur mosquito nets.

    Thanks for sharing!

  160. adedibu bayo · · Reply

    I am in support .God will grant us victory.

  161. *I mean until subsidy is returned 😀

  162. it is stated above that Mr President has said he is willing to risk civil disobedience…
    d govt is probly ready 4 wat eva misconducts citizens r goin to endulge in , & all violent demonstrations will b futile. a peaceful demonstration is apparently d best way out. But here’s d question: “how Many Nigerians are willing to support a peaceful demonstration from inception till the end?” & even if we do protest peacefully, wat guarantee do we have dat d govt’l listen???

  163. protest that doesn’t disturb civil activities is of no use…forget all these plan n hit the street now…if they want to beat us up or kill us, no prob but we would fight till our last blood

  164. Aniefiok · · Reply

    Am so ashamed of jona

  165. Everybody should ignore this call for protest and go out face their normal business. Removal of fuel subsidy is good thing for Nigeria.
    Let me tell you that people benefiting in this fuel subsidy are not the masses. They are same cabal that are milking our country dead.

    You may ask why government cant arrest and jail these cabal. Answer is because it is not easy as me and you think. These are top corrupt men/women that are in high places, with power/money capable of disrupting government.
    But they can be defeated, however, it will take years of strong leadership in goverment,,,which unfortunately, we dont have now.

    So, what I urge everyone to do now is to be vigilant and see if government will use the money saved from this removal of fuel subsidy to develop infrastructure for the benefit of the masses. If after 2 years and we dont see tangible things on the ground (constant electricity, good roads, available of clean water everywhere, etc), I will join you to protest to eternity,,,however long it will take for government to listen/act.

    1. Tolulope · · Reply

      You must be one of those beer parlour politicians who only listen to ignorant fools and cannot use your head to reason.

    2. i’m sorry but U my friend have been sorely misguided. I know for a point that Nigerians will not see the money from the fuel subsidy– in fact, MY GREAT GRAND CHILDREN would not see that money

  166. Bennett Anthony Usanga · · Reply

    Nice job people.
    I am with you all the way.
    Please keep me posted of activities.
    My location:
    Residence: Omole Phase2
    Office: Aguda Surulere
    I will prefer to operate from my home.

    Ben Usanga

  167. Thank u much for the info I really appreciate that u stress that there should be no destruction of life and property. I would encourage our fellow Nigerians who have started the protest before us to refrain from anything that would harm life or property. I think we should make provision for health during the protest and ask explicitly that some health workers remain at their post maybe wear a band to ascertain solidarity. I also think our demands should remain simple and results easily measureable. Returning subsidy is simple enough. As pertaining ro building a refinery or any other long term plan we may have to do with their promises.pls note I’m not fighting my government I am encouraging them strongly to do what is right and our voices must be heard.

  168. popoola wole kayode · · Reply

    This is a very good message,I tried making this point earlier today on my Facebook page and I thank God that caution has come from u . Thank you and I pray that our effort will go down in history of this our beloved country has a struggle that will bring posterity. Amen. Pls try and keep up with your twitter account .

  169. omoniyi korede.G · · Reply

    I’m in total support of this. This man caaled badluck Egbere Jo lantern is just a fool

  170. Totaly on point

  171. partyhunter · · Reply

    Am addicted 2 web chat

  172. Good plan, and well done, we have coordinated such an industrial action and it worked in my institute. Please I strongly recommend more publicity cos there is power in communication.

  173. Akpotoboro · · Reply

    Nice one. We need a change.

  174. Intrested.

  175. Funmi Bello · · Reply

    I hail all strong hearted and willing Nigerians!!! It is high time we stand and I mean stand firm for our rights. Enough is enough! Jonathan is apparently insensitive to the pains and sufferings of the people of Nigeria,all he is interested in is making the already pained Nigerian masses pay more for fuel so he and his friends will have more money to squander!!! Nigerians stand up against removal of subsidy now!!! No retreat No surrender! God is our strength

  176. Boboye olabisi · · Reply

    Yes we shall all fight for our right and we shall build a new Nigeria for us and our new generation to come

  177. Pls we re nt interested in ur. Plan!has peace ever worked in dis country? Do u knw hw mny pple died in Syria nd re still dying? So wat is dis uninteresting write up? Pls dnt aggravate us nd watch ur advice!am sure u re of d older gen?nd I wish to ask u wat nd where d ideas of ur generation has gotten us!hisss!

  178. Ade temi chuks · · Reply

    I sooo support this. Thank you. We av to be ready for them. N train ourselves.

  179. Good plan by labour,may God see us all through this,I pray that no life or lives will be lost during the demonstration,more power to ur elbows Labour

  180. I belive that those who sit on the fence stand the risk of being swept by the hurriccane-every onlooker is a coward. The earlier we standup as one to fight oppression the better. One love

  181. Much as my family and I feel the biting pain of subsidy removal, I take it as a sacrifice nessessary for the economic wellbeing of Nigeria. We can’t claim to love a nation we can’t sacrifice for. You and I know that the gains of subsidy outweighs the temporal inconvenience. Why not post the employment opportunities it will bring, why not talk about the foreign exchange it will attract, why not dicuss the economic activities it will generate! Do you remember that the same organised labour led a strike action against deregulation of telecommunication sector? Yes 700 jobs was distroyed in NITEL but over 60000 jobs has been created through the GSM, fixed Wireless, phone/ recharge card sales, and repairs. Today we can tweet, facebook, BB all because of deregulations rejected by labour. Pls Nigerians think!

  182. This will work very well.This is the time to raise up to the issue.Allah will be with poor mass.

  183. EX UNILAG SUG Executive · · Reply

    I believe we can do it..let’s shock this government for the 1st time.They see us as predictable weaklings and they believe we can’t stand d test of time.Let’s prove them wrong this time.I could write a whole book on this topic but Less Talk More Actions. #signing out ULSU Ex Exco.

  184. oyebola olayiwola · · Reply

    Thank for the article but my greatest disapointment concerning my dear country (Nigeria)since have been able τ̅☺ diferentiate between our bad leader from the fair is – our voices have not for once be heard by this people. We talk, we give opinion, we dialogue, we expresses our grieviances in many form but still make know changes. My burning opinion/suggestion is VIOLENCE. Am sorry for this, i myslf is getting frustrated about this country ℓ̊ swear down and i can do anything stupid if i have my way τ̅☺ this country. May God bless Nigeria bt only if we tackle this people violently- that’s the only way ℓ̊ think we can take back the glory of this country from those goats claiming τ̅☺ be human.

  185. Akeju Aderinsola · · Reply

    Let fight this

  186. Which people are restless? Please u people should not heat up d system, to prove that u all are the same, u could not come up with an original name.

  187. Either which way! We re already dead! Nobody will give u the permit to organise a protest against the govement! Bros wake up, na naija be dis.our fate is no longer in the hands of the unionist,it is now in our hands, nd heaven help us bcurs we will see it thru!

  188. Dayo Oshodi · · Reply

    You are absolutely correct we must rise against this unfortunate govt. For over 50yrs the nigerian govt has failed in all its responsibilities towards the nigerian citizen. Nigrerians have to resort to fending for themselves by buying generators to provide electricity, employing meguards & OPCs for security, boreholes & dispensers for water, buying SUVs for bad roads, paying whooping sums for telecommunication provided by private companies, buying private expensive estates, paying whooping sums for private schools. The only thing nigerians enjoy from the govt is the so called “subsidy”. If the federal govt pretends that they intend to use the said subsidy to provide the basic social amenities mentioned above, then, it is certainly an insincere move. We should decentralise nigeria as the federal govt has failed the nigerian citizen for over 50yrs. Even if new refineries are built or they repair the old ones, they will certainly fail. We need to move nigerians for a revolution, let us call to decentralise nigeria. We are ready to move with you on friday! Thank you.

  189. Reblogged this on @lissnup.

  190. Opeoluwa Ogunbanwo · · Reply

    Beautiful piece! But people are already buying at 140-200 and this is likely to have adversed effect on the proposed rally as some are already going their normal business charging exhorbitant charges. I’ll suggest a pro-active approach NOW to effectively monitor and start this protest right now. Friday is just 3 days away but we need to act now. Delay may be dangerous!

  191. mercy Anozie · · Reply

    Its time we open our eyes nd c that this politicians don’t care a bit for,who cud hav blived that our jona will b unreasonable nd inconsiderate,we have to stand for wat we believe in nd fight for our ryt we will not go to work or skull untill,fundamental Human right is d most important part of our constitution nd we will force d president to give us our right. FUEL SUBSIDY MUST BE RETURNED or ds country will hav no peace.we will match nd protest untill they return it.

  192. Eche Asuzu · · Reply

    Azeenah, by way of information, there is no law in Nigeria that makes it mandatory for anyone to apply to the police for permit to stage a rally. As a matter of fact, the Appeal Court has thrown that colonial mantra as far into the Atlantic Ocean as it can get…so I urge every Nigerian to hit the streets and OCCUPY till Fuel price returns to normal…

  193. MUBYMARSHAL · · Reply

    Dis is ryt,we need change 2 move on!!

  194. I am sorry, I do not believe in this fight. I will rather, we hold our leaders to account with respect to the use of the proceedsm let’s stop kidding ourselves and think we can get different results if we keep behaving the same way, subsidy.

  195. Anche Jr · · Reply

    Completely in support of the rally and d impeachment proposal. This man obviously has no plan or forsight to move this country forward. See the kind of reforms he has been proposing; tenure elongation, subsidy removal and all other nonsense… All followed by with serious criticism by the entire nation. If he cant make anything better, dont make it worse. Go back to your village and continue your teaching

  196. Isibor esther · · Reply

    Thank Ў☺ΰ̲̅ Fø̲̣̣я̅ the information God bless our effort i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ making our country a better one Fø̲̣̣я̅ ourselves Α̲̅πϑ our generation †Φ come Amen

  197. We can all do this nys plan letis make it a reality, the law agents should b on our side nt gel

  198. mohammed hassan mohammed · · Reply

    Allah is the living witness baza muyafeba Allah yaisa!!

  199. favour ferdnand · · Reply

    Yes, this sure is a well planned strategy. But we must alwys remember that all these emerged frm bribery and corruption…wht more can u expect frm a currupt government that doesn’t care if its pple lives or die. Right from d day he was sworn to office, I persived bad governance. But we can still put a stop to this.

    During d time of Abacha, fuel increment ws raised to #90, but due to protests n rally, it ws brought down. Obasanjo reduced it to #65. This is d first time in d history of nigeria dat fuel has been increased to 141,aira per litre. We must protest against dis before pple gets used to buying it at dat rate.

    I am whole heartedly in support of dis. Peacefully or violently, we nid our gud will back. I love Nigeria, its my country n we live in it so we must make it beta. We must seize dis moment to show d so called government dat we r actually d government. Thanks for dis.

    God bless Nigeria!!!

    1. Point of correction. Obasanjo raised the price of petroleum a few times. It was late President Musa Yar Adua that reduced the price from President Obasanjo’s 70 to 65 naira.

  200. handsomespecie · · Reply

    Remove fuel subsidy for continual peace bcos some greedy politicians won’t allow it work….

  201. Well it is up to us to act now or chicken out α̲̅πϑ we suffer forever… α̲̅πϑ our children… α̲̅πϑ our children children!!

  202. Bengate · · Reply

    Supported… Gbam!

  203. adefehintola · · Reply

    Am so glad that we are truly seeing the light at this moment and united we must stand to fight this government cos we just can’t watch them take away food from our table. The level of poverty in this nation is enough. We need to stand up for our right and this is the time. So help us God.

  204. kemmy Gobii · · Reply

    Position of my country,Nigeria i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ dis 21century!!!!

  205. amina madaki · · Reply

    Let prove 2 them we are truely nigerians and we know our right.so we can do anything to get our right back….

  206. I just wish to point out a point,(haha) sory for that, u c TIME and EVENTS are detaminants of action,d country is at a time of great tension, protesting now could open d doors for oda tins, boko haram may match with u to get an optunity to exsecute an intention thereby giving u a different image,secoundly protest or rally creats agitation mixed with tenced crowd result to violence,u cannot control such crowd-sincerely i saw wat happnd in d eastern world ok leaders left(at least few of them) but the nation is undefine still, time n event may be now is not just the right time for that event

  207. Superb article!…am down n ready!…’Iyalaya jona!’

  208. Together we stand to move nigeria to its rightful position.

  209. Olumide · · Reply

    Hi, having read your point about the planned protest, one question I want to ask is that ‘the protest in question is it against removal of subsidy on fuel consumption or removal of subsidy on fuel production’. It is in history that in 1979 Ex President Shehu Shagari introduce fuel subsidy in our nations budget but the subsidy was diverted into personal pocket past govt. Buhari,Babaginda,Abacha,Abdulsalam etc all budgeted for fuel subsidy which was never implemented,the so called organised labour protested about this subsidy matter no result,why do you want to call out Nigerians to protest against removal of subsidy on fuel consumption rather protest against past leaders that have looted our nation via subsidy rather than grounding the nation to a halt your approach is not a solution created 33 years ago, Am also aware that it takes 2 to 3 years to build new refineries, let’s get it right President Jonathan did not creat the problems @ hand our past leaders did, it is better for us to start the year on a note like this & have a better ending in 2015,let Nigeria be @ peace.

    1. Zeenatu · · Reply

      What happened to all the reserve money left by Obasanjo and Yar Adua? Jonathan spent it all! As fo Buhari, no living being has ever found him to be corrupt. Just the other day after the supreme court upheld Jonathan’s victory, he described Buhari as incorruptable. No matter what we think about a person, we owe it to our self to be honest about it and to find the truth and historical background that way we can all move forward. No sentiments, no lies one united Nigeria.

  210. wel js t b aware dat boko haram ar everywhr.

  211. boko haram oh.lets b careful

  212. Finally, the beginnings of a plan. I’ve been asking for one since morning. Many singular unlinked protests won’t help anyone. A unified plan needs to be made. So happy u wrote this. We also need to look at the bigger picture. This is much more than the subsidy. We need to fight for a just government. One that considers the people first.

  213. is it okay for us to sleep with wives,girlfriends and daughters of public oficials in protest? their wailing and moaning shall serve as a protest tool 😀

    1. I agree with you die my brother..you know the way forward. this is still the most constructive thing i’ve seen in a while. the Force be with you

  214. Peaceful protests never achieve positive results in Nigeria. We do not need a dialogue, WE NEED RESULTS. Our lives v not improved in the past decade…from one sh*t †Φ another. T-fare has increased by 200percent, price of food has gone up, people r loosing their lives and there’s little hope left. The government has †Φ PAY…this is just beginning of the end.

  215. lanre lawani · · Reply

    Treat us right

  216. my view is that mos t of us in d suburbs may not b able 2 engage d strugle unless it has become serious in the biger states. Pls reply

  217. engr Adedoyin A T · · Reply

    It a good one

  218. it is stated above that Mr President has said he is willing to risk civil disobedience…
    d govt is probly ready 4 wat eva misconducts citizens r goin to endulge in , & all violent demonstrations will b futile. a peaceful demonstration is apparently d best way out. But here’s d question: “how Many Nigerians are willing to support a peaceful demonstration from inception till the end?” & even if we do protest peacefully, wat guarantee do we have dat d govt’l listen???

  219. Agbolade Oluwaseyi Olaseni Adebakin · · Reply

    I am completely in support of this,and I’ve said from start of this subsidy talks that this will be the turn around to better and the best of our wonderful and blessed nation! Pls send the precise time and venue for this protests. God Bless Us,God Bless Nigeria,Amen….

  220. Ezeh CK · · Reply

    YES. WE CAN!!!!

  221. God bless you for this write up. Its a struggle against the oppressors and by the special grace of God we will conquer them. Like you wrote we need to plan not to fail. The God that remove Abacha is still alive.

  222. AS E DEY HOT!!! i hope we dnt mess this up,cuz if we do we mite be too weak from poverty to do anthing about it in the future

  223. Reenie Obe · · Reply

    Hmm,may God help us all. with one mind,we can do this,stocked up my kitchen already. thanks for this piece. God bless you.

  224. Yaya Abubakar · · Reply

    wat Eva Goodluck

  225. Looks like a thorough plan.But my concern is that it is not good enough to make plans.They have to be put to work.Action is what is needed and a quick one too!

  226. elaigwu isaac ugbabe · · Reply

    There is no going back on this planned protest. Or else we are doomed. Jonathan is devils gift to Nigeria. But this is democracy, and he must be thought that power is derived from the poeple.

  227. jay omoba · · Reply

    It is high time we started thinking outside the box. Subsidy removal might seem profitable in the long run but in the now we cannot stand and fold our hands only to be beaten by those we voted in. GEJ is the scourge of nigerian history.

  228. Concern Nigeria · · Reply

    Pls no need for this, cos there can never be a peaceful protest in a country that is not united. The uprising of the Boko Haram in the north is enough to show us that the muslim and d christain brother can not come together for a peaful protest, I see it as an organized public fight against each other. Let’s look for ways forward. Let’s look at what d Subsidy reinvestment board is going to do with d funds which the President is putting in their care.

  229. This is very enlightening and it is by far the most resonable thing to do

  230. I’m solidly in support of this protest brother.It’s time to say Enough is Enough to this tyrannical government disguised as Democracy.

  231. anonymous · · Reply

    Even if we do dis,dey have made der choice der is noting we can do.na baba God get us now ooo.but trust me der r evil eggs amongst di gud eggs.so let just home dat pple will respond 2 dis kind of protest

  232. balogun ahmed · · Reply

    This is wat we need as a country now,coming together to fight for wat is right.

  233. Agbaosi Gloria · · Reply

    We can win this battle.we must stand 2geda…good suggestion!

  234. I strongly agree with Bubu.If president Goodluck Jonathan is scared of addressing the Boko Haram issue,its very sad if he insists to risk civil disobedience by removing fuel subsidy.Its definitely the right time for Nigerians to fight for what rightfully belong to them.Out of all the OPEC states,Nigeria’s fuel price is the highest.Haba mr.president,we all thought you were once on the street and you know what Nigerians r going through.Wanka shege!!!

  235. okwuadigbo I. K · · Reply

    we can do this. The pressure is on them “govt” now but most essencially we need unity of Purpose. U hv our support frm Abia,we re liftinng this Quest over here.

  236. Barr. Bassey Nkanang · · Reply

    I am fully in support of this and I’m confident that those insincere bunch of Nigerians at Abuja will scamper . . .

  237. oni adebimpe o · · Reply

    We are in these together!TOGETHER. WE STAND!DIVIDED WE FALL

  238. If our president can say he is ready to risk civil disobedience then how far do you think they can go. I Love ur gr8 idea nd I support it totally but we really need to be careful. GOD HELP US

  239. u do well jare!

  240. Brilliant enough to incite and educative enough to ignite.

  241. Charles Atake · · Reply

    In Edo state & ready 2 mobilise. We must do d right thing which is standing up 4 what is right. Feed in all d infos required.

  242. Hi

  243. sealbaba · · Reply

    This is a very good idea, bur let’s rememba dat ‘illiterates’ (permit me to use dat word) wud join d protest…ow do u intend 2 control deir behaviours? Nd more importantly u can’t jst throw anybody into d streets, if u can’t get some important figures in d society 2 support u, d govt wud jst tk u as a joke nd notin wud come out of dis….finally wen d govt decides 2 dialogue, who wud represent d ppl?! More tinkin nd plannin shud b done bur I must say dis is a very gud start….God bless

  244. I think its time we begin to question the roles of our elected representatives in the house of representatives and senate, they are there to protect our interest and if they are not going to stand for us the masses and put a halt on this fuel subsidy then its high time we recall them back, different constituencies in d federation should summon back their representatives and voice out our feelings for them to go back and take a stand after all its us from d constituencies they r meant to serve and not d federal government.

  245. Why are we still making life worth leaving for ourselves?we talk on child abuse,boko harams,subsidy,vision 20 zero et all,we have forgotten that God has been experimenting to us all wAy back b4 Abacha regime & even after Abachas regime;we all kniw how God Almighty intervened not to talk of how Moammar Ghaddafi died mysteriously in a shameful way &the likes of death awaiting you leaders of doom.I still maintain the WORD that God will take over & we shall have rest of mind more than you people,I don’t even know whom,where,why & when I’m saying all this but God wil still be God no matter what so if you like you have a change of Hearts b4 God becomes angry with you all & I know that you will all hear God within 72hours from today;a word is enough for the wise

  246. Olayiwola · · Reply

    Good! I support this. We can’t allow them to take our rights from us. We can’t be cheated.

  247. Charles Atake · · Reply

    We must resist this monsters. The idiot gets .9billlion 2 feed & pays 18k wage. Infact he is mad & must be stopped!

  248. Ajibola · · Reply

    I have few questions:

    #1: Do you have a car and can you afford the to pay #141 per liter?
    #2: Can you afford three square meal?

    If yes.

    Then you are not considering the poor at all…
    What is their hope till 6th eh?

    Have a look at some peoples standard of living and tell me if they can afford to wait 1 day!


    1. Williams Charles O · · Reply

      What has gotten us to this state in this country is the “suffering and smiling syndrome” Far away in Egypt during their protest,mostly poor came out to partook in it. It is people like you who make these kind of process very unsuccesful with your comments, if i double check you are very comfortable. SACRIFICE is we need. people are ready to make that violent change if need be. You need to be on the street yesterday where i encountered kids of like 3 to 5 years chanting “This must stop” “Goodluck must go” “Tell them to open our schools” that is the spirit. If you cant join thetrain of people who want change then shut your trap!

  249. Gud concept. But how do we get the leaders or controllers of this our unanimous protest against fuel’ subsidy removal. I’m highly interested in order for us to achieve our aim! i reside in port harcourt and can mobilize my friends, relatives etc for this peaceful and tactical protest! Cheers

  250. Well written. Its important to obey the constitutional stipulations for carrying out a protest/rally and ensure we are peaceful in our fight for justice, only then can we plead our case and get what we want!

  251. free man junior · · Reply

    Nice but we need 2 back it up wit prayers. If nothing is done now, only God can tell wat will happen 2 dis nation.

  252. If we can be dis unite and organized that the subsidy should remain while the Govt invest the next 2-3 years on refineries then lets stage the protest but no peaceful protest has yielded any good result on the African soil. Late Sage Awolowo ” a time will come when the masses will fight for themselves” maybe its now?

  253. habilah · · Reply

    I’m ready for anything you people want τ̅☺ do.

  254. Anas kurya · · Reply

    Am realy in support of dis peacefull demonstration, this government has shown to the people that it has no respect its people since it can risk civil disobediant to remove fuel subsidy. Why dont the government cut down the re-current expenditure of the president, vice, senators and top government officials. Instead is the fuel subsidy that the poor masses benefited. So pls lets come out on friday and have a peaceful demonstration all over the country. Thanx.

  255. Well said but organised labour needs to get the buy in of NURTW so as to ground at least 80% of transportaion activities. If this is not done, I won’t have any excuse for not being at work and thus will not be able to join the protest.

  256. hassana · · Reply

    I like this idea but I think friday is not a good day to start especially in kaduna. Peace here is still fragile because of the post election violence. People may use this opportunity to turn this protest into a religious or ethnic one. Anyway we pray that the subsidy will be returned by His grace amin

  257. olanihun oluwatosin (DR) · · Reply

    Truly d government is not ready for us! We ve to come togeda as one for dem to know dt we are. Serious. Other countries have done it we can do it and our country must br retrieved from the oppressors. We are all in this. Aluta continua, victory is certain. Remember the hike in school fees in lagos state and other issues. May God grant us success

  258. Martins · · Reply

    we must make up our mind if we wnt change n i belive dis is d time

  259. elochukwu · · Reply

    This is the first time a well coarsed and cordinated civil demostration is being organised. I just pray that social miscreants doesn’t take advantage of this exercise.

  260. Nice plan though a bit misguided. Your plan agrees with the removal of the subsidy but only after refineries are built (that’ll be by 2015). That aside, it’s not possible to have a non-violent protest in Nigeria. At least, not with the kind of people you are recruiting. People need proper orientation. Via government spent millions for public awareness of their plan, yet most Nigerians have not been reached. You only have the electronic means for mobilization. Please don’t be responsible for the wanton loss of lives and properties. Plan better!

  261. Ola Leonard · · Reply

    At long last,the time has come. We need to stand up Nigeria. Time to fight for our rights. Enough of the slavery in our own motherland. The time is now!!!God bless Nigeria.

  262. emery ibie · · Reply

    I’m totally in support. I’m a lawyer and I commend the use of lawful means to make our grievances felt. However I’ll suggest in other for our rally not to be hijacked by hoodlums and political thugs like they did with our lekki toll protest, we should have a colour code to wear during the protest to show solidarity so even those who for fear of coming out can be part of us. I’ll also suggest we use the opportunity to address such injustices as Asuu, Lasu fees hike and illegal tolls in Lagos. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  263. Good plan, I’m short of words cos its so annoying d@ d same idiots d@ said they had no shoes are d one collecting the little one we are patching. If u like broadcast my name and email, I’m not afraid of any of them. This is the time d so called suicide bombers should strike. Bunch of devils, are they happy now d@ d price of everything has sky rocketed, it pains me so much cos I’m a graduate but I don’t have a job to assist my hubby. Jonathan is a demon, no wonder he always succeed his predecessors under bad condition,something has to happen to them for him to take over. Now he want to pay back to the devil and he want to put us all in starvation. I support d strike, Nupeng shld ensure no supply of fuel to Aso villa, Nepa should shut down supply of power to Aso villa. Aluta Continua

  264. Yea we can go through this plan and do it .. Even if it takes our lives … We the leader and the feature is here and we the leader .. Let’s win it now

  265. Dera Igwe · · Reply

    Yes. Nice plan. By the Grace of God who will empower us, we will achieve victory.

  266. Mohd Jibo Jega · · Reply

    I support d motion…
    I remember in d past, FG cannot do anything in d country witout d aproval of Students bt can dat b say of Nigerian Students 2day?

  267. I already lyk d spirit.Wit prayers nd a peaceful demonstratn such as dis tins are bound 2 change 4 gud.Its bout tym!

  268. uyigue uyinmwen · · Reply

    No pains no gains. We have to think of how we can put in our own sacrifices to move the nation forward.well meaning Nigerians should embrace the removal of fuel subsidy and pray the proceed are fully utilized instead of calling for war

  269. donhugoo · · Reply

    We must make the choice to take a chance and effect the desired change in Nigeria.

  270. joeyparker · · Reply

    Very sensible. Very.

  271. I do hope u knw that grantin of dis permits/ licence íڪ at the discretion of the force nd d way i see it dis pple re jonathan’s puppets nd d chances of getting a permit to assemble looks really slim.

  272. bode usuv · · Reply

    As much as I am moved by d optimism been shown here, plz let’s not forget dat the government aren’t the only ones tryin to bring down the roof on our heads: I am talking boko haram. Now a mass protest where a huge mass of diverse Nigerians are gathered at one single spot will be a perfect target for them. The impact of a bomb blast in our midst will be massive and will effectively kill off any dreams we may be having of bringing government back to their sense. And we all know Boko haram do not discriminate in their evil bloody fiestas. Worst of all people will not know who did it, and their will be a strong tendency for lashing out back at the government en masse which the government will have no choice but to retaliate. Full scale war if u catch my drift. And boko would have succeeded in setting this country back another hundred years. So please how can we ensure total security for this event? To be frank, as of now, nothing comes to mind. A mass protest now will be a potential double-edged sword. Why don’t we consider a safer alternative? Like a total boycott sit-at-home-protest by everyone in every state? Anyone? Please? It hurts that they have managed to box us in…pity.

  273. Excellent plan! But I most add that in addition to requesting for the govt to build refineries. We most also demand for reduction in the salaries and wages of political office holders. They cannot be asking Nigerians to make sacrifice when they are not sacrificing.

  274. Brilliant Article! we can do this….
    Bt any tym wasted can’t be regained ooh!

  275. i want to share the link but i fail to do .why?????

  276. Azubike · · Reply

    This is a beautiful plan my brother. But majority of the people who will be affected will not see this to read.
    @ bubu, I totally agree with you. The complacency of Nigerians is what has brought us to this point. Why didn’t we riot when the decision was made to import petrol and other crude oil derivatives. It’s now it has gotten so bad for us we are reacting. If we don’t do it now, we will get used to it and that’s the sad truth…..
    However, we are in a fix because Nigeria is gradually getting bankrupt and the subsidy will eventually be removed someday. Now, is just not the right time for the masses. If we are going to suffer we have to suffer as a nation. The senators, house of reps member, governors must be strip to off their allowances to a certain extent. We can’t suffer alone!!!
    The real question that needs answers is are we united enough?

  277. What does Salim know about oil that comes from the Niger Delta

  278. i honestly agree with you bubu, wonderful plan all the same

  279. afolabi olukayode · · Reply

    I am strongly in support of the rally infact I want revolution to take place .Goodluck has failed nigerians and I believe its times to get all these oil businessmen out of the helms of affairs .PDP is not a nigerian friendly party they are group of corrupt oil merchants that want survive at the expenses of nigerians.we need to do something and very fast

  280. dami dominic · · Reply

    who is gudluck’s advicer for heaven’s sake. I think mr president has been brainwashed! he is obviously incapable.

  281. duru john k · · Reply

    I will join u guys I love this bcos if we didn’t do it, the will take us as fules

  282. Peaceful protests has never worked. Its either d subsidy is reinstated or there noting else. No dialogue cos it has never worked and it will not work. #OccupyNigera #FuelSubsidy

  283. dis is all heading 4 doom…protest and strike is nt wise..why nt give the govmnt a chance ?

  284. Akinwale Olawale · · Reply

    I knew it. I saw it coming! I knew the “unfortunately lucky” Jona will mess this country up. He has got the worst records in the history of this great nation. He is the most insensible and insensitive President we ever had. Why can’t he use the same skull he used in deciding the subsidy removal to think of renovating one or two of the refineries. He messed us up and reduced the masses to nothingness by saying he is “ready to risk civil disobedience”. This man is so uncultured with his utterances and has no good leadership training for all I care! We have no reason(s) to wait till Friday before turning his government upside-down! The plans are good and delay they say defeats equity. He felt he caught us unawares,so he deserves same surprise! Aluta continua,victoria ascerta!

  285. Folashade · · Reply

    This Ȋ̊§ a G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅ decision, at least the Government will know that its not easy for an average man to. Survive talkless of the poor.

  286. Huzaifa Jega · · Reply

    How cold hearted and arrogant Jonathan must be to go on ahead with this plan! There were so many ways out as regards the deregulation of the downstream petroleum sector but the FGN chose the one that will cause untold hardship to the already miserable Nigerian populace and for this, we should not only ask for the reinstatement of the fuel subsidy but also the impeachment of the president for he has abdicated his responsibilities as president.

  287. I commend U̶̲̥̅̊ guys for this sensible move, every move must be properly planned. This govt will be banking on the age long practice of quenching the demonstrations with violence by the security forces. Any attempt to play into their hands with an unplanned, uncoordinated protest will be met with total force. He (GEJ) is prepared for mass action.

  288. Bilyamin Ibrahim fagge · · Reply

    I’m very interested

  289. alawiyya · · Reply

    We are doing this because we are concerened about Nigeria. We must make independent National policies not depend on foreing decisions being made for us

  290. We re doing wat d oil marketers re expectining from us…dy should be d taget of dis protest….cos according to d figures d price fuel shouldn’t be as high as it is subsidy or no subsidy…. D filling stations and and all oil depor should be closed down and forced to sell @ d normal rate

  291. YEYE PEOPLE · · Reply


  292. hafeez iliyasu · · Reply

    I don’t believe with ur ideology, u speak as if u are not a Nigerian. Pls keep ur ideology to ur self bcos it will never work.

  293. Nice write up. I like! This is the way to go, I’ll certainly broadcast.

  294. Oyinkan B · · Reply

    I agree with this post as I have always said this will be a better option. However 2 or 3 days is a short period of time to educate the masses and convince people not to go to work as well as gathering all the food we might need. You forget that not everyone will be able to survive if this goes on an on without an end date in sight. So maybe food drives for the poor. Just an idea. To make things bearable for those who this will cause undue hardship to. I am proposing a week. At the end of the day we want this to work and not just collapse because people need money to buy food.

  295. Jide Tiwo · · Reply

    I appreciate your concern for a legalistic approach, while I do not preach illegality by the civil group, you should no that ideals are ideals in ideal situations. We will be wrestling with institutions designed to further the interests of its masters.

  296. RappaTek · · Reply

    I Support your calling and I’ve forwarded it to as many people as possible but they are trying to cut off our Networks, How Do we continue to spread the word?

  297. Lumenze Chukwu · · Reply

    An excellent way to kick start the Fuel subsidy withdrawal reversal. The enlightenment is on! Kudos!

  298. Maurice · · Reply

    Wonderful plan. I am set to go all the way. We have been considered slaves in our land and ruled by clueless men, who are not even as educated as we are. This is the time to act and if the authorities seem to want to bully anybody, we will face them squally. Please, if this protest seems to go out of hand because of any reason, i want everyone to head for the airports and make sure the airports are grounded, no plane leaves the country, they will face the music. If Ghadaffi fell, they can also fall.

  299. vande kwaghfan · · Reply

    my people the gud people of nigeria, they say justice delayed is justice denied. Let us do it now b4 our people get us to 141 and if forces loyal to goodluck are ready to fight then we are waiting 4 them. This is our country, if we don’t fight today, our children will be slaves in their country tomorrow.

  300. Oluwapelumi · · Reply

    Honestly, I can say this is exactly how we should go about it… I am sharing this right about now and I hope other people will do the same.. We can’t just sit on our behind and keep complaining. I have never voted before need not mention, protesting but this one, I will be active part of it.. And please keep us informd as per mobilization…

  301. We need a color. I think white or red.
    We should also get a lawyer/a profession to write said letter to police, government, etc. It would be best to have a generic one posted online, so that all protest organizers just need to simply download it and fill out the street address. We need to post a guideline on how to protest peacefully posted online too.

    1. bode usuv · · Reply

      Green and white shirts! The mix-up of d crowd will create the greenwhitegreen effect!

  302. How can our government be soo insensitive,how can they be thinking of importing policies without its attendant preparations,how can the president elected by people say that he is ready to risk civil disobrdience? Why should people be this callous. I believe inthis protest,have never joined one before,but wil join this.

  303. I do not agree with diz it will not be effective to the level dat FG will come down to our demands why do we hav to do it diz way ar u sent to make the protest n pple whiling to join to get weak ? Sorry I dnt buy diz idea

  304. Edison E. · · Reply

    Great ideal, flowing with my desire. Praying that govt. Don’t use hoodlums to destabilize this lofty plan.

  305. Gidado B. · · Reply

    Very useless leaders am supporting d protest to last of my blood and am ready to join d protesters even if it is three people I’ll join them.

  306. Olumide Taiwo · · Reply

    Sincerely my problem is not the increase in the price as the timing couldn’t have been worse. Secondly I am ready to take a bet with anybody that all this subsidy removal et al will not lead us anywhere. If we as Nigerians agree to bear this pain for even one year it will all come to nothing. This government is made up of people with theories and nobody with practical solutions to the myriad of problems facing the country. If you take a survey of people in Lagos you will find out that not everybody has a car, motorcycle or even bicycle. However everybody buys petrol because NEPA is an albatross. We need our generators to work and sleep soundly. Now tell me how many litres would be available for cars if power was available for only 18 hours daily. Please let’s come together and fight this issue now. OBJ told us then that if petrol was sold at N80 he would have completely removed subsidy. Only the milk of human kindness in Late Yar adua brought the price to N65. Now we are been asked to purchase same for N141. God please I don’t want to curse people.

  307. I reckon a peaceful demonstration would make a difference. You can’t argue with a madman; returning his abusive words cos they won’t be able to differentiate btw both parties; my 2 cents…

  308. I reside in Abeokuta. How do I participate?

  309. R u sure the labour will nt agree with the plead of goodluck. If we can unite nd pray with God by our side we wil make it happen becos thngs r nt funning at all.

  310. Ademola jaye · · Reply

    this is the only thing we can do to rescue our gene
    ration from all this clueless leaders.and unborn generation.and am sure God will help us through.

  311. Yeah,am fully in support of this cos dis govt has taken nigerians for a fool for too long.the NLC and d TUC shuold pls nt dialogue with the govt as called by jonathan badluck.

  312. Lets do this…

  313. korede eniolorunda · · Reply

    it is well with nigeria

  314. Nice article!But if serious & reasonable action is not been taken on time or delayed,Nigerians may end up not demonstrating because we easily adapt, especially to adverse conditions.

  315. Bakare Olushola · · Reply

    Enough talking this is time to act.

  316. OFOREHCLASSICS · · Reply

    Errrm am sorry I don’t go with this ther should be no due process because this govt hasn’t proved they are worthy of being ‘due processed’ at all a govt that can merely organise itself mcheww please no notices should be given to em storm the places jorr ama protezt in ma own way OVER and OUT!

  317. Sweetdaddie_D · · Reply

    We can actually do this!!!

  318. Bunch of holy crap…I say we demonstrate now and when labour joins in we demonstrate more!

  319. Olopade Mayowa · · Reply

    I was beginning to despair, but after reading this, my resolve is firmer than ever. It’s time we Nigerians stood for ourselves. I’m ashamed 2 say I was 1 of d pple who spouted d “I’m voting for GEJ not PDP”…..never again will I allow myself to be swayed by religious and tribal sentiments.. However, unfortunately, the price of freedom is blood. There is no way some form of violence won’t have to come in. We are going 2 have to face armed security forces @ some point because the government is going to try to intimidate us: that much I believe is a forgone conclusion. One need only look @ d countries of the Arab Spring to understand this. People are going to be injured…..probably even killed. I only hope GEJ backs down before it gets to that point. As for pple like Okonjo-Iweala and other agents of World Bank and IMF neo-colonialism…….May the Good Lord continue to bless them. I would also like to volounter and know if there’s anything I can help with. I can be reached on 08074877801 or 08100016635

  320. urunkle · · Reply

    maybe we need to take a look at things like this article:

    to help us articulate our demands, the govt isn’t being upfront and the issue goes beyond the ‘subsidy’

  321. God Bless Nigeria.

    But we have to work (or refuse to work) for it!

  322. We are doomed!

  323. Adebayo Jamiu · · Reply

    Please, don’t delay this process and no compromise. Thanks

  324. bashir jibril · · Reply

    Any increament on a commodity affcets the final consumer. Tell me how can we cope in a situation where by your daily expenditure increases by 100% while your salary or income is still the same.
    This is unhuman. We say NO to any kind of dictatorship.
    Nigerians must wake up. This is 21st Century for God sake.

  325. Ebinepre Eyidongha · · Reply

    very good and bold step this is..as i write i have already mobilizied 22 persons that has also mobilized more than i have done.. God bless nigeria

  326. I do not think people necessarily go out with the desire to foment trouble but very frequently the so-called security agents resort to violence because they think its the only way to restore order. In some instances they are actually ORDERED to use violent means to suppress protesters. Also, you can’t completely overlook the possibility of undesirable elements masquerading as protesters to loot stores and vandalise property, public and private alike. It happens even in the most ‘civilised’ and developed of societies. So, while i absolutely commend this call to action and all it stands for, the practicability is what leaves me in doubt.

  327. Ambrose · · Reply

    Nice write up! Real revolutionary drive and protests are not this organised as you picture here. Was Egypt,Tunisia,Libya and Syria protests this organised? No! It was borne out of genuine desire for change which we are not ready for. Nigerians have prepared and anticipated this decision by FGN for months and so I will not say the announcement is sudden or we were caught unaware by FGN. We would have organised this your plan in anticipation and publish it so all Nigerians and even security forces will be aware of our stand so we can implement immediately the announcement was made. Before Friday Nigerians would have got used to buying with the new rates and accepted it. Note that every time fuel price was increased it was usually double the old price and it sticks. Much as I do not believe in violence, I wish all luck on this struggle but I know most nigerians are cowards!

  328. One day Nigeria will get there,I jst want u all to knw dat Nigeria is nt d worstest country so far bt need abit of attension on our leader and our youths.No matter where we are,where we live in another country Nigeria is our home.Am proud to be a Nigeria even wen I lived in somewhere else

  329. Umar Gezawa · · Reply

    Brilliant article, I agree wit olugbemi the NASS should comment impeachment proceedings

  330. preye drssman · · Reply

    This is nt the right thing to do protest, my simple advice is that this group should sensitive and mobilise nigerians about the advantages of the removal of subsidy ,any attempt to do otherwise may nt augur well for our economy,the truth is that u are nt more informed like the managers of our economy ,I am affacted like u but don’t u see sense in there augument , let’s remove emotion and sentiment out of this ,if we continue like this this country may nt make any progress thank u i

  331. We ready coz we are 99% and they are 10%. Victory is certain by GOD grace……..

  332. I absolutely agree with Bubu n Olugbemi. Look @ Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, black america, south, south africa. They dint negotiate with the govt owned security, they simply mobilize themselves against them. Jonathan n his security forces r toothless infact they’r cowards. We will occupy d streets, defy d corrupt men in uniform, push for a genuine reform, flush out d cabal frm Aso rock to d chambers. We will not relent until we win.
    U see, violence is not d issue, mobilisation is our focus.

  333. george adeleye adeniran · · Reply


  334. Chucx i Chucx · · Reply

    How are we sure the Labour Union will not chicken out after a few presidential meetings at the Villa kitchen? if d govt earns 3 billion by this removal and ends up spending it a a wasted value due to high prices what sense have they made? if i have to pay double the fuel price so that the govt can make new roads, what then happens to the money they earlier budgeted for road maintenance?

  335. 9aiz 1! God help us.

  336. Beautiful plan but only in a civilised society. When has peaceful protest ever moved our governments? The only way to salvage our future and that of our children is to be violent against the ruling class and possibly eliminate them. I need a gun!

  337. Nura gwadabe kontagora · · Reply

    Infact that is what is expected from all nigerians. Am ever ready to per take nd mobilise others.

  338. I fully support the idea of coordinated and peaceful protest. Keep up the good work.

  339. I can see u guys are looking for a way to gather soo many innocent people and bomb them again…I don’t blame the fools commenting about protesting,if ur sister had died during this bombings I bet u womt be talkn rubish…nigeria is a mess and ure here talkn abt fuel….instead of u to talk of the lives of the innocent. that died on 24th dec 2011 u are talkn rubish….they will just kill all of u during that rally abi protest…its better safe than sorry,there are many ways to protest wtout givin ure selfs up to this crazy bombers….we can all stay back at home,no work ,no market..nothing,we don’t need to risk our lives…

  340. preye drssman · · Reply

    Yes no trust no relationship ,but for long shall we continue like this ,labour has alluded that the augument from government is superior ,there fear is trust,was Goodluck in government in the past ,if the answer is no then let’s give him.a chance

  341. The MOST important thing is for this CABAL thing destroyed. If this movement work,of which it will, it will be the best thing ever in this country.

  342. JIBRIL S AUDI · · Reply

    We r in full support already mobilising our youth here

  343. isah abbas · · Reply

    I smell victory; all for one, one for all. One Nigeria!

  344. Hothead · · Reply

    After a long and;mostly,enjoyable walk from the NLC office at Yaba(lagos) to Gani Garden at Ketu I also came to the conclusion that we need more people out doing the same.Even with a pocket of people(bout 200-300) we were able to “peacefully” grind traffic to a halt on the Ikorodu Express Road,passing a message that we need other Nigerians to suffer for their rights or suffer for someone else’ scheme. One man is all that is need and that one man could be you.Pls Nigerians let’s take back our country once and for all!!!!!! Power to the masses.

  345. ibrahim adedeji · · Reply

    Maybe dis so called politician think nigeria can be turned into a football zone, absolutely nothing is working in nigeria . . Reinstall subsidy, build refinery, then we can now talk about subsidy removal . . . God bless nigeria . . .

  346. ochuko ogbor · · Reply

    We have to stand and say no to government magic! “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things and issues that matters” Martin Luther King Jr.

  347. Lordfred · · Reply

    A well arranged article,going by d plan we need 2 rise 2 dis occasions nd stormed d street.

  348. Good!

  349. Lets go there. We can achieve it!

  350. Thhis is what I’ve been waaitiing for. Lonng live *NG* .

  351. This is a beautiful plan and if all Nigerians join hands together at d same time, we shall see wonders happen in our favour. God is with us. However we need to tell as many neigbhors as we can.. ORALLY.. cos a lot of people ar not ond internet to read this article… Am gonna play my part in saving Nigeria…. Would u?

  352. Elujoba · · Reply


  353. Dino Meleye · · Reply

    Fellow Nigerians…dont be fooled. This writeup was published by the media adviser to the dumbo president.
    They want to play our game for us. Nigerians will get used to buying fuel at 150naira on friday.
    Take to the streets first thing tomorrow. Our main target are the cabal: iweala, dumbo, diezeni and “pless umblella”.
    Some of us can die for nigeria.

    1. Dr Sobowale R A · · Reply

      I totally agrEe with Hon. Dino Melaye its time things begin to work right in this country. I pity the generations yet unborn these people want to “chop & quench” this country. I feel very sad when I can’t explain why somethings are just being to M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ 2yr old daughter. Its a sorry case let’s fight this to an end and come to think of it these failures enjoyed the best of this country. Pls ask them why

  354. A_Nucreed · · Reply

    Yes, we can do this. Lets all ensure to observe the above dutifully. Insha Allah, we shall overcome!

  355. my dear brodas nd sisters we shud nt stay there on still dey kill us…instead will we kill dem….gush!!! Dis is 2much

  356. DaProphet · · Reply

    Gr8 article! Dats wat shud b done. D earlier d beta…if must save dis country. United we stand, divided we fall. Lets com 2gether 2 fight 4 our right. Mr president has betrayd us & he shud b made 2 know dat. Oh, wat a shame! Nigeria must move 4ward & we say, NO 2 removal of subsidy!

  357. You re just a fool for pasting this.go to hell and burn to ashes U̶̲̥̅̊ and the foolish goodluck.did he allow us settle or read the constitution b4 giving us a new year present.you all re very foolish

  358. Aliyu m.bako · · Reply

    Dat’s right we all surpoted an let’s do it for thέ furture of our children!seems mr president has no mercy on us.

  359. Olubunmi Adaramola · · Reply

    We are saying no to subsidy removal and any attempted attempt to forced this on us then we won’t mind laying our lives down for a better
    Nigeria and any blood shed during this course shall never go in vain those concerned with this will paid by their own blood too if not now but it must surely i say sure come to past as our heroes must not labour in vain.

  360. I concour with you Olugbemi but I respectfully will want to point out that the authority cited is not IGP. V. ANNP rather it is IGP .V. ANPP (2007) 18 NWLR (pt 1066) @ 469. By God’s grace we shall be victorious in this battle to reclaim Nigeria.

  361. I hope dis isn’t one of ∂ severals we’ve heard and read….as u rightly pointed,Labour is not to b trusted….dy r hypocrites so I don’t trust dem….I’√ alwys wondered y dy strike for ∂ reduction in fuel prices rada dan ∂ rehabilitation of ∂ refineries…y dy strike for minimum wage rada dan for basic amenities and a beeta economy dt increases ∂ value of ∂ Naira…y dy even go on strikes in ∂ first place only to cal it off afta a few hrs and still strike again for ∂ same reasons….apart from ∂ fact dt dy r necessary for coalition I do nott see ∂ need for dem…AND PLEASE,LET’S B PEACEFUL…God bless Nigeria and Nigerians

  362. hey MR president…which one b ur own self!!? U wan every body to b militant…am sorry 4 u bcos south easth hv nt start thier own bcos when dey start…nigeria we b lyk hell.so u beta put tins 2geder

  363. Owoade adewale · · Reply

    We can do it al together.i fink dis is d rite tym to stop dis our govt.

  364. taye lucas · · Reply

    Am tottally in support LETS GO ONE MASSES,1 nigeria more grease to u guys .READY

  365. Real talk

  366. Nice plan. I have always been telling people that until we start to fight for our rights we will continue to suffer in this country. We are fond of leaving everything to God, God will not come down and fight for us. We are not saying they cannot remove the subsidy. Let them give us stable power, make our refineries work, create jobs, give us portable water and improve the security of lives and properties in the country. After all these have been done, they can remove the subsidy.

  367. Flourish atoju · · Reply

    This guide line were absolutely unneccesary. in a revolution the wish and will of the people is what count. already we have started seen pictures of the fuel subsidy matyres.

  368. I live in Europe and I wish I am in the country right now but I will do all I can to spread this message across to everywhere I can. I am in complete support of all that is written and suggested, it is just the most idle suggestions and this way we will WIN and they must listen to US. God bless NIGERIA

  369. Seriki Azeez · · Reply

    Way to go……

  370. mysterious · · Reply

    One dead in Ilorin. No one is keen to come out if their lives are @risk. But that which isn’t worth dying for, isn’t worth having. The earlier we pay the heavy price for freedom the better! People should think of the future &fix things in the present. The time is now. Let’s do this!

  371. Azeenarh Mohammed i applaud you for your time in putting this written plans and the necessary steps in attaining them together. well done. What can does of us Not in Nigeria at the moment do to support this movement.

    1. Joey to help me you can send money to me to use in stocking up my store with food stuff ill need for one month(as its planned that the strike action shld be for at least a month). Hope this form of assistance is ok with you.

  372. ofere Bosa · · Reply

    Nice plan,let us al common out in mass & stop d way our leaders are treating us

  373. summayah · · Reply

    Yea, I support u. We jus have 2 fight it out. Revolution is d ansa 2 naija prob.

  374. wale Adedoyin · · Reply

    Fantastic plan. May God see us through.

  375. vichloie · · Reply

    Am all in. Enough is enough.

  376. yetunde · · Reply

    Yes we will and we can. The bus boycott in America achieved a lot. We just need to be focused and determined. If they need more money they should cut their wayward 1billion naira to feed one man and use it for the benefit of the people. He will tell us whether he is there to eat and if he could afford to eat with 1million naira when he was A̶̲̥̅ miserable lecturer.

    We will not give up we will overcome.
    It happened in tunishia Libya Egypt and uprisings are starting in Senegal. We must take our futures into our hands collectively. We cannot continue to fold our arms. Do not forget brothers and sisters the urgency of Now!!!

  377. SCHOLAR · · Reply


  378. Ds s an act of brutality cos jonathan s a wicked soul

  379. zagazag · · Reply

    I’m in 4 realla….let’s protest 4 eva until dey show us the cliq/d group dats killing niger

  380. the General · · Reply

    my only incentive that will get me involve may be the oppourtunity,for the first tlme to take back my country from the hands of our oppressors-the abuja tribe,cum politicians.Believe me Buhari would have done worse.IBB did do worse, with his SAP, OBJ,institutionalsed corruption!
    Lets go take back our country #occupyNigeria Amen

  381. We are ready! Let us all join hands together to make Nigeria Better.

  382. This is the time to fight for our right.we do not have another country.Govt always take us for granted.That is why they throw shit at us.The Egyptians did it and they succeded.we too can do it.Aluta continua,victoria ascerta!!!

  383. OLANANJI ADEDIRAN · · Reply

    May God help us. By his grace we shall win…

  384. olajumoke · · Reply

    Thank God for this initiative,cos ve been boiling since mng bt d article melt ♍¥ anger…it’s ª gud plan may the lord help us all(AMEN)

  385. FBOC(Friends and Brother's Of Christ) · · Reply

    I Tell U̶̲̥̅̊ dis govt don’t give a hoot about any citizen.. U̶̲̥̅̊ mite tink he has good intentions buh with reali bad motives..what he did on Jan 1st shows hw much he is insincere…
    Since 1960 d govt has promised 4 tins:light,water,good roads and house nd no one has bin reached..Jonathan is part of dis plot 2 impoverish us
    all…Don’t be deceived..Oshiomole is a

  386. Victor Don Oshios · · Reply

    Its high time this happened. Let’s come out enmass and tell the Govt that we Nigeria, can rescue ourselves from the paw of the cabals, of which the Govt are the aiders and abaitters. I tag this ‘mother of all PEACEFUL protest’ Its now or never. This is my humble submission.

  387. Nice idea,but we av 2 be careful caused people av been killed.jst 2day a policeman was killed, jonathan nd his famiily are in aso rock probably eating 1.5 million naira food bugdeted 4 a day.he does nt buy fuel rather does his children buy fuel.so pls wen protesting let be careful and co ordinated.

  388. Victor Don Oshios · · Reply

    Its high time this happened. Let’s come out enmass and tell the Govt that we Nigerian, can rescue ourselves from the paw of the cabals, of which the Govt are the aiders and abaitters. I tag this ‘mother of all PEACEFUL protest’ Its now or never. This is my humble submission.

  389. mrs Aisha kalgo · · Reply

    Am in full surport may Almighty Allah help us

  390. sanwo adeleke anthony · · Reply

    1 objective 1 go. 1 love 1nation 1 nigeria

  391. I live at Ikorodu! I’m totally ready 4 this, pls kindly keep me update if there is any other information b4 then! We are doing this 4 our future & the children, If not now there will be no now again!!! Thank u.

  392. Miquel Obasi · · Reply

    Brilliant and a rather pragmatic incentive. If only our leaders can be as holistic in their economic approach……

  393. Osama Shittu · · Reply

    Am in.

  394. I live at Ikorodu! I’m totally ready 4 this, pls kindly keep me update if there is any other information b4 then! We are doing this 4 our future & the children, If not now there will be no now again!!! Thank u. From IKORODU LAGOS

  395. M.Khaleed · · Reply

    It has become absolutely mandatory to act..however, fellow Nigerians should put it at the front of there minds that this act is a selfless one and so must be treated with uthmost sincererity of purpose.I call on Nigerians to act responsibly so as to achieve this objective. Furthermore,Mr president has shown his incapability to do what is right in times of hardship faced by the citizens of this country so as such we no longer consider him fit to be our representative .He should honourably resign /impeached or which ever exit … We are fed-up with such incompetence! Enough is enough!!!

  396. I would be so unhappy if organised labour is not involved in this. I hope all nigerians realise that the government intends to make its citizens pay for crimes that they didn’t commit. We cannot be responsible for the inneptitude of the federal government, and the total weakness of the security along our borders. Please let everyone everywhere come out and fight this. Blood will be shared, (hopefully not), people will be hurt, but let’s all be strong! We will overcome.

  397. Voix populae;voix Dei.With one voice;one wish;we shall be one great nation under one God.Let God have his way in this struggle of ours!May God help us all!

  398. Yah right! Then the leaders get arrested or even worse bribed and that ends the protest. I give you one thing though.. you alluded to the fact – we are not ready for mass action. If we were, you wont need to be organising this. We all walk on the street demonstrating and destroying every public structure we see. Heaven knows the country needs a face lift after all. Go to the streets, my people. Go now. We have been cowed by brut-force for so long.. no more! This is our democracy. It is failing! We will not sit back and watch civilian govt, which we elected, reap us to bits the way the military did. This is our time. Nigeria stand up. Arise O’ Compatriots!

  399. Ahmad Geidam · · Reply

    We are 100percent in support and we will do as you ask us to do, fuel subsidy must be returned if not peace is over in Nigeria coz we are tired of this trangsressors. Once again fuel subsidy must be returned!!!

  400. Tom Sambo · · Reply

    Very interesting. I wish Nigerians will suspend buying fuel for a period of time as part of the protest.

  401. It is not a bad thing to stand up in defence of our birth rights. However, we must not stoop so low and do it in an animalistic manner. Nigerians should convey their anger and disappointment to Mr President in a civilized manner. Long live our collective dreams!

  402. Delta State is so backward. I’m not sure they will join the protest. Suffering and Smiling

  403. tope duncan sotubo · · Reply


  404. Yes, wen we stand 2geda we eight strong n defeated. Aluta continua. Let all oppressors be put to shame. I cant believe dt dis is d only thing Goodluck have to do in his administration. Instead to find solution to security, the education sector, refinary; he’s busy removing fuel subsidy. Has he looked into his budget? Is the subsidy not in his budget? Then, where is he going to put the money for the subsidy? Ewu, thief. Please stop calling him dr. Goodluck, an illiterate much better with that degree. This is a new year when we re suppose to be jubilation we are crying, sweating, steaming ourselves with sorrow n grieve. Smiling suffering! What a president, what a nation!

  405. ralph peters · · Reply

    I’m with every move to fight this arrogant gov’t… For heaven sake what else can a gov’t do for his people? What are we a nation for? I will suggest a violent demonstration… Let’s riot o’compatriots.

  406. biola safari · · Reply

    Well we all complain that he’snt acting,now is doing something..removal of fuel subsidy. We are now paying for their evil deed,they purposely grounded the whole refirenaries,so that they could import finish products,apart from making billions of dollars,its also a avenue to siphone billions of public funds.For a example a local farmer product a cassava,and a cost of cassava in local market is #100 per tuber,and the local GDP is $120 .A raw cassava is useless without been process into Garri,Fufu or starch,so he sold the raw cassava to the europeans,and their local GDP is $2000.They got it refined and bring back the productions don’t need to be a economist to know that its absolutely a bad way of doing business.The cost of the end product will definitely be on higher side. Why do we need to pay for their bad policies? Its wierd!
    I personally thinks its high time for a blood bath revolution.
    Our govt simply believe that the masses are fools and cowards,that we can’t do nothing,that the reason they always ditch out shit to us.Its high time we take our destiny into our hands and actually demand for what belongs to us.LONG LIVE NIGERIA!!!

  407. United we STAND!!! In ONE ACCORD we say No to FUEL SUBSIDY and the impeachment of our president who seem not to know the immediate needs of the masses. Leaving issues that are to be addressed untouched but interested in ‘Risking Civil Disobedience’ for the sake of subsidy. If we don’t cry out now then the future of this country will be jeopardised.

  408. Intelligent. I live in Ikeja and I am down for any protest, provided it’s as peaceful as possible. Plz Cc me in any of your tweets if there’s a new development. Thanks.
    Proudly Nigerian!

    PS. I am @chybuzor1 on Twitter.

  409. wale thomas · · Reply

    I believe you leaders are our parents and you do not pray for our distriuction. But with the little I see and know, I think we were never wished to be born. I see us dying of hunger, poverty, starvation and you our fathers sit watch and smile. May God help us all.

  410. Chris Chidi · · Reply

    why writing to the same authorities that want us dead? the govt on her side has violated the constitution and laws of the land by acting like a dictatorial govt instead of an elected govt.
    those of us in the Ajah area are waiting to be informed on what next.
    Do not forget, from the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffereth violence and only the violent taketh it by force.
    these wicked rulers can only hear and understand one language which is RESISTANCE.
    boko haram must learn to change their targets and work with all of us now to bring down this wicked monsters called pdp and whatever they stand for.

  411. Nigeria can be great again……Subsidy and insincerity must be removed

  412. For those seeking to protest this removal pls note that democracy has provided a way to address this. We must not adopt the Egyptian pill or the libyan herb. We can return to our constituencies and recall our lawmakers unless they can prevail on the Executive to reverse the removal. But even before that I urge us to allow this removal to go ahead first. That’s gej’s recipe for national develoment. So let’s give him the support and if after a year our lives has not improved we might then recall our lawmakers if they fail to convince the Executive to remove it. So it is not an irreversible process. Chill guys pls. Let’s see how it works. Nobody said progress cannot come without sacrifice

    1. If he is looking for money,he should get that from his feeding money and the alocations his ministers take for a siting,he cant continue to make the citizens of this country suffer,what he was not able to do in since his administration began,will he do it one year?no try us oo.

  413. fromond · · Reply

    Please and please lets give the goverment a period of six months before we start our peaceful demonstration. Now is not the right time. Haste makes waste. Consider this: Are we broke as a country? Is that the reason why the government cant fund the fuel subsidy anymore? If that is the case,then the dimension of our any civil action we may decide to take becomes broader. If we are not broke,then the government has shown us how imcompetent she is.
    We have an opportunity, lets cease it well to address broader isssues and not only fuel subsidy removal. It is for this reason and more that we may have to consider a six-month watch period. God bless Nigeria.

    1. so how do we survive for the 6 months? please stop posting ignorant messages. thank you.

    2. I do not agree with you on this one.
      The government did not adjust Nigeria’s budget to cut off the amount of money spent by the executive arm of government.
      Why should they remove our fuel subsidy?
      Or is it just the citizens that deserve to suffer for the government’s irresponsibility with our public funds?

    3. How can Ɣ☺̣̣̥̇Ʊ ask if the country is too broke to pay subsidy when that GEJ bastard gave his ugly illiterate toad wife N5billion to setup the offices for her NGO. The office of First Lady isn’t even recognised in the Constitution and therefore has N̶̲̥̅̊o allocation in the annual budget. We Nigerians are not united. The South belongs in the South and the North belongs in the North. Let’s all go our separate ways.

  414. abiodun · · Reply

    Together we shall win

  415. joseph oluwatosin phillip · · Reply

    This are the group of people i have be looking for , we are going to fight them with the last blood on our vein buh we are not goin to carry gun or bomb but with the spirit of pepple like martins luther kings and the spirit of GANI FAWEHINMI we shall get their .victoria acetals

  416. Yes….we can IF only we are united and stand as one family….

  417. This is a very good issue and am sure nigerians are tired so will be willing to fight.♍Ɣ fear is that will those in the private sector act?are they ready to risk their million to save nigeria? I wish us luck naw.

  418. Iyamanbhor Josephine · · Reply

    Nice plan but come friday things would ve gone back to normal cos trust me one thing we Nigerians know how to do is Adapt to any condition(Humane or Not) & Lip service. For me I say we start frm Thursday & engage everybody in de private Sector, Banks & Telecoms too. Enough is Enough we Lagosians dat live at Lekki & its environs re being forced by de state Govt to pay Toll after Tax at a ridiculous price den Dis(Subsidy Removal) happens How does de Govt want us to Survive. In ma 27yrs of Life de Nigerian Govt has done absolutely nothing for me I give myself light,water,Healthcare,Education & Road Use as a Tax payer if we don’t act now soon our children will be forced to pay for even de air de breath in.

  419. Mu'azu Babura · · Reply

    Fantastic! I subscribe to this idea, however, the people are ought to be properly organized, coordinated and guided through.

    Fuel subsidy removal is fuelling the economy of Nigeria. The cushioning effect as proposed by the government are doubtful. With or without fuel subsidy removal, we suppose of enjoy all the promises of developmental project as enshrined in their document.

    Remember sacrifice is a MOST!

  420. hauwa abdullahi · · Reply

    Very good post. I however think that if this is going to be the mother of them all;then leaving the issue at just returning the subsidy is simplistic. We have bigger issues-NASS is a cancer and we are allowing them get away with murder! Insecurity that could have killed anyone of us and with the new threat could engulf us all!why didn’t we march then even if in solidarity for our own that are under seige. Let’s kill all birds with this one chance. Thank you

  421. I suggest the biggest stadium in each cities if authirities will deny us access then the biggest market in the cities should be the meeting point.
    This is a sign of BADLUCK to this promising generation.It’s calls for total restriction.

    Amanla !
    Awetu !

    Zealot (Ibadan)

  422. Cool way, compel labour to shutdown government activities immediately. Convergence point, stadiums are a good option. Most state capitals have them. God bless nigerian masses!

  423. I suggest the biggest stadium in each cities if authirities will deny us access then the biggest market in the cities should be the meeting point.
    This is a sign of BADLUCK to this promising generation.It’s calls for total restriction.

    Amanla ! Awetu !

    Zealot (Ibadan)

  424. Ladi Awotinde · · Reply

    We shall fight until we can fight no more, pls let there be adequate information.

  425. It is about time we got the the true Nigerian spirit that was killed by abacha we need to fight for what is right. We must leave the individual and remember the community as a whole we suffer individualy when we refuse to stand collectively. Rember God has given us all we need it is up to us to choose now. To suffer lack in the middle of plenty while those who punish us enjoy so much at our expense the time is now. Aluta continua Victory acerta

  426. REMMI OJEDEJI · · Reply

    this is the right time to liberate this nation from all this wicked leader. the REVOLUTION IS NOW!!!

  427. isa ismaila · · Reply

    People,I am fully wit u guys.tanx

  428. My greatest worry is not with the plan of protest that you have but the hidden agenda you have. Because anytime something like this comes up, the only thing that happens next is for the muslims to organise the killing of christians in the north, burning their goods and destroying their businesses. Already someone here is telling you he’s ready to die for this. What does that mean? To break the law by taking it into their hands? Are you sure you are not misunderstanding or misquoting Mr. President? Why really do you want this protest on Friday? So you will make proper arrangement or is it because Friday has always been a day of jihad? Because this is always the day set for the arabs during the uprising to organise and cause trouble. I’m not in support of this subsidy removal but i think i smell a rat from your words bro. Just be careful what you wish for.

    1. Dear Rachel, what were you thinking when you wrote this email? Certainly prejudice, prejudice. Our country is in such a bad shape and people like you are still blinded by sentiments. it is this same unwise sentiments that landed us in this situation – as am sure people like you voted fot GEJ because he is a xtian even when your better judgement persuaded you otherwise. Now you want to interpret the president correctly, Why dont you start your own blog, if you are that smart.
      Nothing in this blog suggest a relegious bias, you are the one introducing it. if you have enough clarity of mind, you will realise that our country need us now – All of us xtian, muslim Idol lworshippers and even those who believe in nothing! For it is only when our country is returned to the part of prosperity and peace that you can pursue your religious interests. Here now, its time to fight and get our country back. Check, there are muslims in the goverment we are fighting against. Pls right a rejoinder to support this struggle, for your our children’sake. They must not inherit this type of a Nation.

  429. Beautiful strategy. Hope we would have d peseverance and endurance 2 see d struggle 2 d end. Both egypt and libya did it and der not any better than us. So ours won’t be any different. Pls how do i get further details as regrad protest venue in Lagos.

  430. lets do dis 9ja. 2geda we can. victoria acerta!

  431. rekiya yakubu · · Reply

    I believe we can nd will win insha Allah

  432. I think this is a great idea, however, it will be useful to have more statistics on who will send the notices in accordance with the constitution; how we’ll know they’ve been delivered; what streets in each state to start from, where it’ll end; what time.

    I look forward to a peaceful protest that achieves much. More people have been assualted today…needlessly.

  433. Tunde Mauris · · Reply

    Now… Azeenarh! I can join this protest once this information is clearly shared and understood. Am twiitting and broadcasting this all the way. I see a plan here and if it’s adhered to, we would have a statement. It’s about the future of this Nation people, it’s not about anybody- not even Jonathan. It is us saying, we cannot accept less than what we deserve as a people!

    AM IN!

  434. Thanks for this write up. We really need to be organised to win the battle

  435. Abisoye Fadayiro · · Reply

    We just have to fight. Not fighting is not an option.

  436. Very good piece, you read thru my mind,u forgot to mention d Atlas-cove jetty should be shut down,that’s where it will hit the government the most

  437. You are a provocative writer right? I hope that you have not been the one provoking muslims in the north to kill christians? And i hope you are not having a hidden agenda aside this protest or having the desire to cause more confusion in the land knowing that your people the muslims do not know how to go about anything peaceful protest without holding weapons especially in those states where our christian brothers have been marginalised. You’re even hearing someone already here saying he’s ready to die which tells me of your intention. Why really do you want this protest on Friday? Is it because it has been a day used by time muslims to wage jihad? Remember the arab uprising? They always use Friday as the day of trouble. Is it the same thing here? And concerning the president’s speech, are you sure you are not misquoting him? I’m not in support of the subsidy removal but i think with your words on this wall, i really can smell a rat. Just think deep before you leap. Don’t take the masses to the land of never return. Allow them to think their ways.

    1. The nigerian populace situation is pathetic. We voted for wolves and beasts instead of leaders . We shall excell in this honest quest for true freedom.

    2. wole wonder · · Reply

      At last someone with a real brain,thanks for ur voice of wisdom,we Nigerians know how to follow blindly,that’s how we voted for GEJ in the first place,now some random joker wants to organise a protest in this times of Bomb blast! Thanks,if u have more contributions let me know on twitter @wole_wonder

    3. Racheal….wit all due respect,U are a big FOOOOOOL…..4 diz comment of urs,bastard!

  438. Good idea. This is long over due. We need to stand together as 1 Nigeria. Enough is enough. We can do it if we stand as 1 we have the human capacity to stage the civil disobedience, libya and Egypt don’t have the population we have here in Nigeria. So we can overwhelm all the security machineries if we stand together as 1.

  439. I realy support of dis demonstration course good louck is not even support to be in the Nigeria president couse dis removal subsidy is for hs own benefit nd hs cabinet so h hs to sit nd look in to dis matter or Nigeria will fush in to a civil war tnx.

  440. 100% Support! We’r here in Kano we will all of our best to generate people.

  441. Zeenatu · · Reply

    Well said. It is time for all Nigerians to unite. We should not let anything, anyone or sentiments to divide us. There has been a lot of divide and rule in this country. In 1993 June 12, the whole of Nigeria voted for MKO. In the North, Tofa did not even win at his door step but later with lies and selling out, both from the Southern and Northern elites so called leaders, Nigeria became devided and it was seen as a Yoruba cause although everyone knew the truth some sooner than others. People were blinded to see the truth. Today Boko Haram has killed countless muslims in Borno, Yobe, Damaturu since 2009! The last shoot out lasted for a whole 3 days! You can imagine how many lifes were lost. And yet nothing is being done about it. Mosques have been bombed and attacked, Imams that spoke against the Boko Haram have been targeted and assasinated by Boko Haram. Politicians especially ANPP members including the former Governorship candidate was asassinated along with others and a 9 year old boy! All muslims. Just last friday, in maiduguri Boko Haram went to an Imams house when they found out that he was not in, his whole family was killed! This is what we live with every single day in maiduguri. There is no family that has not been affected one way or the other in Borno state. Most have had family members killed. Who will help us? Who will recue us? The authorities are also killing our people extra judiciously. Now they are also attacking churches and killing christians. What is going on! Upon all that someone is making it out to be a religious war. Because during the Sallah Eid celabration and muslims were praying at the prayer ground and some at the mosque, some christian youths attacked and killed a lot of muslims. But it was never reported in the news papers or tv. Not a mention not even a word talk less of a sentence. So if some christians do not see the true picture and also start killing muslims are you going to blame them? Because the christmas day bombing of churches in madalla was heavyly shown on tv and the newspapers and Boko Haram said it was a revenge for the Sallah day killing of muslims. But who will know. At the same time because of this some muslims will then get angry and say what about us. They did not see it as news worthy to carry or say my brother or sister was killed therefore let us avenge. We have to hold the media accountable as well. This is why we all have to come together and fight this whole thing. Just two days ago in sun news papers, a pastor said that 80 to 90% of muslim community is not affected only christians are being attacked! Can you imagine that! Can you beat that! How will the parents feel who lost their chilren in the attack! Or their brothers sisters uncles anties etc. Some families have even been wiped out. But can you blame him for saying that. All he sees is the Boko Haram attacking churches on tv. The Nigerian media dose not care neither dose the government they are all easily bought to divide and rule us. Whether you are from the North or South or West or East or South South or North North, West West, East East or North Central, Central Central or Middle Belt, Upper Belt or Lower Belt or Christian or Muslim or Pagan or any other thing in between is not the issue, the issue to them is – ”I will not rock d boat and spoil my garri”, Na my bellle I know” finish. While we the masses keep fighting about one thing or the other and engage in sentiments, there are there looting the collective treasurery. How else can you explain that with the president we have and still nothing is being done in the Niger Delta about the envorimental pollution and the degredation of the enviroment. The multi nationals have not been held accountabe neither have they been told to clean up the enviroment. People are dying and their livelihood is being lost while our president is sitting tight and budgetting a billion naira for his kitchen! And another billion naira for deisel! Are they serious about fixing our electricity problem at all.The only thing going on there now is the amnesty programme which was granted by former president Umaru Musa Yar Adua. What happens when they come back from their various trainings abroud? The community is dying! This is the time to come together and address this issues. Also kidnappings in the east and armed robbery in the west. Where are we heading to? Please help us. My fellow Nigerians this thing is not for only the Yoruba activist who have been carrying the cause at the fore front always, please our fellow Igbos join, our fellow Northerners WAKE UP! and SMELL d COFFEE and join. We are being killed everyday like flies. People are being carried away in truckloads, dead bodies in maiduguri and elswhere. The town is comatose. I have written to papers and tv stations but it was never aired or printed never. Let us help one another to not only bring down the fuel subsidy removal but also to bring down the Boko Haram and sanity back into our society.

  442. Nice plan. If we have had things like this in the past, the situation of this country would have been far better. The problem of this country is not just the government but every citizen of this country. Nigerians lack the maintenance culture and also have its not my job or family syndrome forgetting that it might not be my job, but might end up to be my problem. Nobody stood up when the water boards could not supply water because we could afford bore holes, nobody stood up when PHCN became inefficient because we could afford generators, nobody stood up when the public schools where going down because we could afford private schools, nobody stood up when the health centres fell below standard because we could afford private ones, nobody called for justice or circulate letters to protest when corrupt leaders where allow to go unpunish, nobody said anything when that teenage boy in your neighbourhood stopped school or started forming a groups with the wrong intentions and dealing with hard drugs because your own children were in school and it was not your problem.
    Now everybody want to prove a point because we have all been directly hit forgetting that things just don’t go bad in a day
    We are all suffering for our own negligence and things will not get better even if the government is change a thousand time. The onion is on every Nigeria to stand up for what is right and bear in mind that though its not our job, it might end up to be our problem just as we see in the security of this country. We should know that the teenage boy who has stopped schools and now keep gangs will end been a militant, terrorist or a political stout..
    We should not just say no to fuel subsidy removal but also no to corruption starting from ourselves and the people around us then to the national level. We should learn to be our brothers keepers and do what we favour the community at large. Until we starting doing the right thing we will end up just moving in circles.

    God bless Nigeria.

  443. yusuf oyebode salami · · Reply

    yes , it time to rise and let the government know that Nigeria belong to all of us, and they are there to serve us not to impose on us. (9ja wake up)

  444. Olatunde Ojo · · Reply

    I live in Cairo so I cant be there in person. I am really interested in how we go about getting the protest permits and getting the necessary govt and non govt bodies, like the polce and red cross, on our side.
    Olatunde Ojo.

  445. I live in jos I need more info to make jos part of this.

    1. Lol rachel the man only asked for a peaceful demostration why are you taking out your boko haram issues out on him. You seem to be more at home with the presidents speech than with the movement against.I do not seem to see bias in his words unlike yours maa.

  446. oluwasegun olawale · · Reply

    Love u all

  447. Please let me emphasize another important point,violence is not an option!!!We want our voice(not voices) to be heard.We will simply not be bullied or go away,and we will not destroy what we already have for what we know we should have.God bless Niaja!!!

  448. In as much as I agree to the demonstrations and mass protest against the removal of subsidy, I would want us as a people to be open-minded and not to be used as a tool in the hands of politicians and crooks who are and have benefited from the business of fuel importation. Let us demand for cuts in government spending on their running especially law makers pay and the fraudulent constituency allowances that mostly cannot be accounted for. Dino Melaye has no moral justification to fight along with sincere citizens because he has benefited from the rot. Also the Lagos State CAN government who have imposed tolls on Eti-osa and Ibeju-Lekki LGAs illegally and immorally. The LCC mostly owned by Bola Tinubu added a lane to an already existing road, built gigantic toll plazas and collects between 120-250naira per toll gate which will soon become 3, without providing the proper alternative route of Coastal road as contained in the agreement. The Lagos CAN government also with orders from the governor and ex-governor sent tear gas throwing police and whips brandishing thugs against peaceful protesters. So these two do not have the moral right to be a part of and cash in on these planned protests. They are all birds of a feather operating at different levels

  449. Happiness · · Reply

    Nice article. M̶̲̅​Ɣ‎ fear is why make d date open?? It creates room 4 GEJ and his government to mobilize money monkers security heads against us. This is for our good but believe me, when he has promised dem appointments and contracts dey(d securities) will fight us. I suggest d date is rescheduled and shouldn’t be made open.

  450. Olusina Ologbonori · · Reply

    am ready 2 protest

  451. Are my people realy ideologically ready for a change?Are they well informed enough to know what is realy happening around them? Is there any sucidy in the first place?Do we know what is happening in our petroleum sector?We are simply strangers in our father’s land!TRANSPARENCY is what we should protest for not subcidy,if we must protest!

  452. Dan-kyle Jatau · · Reply

    Thanx Zee, we need information 2 achieve a lasting & effectual protest.

  453. Plssssssss, i beg you(all nigerians) in the name of the God you believe in, dont listen to this people… A bridge can be destroyed under minutes but its not easy to build back nd the building process takes months if not years depending on how long its going to be… What do you expect after all the military nd the greedy rulers we’ve had had done to our great country. I believe, GEJ knows what he’s doing. Have you thought of what Atiku said sometime ago, that GEJ will know no peace as a president…? Is that not what’s happening now? Well, i have a question for the writer of the article above ” on who’s side are you? Are you really for nigerians or for Atiku?

  454. suleman · · Reply

    Fellow nigerian let’s analyse this moment critically. It is now time to realise that the present insecurity was directly calculated by the ruling elite to cause confusion, so as to sustain the deragulation agenda. U may wonder why I said so, but if u may consider the spate of violance that is brewing,one may ask why is this violence and bombing happening at the eve of deragulation?. And why when ever is time for the masses to revolt religious disharmony sets in. I believe that the so called boko haram and mend are finance by the nigerian ruling elite to play a political gimmick to creat social insecurity and cause confusion so as to divert the attention of nigerians not to come together and fight the social and economic opression perpetrated by the ruling class . And I stand by this because recently christian was caught. Wearing turban wanting to burn church because of his filmsy excuses, during sallah eve a mosque was bomb in yobe state, and nobody take responsibility. One may feel sad that, despite the present reality an average nigerian still believed that the gov of gej Was sabotage by faceless northern elite. I believed that both the northern and southern elite have a common intrest, the only way to achieve this was to maintan status quo. meaning they must mentain the trust of the mases and to achieve this they have to adopt the chamelion style. This is why despite all the noise made by the northern elite against jonathan non of them has endorse any candidate from other parties. Another issue was the case of indimi and the boko haram spokesman one will wonder why a high profile criminal will be sentence for only 3 month imprisonment. Now time has come were mend are threatning northerners to vacate south-south while boko haram is saying vice versa. So in this scenerio how can we fight this monster if people cannot diffrentiate between political religios diffrences

  455. magwand · · Reply

    We’re ready for this cuz we don’t want a war at all,its not worth it.We’re prepared to march far and wide for the govt to hear us.Thanks for the post.U put in words what everyone wanted to hear.

  456. OREAGBA MUTIU · · Reply

    We just need to come together as one to fight to finish the barbarian manners of sudden removal of crafty subsidy. We need to fight this oppression

  457. Its rather painful on how reasoning is assumed difficult. If this govt claimed N1trillion ($6.25bn) was spent on subsidy in d year 2011 it means we could have built about 4 new refineries in this country.
    The president spoke about d economy crashing, as if its immediate. So why can’t refineries be built instead they chose other capital projects leaving d economy at the mercy of importation of refined products. What this means is that the govt have no plans to make this country an exporter of refined products ( and earned greater fx) but to be a perpetual importer.
    if it takes 3yrs to build a refinery and we ve plans to ve 4 additional ones to d ones existing, then its logic to apportion a part of d subsidy each for 3yrs towards this strange ailment that has plague our nation.
    Building roads and other infrastructure will not reduce the cost of anything when one has to pay more to convey these goods from one point to another, by the way what’s the purpose of govt if not to provide this amenities..

    The rally should proceed.

  458. Daud S.A · · Reply

    Yes we can nd we wil,God wil have no mercy on you naija leaders.


    pointing out the wrong thing at a right time in a righu way is a good thing and it should be encourage. God bless Nigeria and purnish his enemy.

  460. SAY NO TO PROTEST…we can afford to pay for subsidy for the next 10years after dat what’s next…nigeria will be failed state..we re lucky to have a president dat is bold enough to make decision towards the right way..LET’S GIVE HIM THE CHAnCE To MAKE DIS COUNTRY GREAT

  461. The time to effect that long awaited change is NOW! We must refuse to be cowed by jonathan and his clueless economic team. Let’s chase them out of this country….no to dialogue,let’s chase them all out! This is our chance to reclaim and rebuild nigeria. Let’s give Jonathan the egyptian/lybian dose.

  462. It itime to match words with action

  463. It is time to match words with action

  464. jasmine · · Reply

    This is a very brilliant idea. Let the Nigerian people take a collective stand once and for all and end this. The government is being inconsiderate of our feelings, and it is time to let them know that WE voted them in there, and without us, there will be no democracy.. Pls, I wld like to be updated of the set up in Lagos, cos I fully support this!!! We can do it!!!

  465. adedoyin ogunlana · · Reply

    i am in support of dis,when wil d postest take place,pls n pls tell d so call president we elected to pls hear d cry of d masses n stop suffering us,d economy of our nation is bad we stil dey manage,boko haram dey do their own n it nw jonathan with d fuel subicy.mr president is dis our new year gift 4rm you to us.May God punishment you for d bad,suffering u are letting us to face.

  466. we need to stay united

  467. Thank Unknown, this is Adams:
    Kindly help me circulate this prayers:

    Shall we pray: Father we call on you to set your programme of delivering this nation from those who are stronger than us. We seek your face first to please forgive the sins and iniquities that we and our fathers have committed against you. Have we not shed innocent blood, defiled your temples, make marchandise of your heritage in this nation, just because of personal gain and enrichment. The blood and souls of those we used for rituals to acquire both political and satanic power are crying for continous judgment against us in this nation. Our stage-managed judges and khadis have denied them justice as they have rewarded their murderers with political offices and juicy contracts and loopholes to milk the nation dry instead of making them to realise their evil against God, Nigeria and these souls. Why should we not be hunted? We acknowledge our sin and pray that you wash us from all our filth and guilt.

    Adams: As to those who are set to destroy this nation called Nigeria thru’ political manouvering, economic sabotage, religion manipulation and imposition of demonic forces upon every facets of this nation, their defence we pray that you remove from them. The foreign alliances who appears to be friends and were actual partners in plunderiing, we pray that you stand up to reproach them and confound their hypocritical policies of reproaching us. Their plots will fail. As for the prodigals who invited them to destroy us it is high time that you help us to uproot them from their foundations, let their defence depart from them. All the forces involved in providing evil spiritual help that makes them bold to present policies of slavery, starvation and harassement of lives in Nigeria will receive divine frustrations by your glory from today. The prodigals who occupies our political offices illegally with the aim of precipitating our woes, either in the legislature, executives and the judiciary, we pray that you set confusion into their midst, home and all that belong to them. Lord we desire to end today’s request by pleading that you rise up and help Nigeria and Nigerians. We have been complacent about our situation just for momentary reliefs from the evil prodigals. Help us to realise what we actually need, and what we ought to do to move this nation forward. We need grace and courage to face the present challenges presented to us by the political bleeders. Help nigerians to see the current battle as one in which we ought not to chicken out. Help us raise a leader (not a bleeder) of conscience and integrity who possesses the qualities of Joshual, Caleb, and Eleasar to help lead the present battle against our present foe, the political leaders,I am sorry bleeders. Give us every resources needed to prevail in this battle. Help the good crusaders whose WORDS and WRITE-UPS will open the eyes and the minds of Nigerian to the realities of the next lines of action. This we ask for IJN.

  468. i vink d press and health workers should b exempted 4rm d protest cos we nid their services 2 make d protest more effective

  469. Zeenatu · · Reply

    food for thought: How come also when late president Musa Yar Adua was president he was able to reduce the price of petrol from 70 to 65 naira. That shows a good leader that cares about the people. He also admitted to the rigging of the PDP that brought him into office. With our current president Goodluck Jonathan, who is touted to have come into office on a free and fare election he goes about inceasing the price of petrol more than 100%! On the people’s mandate! What happened to the reserves former president. Obasanjo left? And the one from the Yar Adus administration? It is said that the GEJ campaign is one of the most expensive campaigns ever had in the world!

  470. Abayomi · · Reply

    Our government has failed us and the only language they understand is war… We are ready to give them.. This is our father’s land no more fair and running… I am ready to die for the better Nigeria…

  471. Hajara dauda · · Reply

    Excellent! We need to act as a nation,think as one and talk as one. Its enough!!

  472. the prof · · Reply

    All dat we are saying is that the government should do first thing first. You can’t put a square peg in a round hole. The presidency is illied adviced, removing the subsidy affects all aspect of an average Nigerian – food, transport, business, salary e.t.c Questions are begging for answers -power, road networks, boko haram (security) e.t.c. If so many trees should be felled in the forest, you remove the ones on top before getting to the under lay. God bless Nigeria…..

  473. All is about us, is only God dat can renew nigeria

  474. omaku Josephine · · Reply

    i’m ready 2 join/even if it takes dyin 4 dis nation, I am ready. Nigeria must change 4 d beta

  475. Strange! If dis rally is goin to last for a month,I suggest dat u should provide allowances for those goin for it cos afta 2days;trust nigerians,dey will quit. Put all in Gods hands and He will deliver us. Remember;d illitrates and 20% of d litrates can’t b controlled when dey are been bullied. Peace be unto u all or may dere souls rest in peace I.e for those dat won’t make it

  476. hayatudeen · · Reply

    I highly appreciate this write up and I urge us all to give our support we will pass the message and God shall be with us.

  477. Good write up, we must resist and fight with our last breath, all these monsters does not know the pains they are inficting on us, simply because nothing like masses in their books, and the so called GEJ said is gonna provide mass transit in other to ease sufferness of the masses and to bridge fuel subsidy in terms of transpotation what a shameless president, so without removal of subsidy no way forward is that not what he was reffering to? my point is if he cannot rule the country with all what he has at his disposal without removing subsidy he should just resign, what a bad mood to start a new year!!! A country that is fully cursed by bad leaders, THE TIME IS NOW,WE SAY NO TO SUBSIDY REMOVAL!!! AND THOSE MONSTERS.
    God bless nigeria.

  478. Ekewere · · Reply

    It’s high time we free our country from the shackles of mediocrty an inordinate ambition of opportunist.A clueless leadership anywhere is a strong threat to purposeful leadership everywhere.

  479. ismaila sani · · Reply

    We ar 2geth.

  480. Ayilara Qosim · · Reply

    Gush!!!!! Nice plan. But my brother am as much as am a chronic optimist, am sckeptical about this one. As you said Labour is the greatest tool that can fir this small revolution on. et them start it and i shall join. in full force. The current leaders have a mindset for callousness. We must match there resolve if we must succeed in this.

  481. Make sense.

  482. I appreciate your post but I think a demonstration this large will be wasted on only removal of fuel subsidy.
    Nigeria has greater issues and I think it is high time we insisted on our rights.
    For goodness sakes we pay tax!
    Of what benefit is the revenue gotten from tax to Nigerians? Not to talk of other sources of income.
    The roads are bad, hospitals are improperly equipped, we have no light, no pipe borne water, no security, and literally no industries to engage our youths.
    Nigeria is simply living on a prayer!
    Let’s take a cue from our fellow African countries and fight for the sanitizing of the whole system!
    We need light, we need water, we need roads, we need standard hospitals, we need security these are our rights as citizens of Nigeria!
    Today it is just removal of fuel subsidy from a nation who is an exporter of petroleum products. (Seriously, how ridiculous does that sound???)
    Tomorrow the government may decide to pass a law that may violate our right to live.
    How long will we keep quiet and watch Nigeria go the drain?
    At the rate we are going, can you imagine how deplorable the country will be in the time of our children?
    People, even if we can’t do it for ourself, I say we come together and fight with everything we have to make Nigeria conducive for our children to live in.

  483. ikenna Mbonu · · Reply

    I support the demonstration

  484. Opokuma · · Reply

    Some state governments are at the brink of collapse and can’t even pay the new minimum wage. Money saved from the Fuel Subsidy about N411.03 billion will given to state governments to save them. LOOKS GOOD TO ME

  485. Wale Iyanda · · Reply

    Since d day of our past and present hero and comrades, this struggle will be historic, no retreat no surrender.we will fight it on lsand & sea, valley &mountain, cities & villages. Every arm and leg of (them) we shall paralise. making their goverment ungovernable. Aluta continua …….

  486. I will leave a gd example

  487. Citizens of Nigeria unite, for you have got nothing to lose but your chains!!!

  488. maigaskiya sadiq · · Reply

    Kai month potts let me tell u smthng dis pple dnt deserve to be notified at ol cz dey r jst a bunch of hopeless idiots,do they think d demonstration is jst for me n u?no way it even affects them more cz dey r d once dat cnt afford to pay or cater for their families,so let’s come out n fight them if that’s what they want

  489. Abimbola · · Reply

    Let all Nigerian’s associate to curb this fuel subsidy.

  490. Joe has faild nigrns. He’s an epitome of dissapointment. Subsidy must be returnd, n jonathan must go!

  491. wole wonder · · Reply

    We don’t have to do this,these are critical times! Our strenght lies in our perseverance,I believe GEJ is right to do this,but this may not be the right time.let’s checkmate the cabal and be more involved in government:this is true democracy(unhealthy criticism won’t help) thanks.W.wonder

  492. Abubakar M.Mahmoud · · Reply

    This article should have gone on air for the benefit of those without an internet facilities as well as those in the local areas for mass mobilization and sensitization,is a good one idea if implemented.

  493. irene igwe · · Reply

    Fellow Nigerians, lets not allow these govt ruin our lifes b4 time
    we voted them in; therefore lets make sure they listen to us these time; by acting fast.
    do not wait for a frontier, cos thats always our weak point. start d protest where you are,and others will join you’. Friday is too far, start NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  494. michael foloruNsho · · Reply

    I stay around festac n am happy dis is happening anoff is anoff we must fight it till finish what Nonsense for hw long we dey continue to treat or pack us like cow ,the time is here n the time is now…………..pls pass me the necessary info so that I can mobilize youths in my area n around

  495. Egheregha Immaculate · · Reply

    Great let’s stand up for our rights….

  496. Stephanie · · Reply

    This is a very brilliant idea…buh to solve dis problem totally, der shld be fight for an increase in salary, dat way if dey dnt put bck d fuel subsidy, pple cn use d xtra money for d fuel, no1 gets affected.with dis removal of fuel subsidy, things are increasing….salaries shld also increase so dat Nigerians cn effectively combat d inflation.

  497. Saeed.S.Darazo. · · Reply

    Consider me in comrades n copatriots,victory is truely wt us, if we go in a civilize way as suggested.

  498. emma manifest O. · · Reply

    One rule I kw abt public protest is that it must cm wt reasns beyond emotions&persnal dream(s). My deductn may be wrng broda, but wat i see u incitng pple into doing, is just a sheer of ur professional frustratns, which cld b emotional
    &does lack accurate economic index. Yes, u gave d procedure dat can lead 2 peaceful protest,but I disagree wt ur totline. Av u take in2 considratn hw ur emotnal based protest, wld affect d lowest capital earner’s? Av u &ur fellow comrades considr wat it means, to xpend ova 16billion dollars 4rm d national capital budget on subsidy, in one year? Have u thot of d economic decline dis wl bring our nation in2, if subsidy stays? I can go on wt d impart of d subsidy on our economy, if u insist on tkng 2 d streets 4 a protest. If u watch d stakehldrs mtng held in view of d subsidy last year,u wld av hrd d oda sectors dat wl be made viable, 4rm d subsidy funds. I fink we shld trust d govt
    &dvelop a sense of ownrshp 4 our economy.Mrpresidnt met d economic mess dia&he’s tryng 2 fix it.

  499. Very nice, hope it works.

  500. luke effiong · · Reply

    Enough is enough, we are tired of living in our own country as slaves……. These so called political criminal who call themselves our leaders sit somewhere and make stupid decisions on the poor masses without no rumors. Personally, we should confront whoever tries to stop us during our protest. If these cabal cabinet tries to send the police and watever to stop us we should fight back. Am ready to die for my right rather than living as a slave in my country. We had better get up and protest rather than accepting these wickedness these thief’s are showing us. The other time it was toll gate, yet nothing has being down. We had better fight for our right like the heroes that we all are this time, else we shall continue to live as slaves in our own country Nigeria. Arise and Protest for ur right. Its ur right, this is ur country. Come out and Protest tomorrow, for me the protest starts 2morrow!

  501. it’s well in Jesus name

  502. I am in full support of the rallies and will be joining · · Reply

    Alluta continua !!!

  503. Aliyu Abbas · · Reply

    There is need for more mobilization.

  504. Barrister · · Reply

    U are misguided as regards what the law is. U need not notify any authority or individual of ur intent to protest!

  505. Lawal Nurudeen · · Reply

    Today Am Glad that truth prevail, Remenber when CNN Report made a comment that Vice president Goodluck jonathan, Lack administrative experince people cast aspantion on CNN, Today will all shout on removal of fuel subsidy,POVERTY WILL SOON VISIT YOU!!! That is not a cousre because during the time for election we called the ELiTE among you to come out and vote in mass for candidate who will give a better audience to the masses some give excuses Am a Banker always busy, Am too popular to been seen in a pooling booth,I can’t risk my life for the government that does not care about me, See trust not Ebele jonathan on subsidy, First promise he made that He as sign 18,000 minimum wage into Law, till date jonathan did not pay that 18,000 minimum, University lectural are on strike on the agreement they reached he fails,Today People shout Out Laud, Have you forgoting ACN In lagos Mr Dino Melaye that Increase LASU School Fee to 750% 345,000 and Lekki toll. Sir Kno Protest was Recorded Because that never affected you, Today Am vindicated We told fashola before you increase School fee put infrastural in place before increament they Refuse….I Lost my first admission into University because of this Increament 250,000 Economic Education after written Jamb and Post jamb for 5years before I was finally admitted in 2011 now I can’t go to school …Am not Ready to protest because People were deff During my Own plea…All I Kno is that we will all die’s when the time comes thank you.

  506. Abiodun Abiodun · · Reply

    My fellow Nigerians we should thank broda jonah for this magnificient gift by declearing the country of emergency. Honestly we are yet to be given independent to talk of republic. Nigerians is better die once with smile than dieing gradually with pains.it is time to say more CHEATING ON WE THE MASSES.

  507. This is a brilliant piece. Impressive and on point! And I’m ready to make it work!!! Let’s do it!!!

  508. Aminu Y. Bombiyo · · Reply

    I’m in support of this proposition 4 ACTION as a workable& feasible ACTION PLAN 2 FREE & SAVE US: The entire CITIZENS of GREAT 9JA from the shackles its rulers have leashed US with.

  509. Akinlabi · · Reply

    Seriously, I think Nigeria’s problems are far beyond subsidy or no subsidy and the most pathetic part of it is that I cann’t even envisage solutions in my lifetime!
    So help me God, so help us God!

  510. The isue about our government is that they don’t realy have the interest of its citizens at heart.is a shame.and also the cabals that sit on our oil ha s vowed that we wil continue. 2 soffer.

  511. Fuel subsidy removal is a diversed topic that needs critical evauation and reasoning,but d sad thing is that I have just concluded today that we have the worst and dummest president in the whole world,that doctorate degree that guy holds should be withdrawn with immediate effect,he is just too dull

  512. I think that is the best way to take up the matter…..cos I believe they did’t no that pple are crying..I really apprciate whosoever that wrote this out.God will guide us all and also prevent us from killin us.Amen

  513. abdulrazaq ibrahim mustapha · · Reply

    Nys piece thre muhammad , we need 2 put our diffrences and summon all effort 2 defeat this imperialistic agendas! , d west r in economic shamble d need stooges and inexprience head! Lyk jonathan 2 press there. Agendas in there favour … street here i come let’s go ppl! One goal solidarity!.

  514. Don Sage · · Reply

    We cannot wait till 6th of january. This constitution that provides the procedures as u have mentioned before a protest is done is only making a jest of us and so I say Nigerians should all come out and ask for their rights. Let’s invoke the POWER OF THE PEOPLE. The earlier the better.
    However, total cancellation of the removal of tfuel subsidy is not the best option we have as Nigerians, let the GEJ govt provide an effective and cheap means of transportaion in the country n ensure our refineries are working before removing furl subsidy e.g Railway transport and water transport. Well much has been said but Tick-Tick the clock, Tick-Tick what WE have TO-DO let’s DO QUICK.

  515. Alhamdulillah! It comes to the stage dat nigeria are awake 2see wht is behnd d door” nw dat we mak our mind jst try it mayb it wil success inshaAllah! Jst do it’ we are ready 2prostest and fight 4our ryt! Bcus dis leaders go kill us b4 ur tym!! We believed in God and he wil help us jst do it!

  516. Ojengbede Oluwatobiloba · · Reply

    This is it!

  517. Mr. President,We the People, say no to Fuel Subsidy Removal. We are the Masses and You, are the Government; and the People have always prevailed over the tyranny of any Government, no matter how long it takes…Hence Mr President from We The People…”ALUTA CONTINUA, VICTORIA ASCERTIA”….. May the force of the people and not just our voices prevail.!”
    A revolution is a revolution, regardless the way and manner it is carried out.
    Compatriots arise, Nigeria’s call obey! Arise!!

  518. This plan is simple and brilliant. I L♥√ع it. Now, its up to Nigerians to take up the cause. Together we stand to achieve success.With all due respect i think our president is what some would call a confused leader. I mean with all the degrees he has amassed you would thing that he would have the ability to reason and analyse situations properly putting various issues into prospective before acting. The removal of the fuel subsidy is an act that can’t be implemented until necessary factors are put in place to support th masses. Its not rocket science!

  519. The writer of the article has done a good job calling us to wake up and protest for a just course.
    I will like to go further by giving us a simple and effective way of going about the strike. I will say we all move to the Major roads within our staying areas and practically be living on the Major streets till our demands are met. This form of protest will safe us energy, stress and will be very effective. We are going to block all major roads with our beds, sleeping camps, sleeping sheds and where we cannot find enough people to block a major access road like Airports, jetties, Harbors, etc we simply use our cars, trucks and buses by parking and abandoning them on the roads to these places.
    This method has been proven to be the most effective in times of strikes and protest and it helps to reduce causalities and looting.
    The Argentinean used it to achieve their demand for introduction of SUBSIDY in the 90’s.
    SEE link:

    We can also use it to meet our demands.

  520. Argentina is a much more democratic society than it was 10 years ago. It is the single Latin American country which has broken with international financial institutions most completely by rejecting IMF demands for structural adjustment and choosing default.

    “‘We will pay when we are ready,” the then president Nestor Kirchner declared at the time. Now Argentina has paid its debt to the IMF and relations with the latter are formal. The IMF is not allowed to come to Argentina to dispense advice which in reality are just commands.

  521. Let's Be Serious · · Reply

    I agree on being organized, but is it actually necessary? Is it even POSSIBLE? Why wait and try to coordinate ALL these different groups into one cohesive group/movement? Will people even work together? This is ludicrous. Your quiet, non-disruptive protest will do absolutely nothing to drive change. People will soon return to work because they need to eat. Time is on THEIR side. Don’t wait until it is too late. Take to the streets now. Create havoc and show your force. Obviously, THAT is what gets results (see Boko Haram, Niger Delta militants, etc). Any oil-producing nation that would sell crude oil to outsiders without setting up its own refineries and providing its citizens with CHEAP refined petrol products, is either A) too stupid/incompetent to be trusted or B) absolutely uncaring about its people. Every Nigerian knows the answer is clearly both A and B. So why wait for the government to be smart about this situation, or care about our protests? What rules in Nigeria is not law, but force. Show your force as best you can but DON’T wait for some “leader” to show you the way.
    1. Do NOT go to work or do “business as usual”
    2. DISRUPT others from going on about their work as usual (Is the government NOT doing the same?)
    3. Show the government that you are serious. If subsidy is removed without adequate supply of low cost petroleum products, there will be unrest IN THEIR HOUSE. (We see how they cater to those that threaten THEIR livelihood. Force is all these thieves understand. They don’t care about double+ fuel prices, because they buy with stolen funds anyway….)

  522. Good idea but someone died on this struggle today in Ilorin, so i think this guys picture should be pasted here for the world to see that jonathan badluck has killed one nigerian. Let the struggle start rightaway and God would see us through. Aluta continua…Victoria accert…

  523. The issue is not fuel subsidy per se, What needs to be fought is the root cause CORRUPTION. I will even join BOKO HARAM if they recognise that this is really the source
    of all the problems. Corruption destroys all it touches.

  524. Omo mummy · · Reply

    I equally support d protest, dis is geting 2 much n if we dnt do wat is right nw,i bet U the nxt coming generatn ll curse us.Dis our father’s Land nd we re the future of this country so protesting nw is like safe guarding our future nd dat of our children

  525. I keep asking myself,what has the country i call my own done for me,we go to school,graduate and we are then forced to serve a country that does not think twice before putting it’s citizen to abject poverty and suffering,it’s a big shame,the government keeps injuring us and the worse thing is they not only rub in’salt’ to our wound but they cook soups with our flesh,God in heaven arise!!!,fight for your children!!!…..

  526. Pls let’s us wait and see. The president is tryin to move the country forward…

  527. Aaminah · · Reply

    Nigerians are very patient. Things that are not up to these have happened in other countries…It lead to war. Jonathan and other goverments has used this opportunity to cheat Nigerians. It’s not easy out there, an average Nigerian leaves on a 0-0-1 based meal. Let’s be frank Jonathan is not considrate at all and even more wicked than the previous goverments. I pray he does not end up as a bad luck to Nigerians.

  528. abubakar · · Reply

    take it or leave it d subsidy removal has comd to stay. This fight has been lost by d masses right from the day the presidential electi on was announced. Do u expect mr presido to rob the cartel that made him to pay d masses?

  529. Igboke Monica Esther · · Reply

    The president is daring Nigerians,the ppl will soon learn hw to use local weapons during protest and it wil be bloody. Y wil a harmless protestant be gun down by the police?

  530. abijesu · · Reply

    l have little advice for Mr. President,we all know you need money to develop Nigeria so why cant remove the money from Government pulse instead of the masses Enough is enough…Let we,Nigerians rise up and fight for our right.we had been taken for defeat for so long,let the so call governments of ours know that time has changed..We can do it and we must do it ..

  531. Aaminah Owoade · · Reply

    Aba Jonathaanu, this is a cheat on Nigerians, just bcoz u’ve gotten a temporary power. It’s betta u use it well else u would b recorded as d worst leader Nigerians ever had. I pray that u don’t turn out to be a bad luck 4 ous. Nigerians, lets b prayerful. May Allah answer our prayers.

  532. OSime Nicholas Oseremen · · Reply

    Nigeria we hail thee, our own there native land, though tongue Ãήϑ tribes may defer, i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ brotherhood we serve, Nigeria ® proud †̥ serve. Our Native motherland……

     pledge †̥ support U̶̲̥̅̊ , it ȋ̝̊̅§ an avenue Fø̲̣̣я̅ ‎​ us †̥ speake on where we youth of today, where we ® going †̥ Ãήϑ how ® they preparing Fø̲̣̣я̅ ‎​ our future if truely we ® tomorow leaders…..if Ʊ need mobilisation of †ђξ Nigerian Student pls contact ‎​M̶̲̅ε̲̣ .
    Long Live Aluta
    Long live Nigeria

    Yours i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ struggle

  533. iruobe stephen · · Reply

    I am most impressed… I strongly support and willingly join in this just fight. God help us amen

  534. Shola Tiamiyu · · Reply

    This government is insensitive to the plight of the common Man, they only think of themselves. But if we must do the protest we must be ready to do it with all our heart and ready to give it whatever it takes to achieve our aim; d strike does not affect them in amy way cos” they have their Family provided for; it is me & u that will fee the pains but if we are ready and determined to do anything {remove d syndrom of “I no way die, Pikin dey for house, wife or husband dey for house etc.} We shall succeed. Aluta continua!

  535. TOKUNBO MALVINS · · Reply

    There is every need for us to fight for our right and nobody will do dat for us so let’s sort it out once and for all peacefully like u said as for me u av all my support

  536. Mary Ibrahim · · Reply

    My location is Lagos.I encourage my fellow Nigerians to prepare for one month and over,so we don’t get tired and decide to give up. We can’t afford to break it along the line and plan to begin again. It has to be continual. Long live Nigeria

  537. Anthony · · Reply

    I live in Akoka, Lagos and I totally agree with your view and plan to ouster these so called CABALS. Our rallies, protests and purpose MUST be defined to achieve our goal. I am with U and the whole protest thing. A refinery can be built if the so called government wants to do that. What is 24-36months that we can no longer endure? We have suffered all these years so we can still endure through the time the refineries are built. This protest MUST be achieved….

  538. bode usuv · · Reply

    GRrrr!! We need a very tough slogan to ginger the brave nerves in people!: “WE WANT TO DIE!!”

  539. khadijah ummul muhmin usman · · Reply

    Am in total support,nigerians let join hands nd fight together as 1.

  540. Saadiya · · Reply

    Victoria acerta, we will stand united n win by God’s grace.God bless Nigeria n may we remain united

  541. emeka ogey · · Reply

    I volunteer to help out for Benin City if help is needed for organisation. My no. 07030073595. Thumbs up guys.

  542. Banjo Bamgs · · Reply

    Good and articulate PLAN but i ll b glad if this cld b INCORPORATED considering d fact dt a month is 2 much to fight 4 REVERSAL OF SUBSIDY. Hence, afta 2 wks, we change our CALL 4 GEJ’S REMOVAL.

  543. felix thelma · · Reply

    I must fight for my unborn children.I hate wat is goin on.we must strife and pray dat dz nation doesnt spilit into 2.

  544. bode usuv · · Reply

    GRrrrr!! We need a tough slogan dat will ginger the braveness in people’s hearts! : “WE WANT TO DIE TODAY!!”

  545. wole wonder · · Reply

    What do u mean by “”WE” are doing our best to get them invovled ” apparently you are one of those blind men that lead blind men into pits,your effort is apprieciated but what you have “organised here” is niether practical or rational and you have not told us what will happen if government does not heed to our cry,will you still remain peaceful? Will you be able to handle the aggression of area boys,militants and student cultist:you know this people won’t go anywhere without lethal weapons!

    1. bode usuv · · Reply

      Relax wonder boy. First rule of theoretical engagement: don’t scream foul if u don’t av an alternative theory to oppose or complement the status quo.
      Now, how is what you wrote above supposed to help us? You made a valid point but u failed to propose a remedy. Or are we s’pozd to go back home now and do nothing?? So, help us. Tell ur frat boys to leave their guns at home or odawise, bring it and use it to protect the rest of us from the street urchins amongst our midst. Or just suggest a better alternative idea to the above which won’t end with us going back home with our tails between our legs once again!!

  546. immortal · · Reply

    In”Tthe Prince” a very popular political book written by Nicolo Machaevelli, thought considered too harsh and brutal in achieving political aim nd reject oppression, but I think its needed. He said nd I quote ”there two people, people that use peace and people that use brutal ways,d 1c dat use peace r considered educated nd normal while d 1c dat use brutal ways r considered as animals”.he further said if u use peaceful means nd d pple u r using for r not ready to listen,den dey r animals den u resort to brutal ways. What I’m I saying I’m a pacifist,but to me I think dey don’t want peace dere calling for war revolutions.

  547. Let us be aware that the GSM operators were planning to shut down BlackBerry Services. An attempt we must resist cos we all paid for the services.
    They have started killing people for protecting their right.focus should also be on any filling stations selling beyond #65.00.


    1. immortal · · Reply

      The painful thing is dat pple don’t even knw aw serious nd painful dis situation is. Now check dis out, dey r trying to shut d d bbm down, using ncc nd others hiding unda d umbrella of preventing pple from sending revolutionary comments nd msg of motivating pple toward fighting them cos dey r scared cos we r more dan dem. That’s wat u tink d plan is but wat dey want is to deny u of ur civil right of freedom of expression nd freedom to information. Now dey r trying to break us down by using d police nd deny ur freedom of movement nd protest den now want to use anoda method by taking anoda right of information nd expression by cutting of wat we even pay for to achieve. No way dey r pushing to far. Nd now u think ordinary peaceful protest will solve dis. U must b joking nd u pple r not even ready for freedom. normally everybody want pple to serve dem,meaning nobody want to give u freedom, pple don’t give freedom u fight to get ur freedom. At homes parent to don’t give freedoms children fight for it @ a particular stage. Anybody dat want to deny ur freedom u will fght with d person, so its now d time to fight for dis freedom

  548. United Nigerians!we shall defeat the government!enough is enough,we are not fools but people like them.thank you

  549. Its a pity our dear country Nigeria is right now in shambles. The way generators were being ran in my house,wasn’t funny,we never botherd if Nepa owned up or not. Had to sleep in darkness yesterday as Nepa struck and my dad refused us the gen,now that’s extremly unusual in my house but its what the damn subsidy removal has caused. I’m in a private university and I’m wondering what my next fees will be. I’m wondering how I would run my car in school,fill my gas,buy food and all,its devastating. In a country where the 2most important needs are denied us,Transpirtation and food. No good and adequate transportation system and food is expensive,yet they remove subsidy on fuel. At d market yesterday,prices had gone up,subsidy removal. People can hardly afford food,yet you make things worse for them and stilbexpect tax to be paid? I can only pray 4 Nigeria at this rate. I support the protests and we all maintain peace in all these and correctly,we should be one and act as same. All unions should join in. The Aluta continues!

  550. el-leazah kanu · · Reply

    a life long dream for me,is coming to pass n I am going wit you all d way…

  551. I see my people are not yet out of thier comfort zone.the tunisians were, the egytians were, the libyans were….when are we gonna stand and face Badluck jonathan… We are already reducing the amount of fuel we cosume for our generators and some are dropping their cars opting to trek. I congratulate you but if you don’t consider other that can’t afford all this bEcause their children don’t have food then you are a target for robbery.. The polity isn’t heated up, let’s burn it up.

  552. immortal · · Reply

    Dos who make peace change impossible,makes violent change inevitable . The people u wanna fight either in peace protects or pieces protest pple r going down dead,arrested harass,brutalize etc.
    Wat we don’t knw is dat dis a phase in dis country to actually decide wat we want.many advance countries today dat we luk up to ave passed thru dis phase of revolution nd vigorous rejection of oppressions 1 way or d oda including d so called USA, we ave revolution which was bloody for like many years,we ave russian revolution,cuba even south africa. We can’t win dis pple with delegates on a round table shakes and take some snaps nd believe all is well. Fuck diplomacy. Let me tell either spiritual or physical we still ave human sacrifices cos pple r ready to sacrifice dere life for dere coming generation, this cabal r making like beta for dere generations to come so dat dere children will continue to oppress our children den it continues dat way. The point is peaceful demostration is ok,but if it doesn’t work it means its not enuff, being educated doesn’t make u a peaceful person so being a brute in dis context doesn’t make u otherwise u r just doing a nation call.
    Many country dat got independent like d way nigeria did, with signed papers nd some elite with and shakes declaring independence neva ave peace, but d 1c dat fought nd died for dere independence like USA and south africa became advance. This is d opportunity to destroy nd rebuilt,for gud change to b achieved destruction comes first.

  553. samuel omolola edema · · Reply

    I wish the date can be monday!!! between nw aήϑ friday may not give enough time to prepare Ƒσя the kind of war wε̲ are going into. may GÖ̤d help us

  554. mohammed wada · · Reply

    Well put, concise and poignant. Together we will succeed, if we don’t fight for our rights we are resigned to the status quo of backwardness. 12 years of the same suffering and lack of vision is enough. Our children will ask us where we were, and my reply should be I was in the fore of the struggle. Long live Nigeria!

  555. I totally agree with u sir,and I also totally agree with seun akindele but at the same time let’s face facts.history can bear us witness that no peaceful protest in africa in general and nigeria in particular has yielded any positive results.as peaceful as it starts,it turns violent cus the goats and pigs at the helm of affairs end up sending guns and amo after us.however,there is no harm in trying.who knows if it will work for the very first time.let’s bear in mind however that we need to be ready for war as well should our peaceful intent be mis read buy these one track minded buffoons at the helm of affairs and there after we get violated.which ever way it is,I believe that we should be ready to go the whole mile to make this work cus if it doesn’t then we are sunk for good.we should there for,leave nothing to chance.

  556. sola Success · · Reply

    Pls let act accordingly d victory is certain α̲̅πϑ very obvious! Ǥ☺☺Đ work!

  557. The president and his team are taking us for a ride. And has forgotten the finger that fed him. He want to know the God of Nigeria

  558. Nice one I think we should work on this, that we be better 4 us, I think we no what is better 4 us as a nation but less do it wisely.

  559. olaolukintan · · Reply

    I support dis motion and together we shall all stand and fight at last for our yet unborn generation”the struggle of our hero past shall never go in vain” we shall overcome-The freedom fighter.

  560. shina Abadunmi · · Reply

    Time to come together and chart the courses of our destined.only we can make things work.kudos to u all.let’s go there

  561. Yemi Okunowo · · Reply

    Novel idea, I will be a part regardless of whatever happens, I hope we able to control the spate of violence. Aluta Continua Victoria Ascerta!!!

  562. immortal · · Reply

    I am a very peaceful guy infact I don’t ave any street credibility for violent.I am a graduate of economics from uniabuja. But d point is for aw long will ur ego lead u to ur destruction nd sell out my nd up coming generations,wat is d benefit of u living wen u cam make d life of ur children nd coming generation more beta dan urs. The elite r powerful pple who dey tink own u nd d state cos dey ave all necessary resource to oppress d masses hiding under d shade of restoring peace. They ave d police, armed forces etc whto r loyal to dem making dem believe dat dey r serving dere country but serving dem. The saddest thing is dat d police nd d armed forces even forget dat dey r part of d masses cos dey can’t even pass d means of subsistence. Wat a pity.

  563. Johnson A. O · · Reply

    ……FUEL SUBSIDY PROTEST: One shot dead in Ilorin.
    Nigeria has painfully lost one protester in Ilorin when the security tried to break the protesters when the protest turned violence.
    The anti-Subsidy protesters vandalised a petrol station, MRS, damaging cars and other properties. A Sterling Bank branch within the the area was attacked, they burnt a Hilux bus belonging to the bank and two cars belong…ing to workers of the bank. An attempt by the Police to contain the protesters, resulted in a shot fatally wounding one person.”…God dey……….(frm d nigeria representative of dis great page)………………SERIOUSLY TALKIN ON D ISSUE OF REMOVAL OF FUEL SUBSIDY……..This fuel-subsidy issue is a double-edged sword;
    The Governments stance:
    1. “We want to use the money to build infrastructure. ”
    The People’s stance:
    1. One Nigerian senator earns 3times what the President of the USA earns and we have 109 of them! not to talk of ministers, governors, advisers and the presidency itself!! Apart from thiswe have 1 billion in our budget this year alone for the feeding of the presidency (that is unheard of also in other countries), not to talk of the massive corruption as evidence by the massive depletion of our foreign reserves and excess crude oil accounts!!! So: “If you are serious about not having enough money for improvements/ infrastructure prove your loyalty by slashing your salaries and using that money to improve our economy.”That is where a huge chunk of our budget is going.
    2. Before you remove the subsidy,don’t you think you should reduce the burden this will cause the people? at least this is what every other country has done. There should be constant electricity and the roads/rail and transport services should be sorted.
    3. The most important point is however; WHY ARE OUR REFINERIES NOT WORKING? If our refineries were functioning at full capacity and we went ahead to build some more; we would not have this problem. Not only will we be able to sell to the foreign market at a more competitive price to earn more income? The cost of selling it to Nigerians themselves would drop drastically.
    So now, let’s be honest with ourselves, who has a better argument? Is the government not meant to serve the people? If the government is to be a government of the people, then itshould humble itself and fix up. The government is not expected to provide subsidy forever, but for now; it has to cut the salaries of its overpaid yet under-worked workers and fix the refinery/ electricity issues at least. The subsidy should also be removed slowly; not all at once. It is just common-sense.
    God Bless Nigeria

  564. ojo david · · Reply

    we as Nigerians have been pushed beyond limit.this is the time for us to demonstrate and make them know that that democracy is not for selecteed groups of people who feel Nigeria is their project.i am very sure that this will serve as a warning and if they refuse to accept we shall proceed with a portside light effect.

  565. Well done! This is truly well thought out and very organised! I am already broadcasting the message!
    May the good Lord help us and deliver Nigeria as a nation and Nigerians from a state of anarchy! Amen.

  566. Shanu lawal A · · Reply

    I volontier my self 2b part of dis raly any time any day and i apeal 2 all nigeria youth to stood up for us to make sure dis subsidy is not come to stay at dis time. Pls one tree can not make a forest, we must all come together to take dis nation 2d promise land. God blees Nigeria

  567. oladimeji · · Reply

    Hello Mr.Writer,
    I appreciate this piece and implore Nigerians to come out in mass to participate in this propossed violent free demonstration to press home our demand -subsidy removal.
    However,we should not forget in a hurry that the IMF advice on dthe subsidy removal in Ghana,Ivory coast,Nigeria and another country I can’t remember now as subsidy is seen as corruption enhancer.The wealth of over 150 million is bestowed in the hands of about 20 thousand stooge.
    I believe this protest we yield some result but doubt if PMS can ever be sold at 65naira again.We could fight it to some reasonable amount and if government says subsidy is still out and we expect their promise on subsidy benefit(employment,infrastructurer development,Mass transportation scheme,building more roads and rail system rehabilitation and deregulation)
    Its so painful to buy fuel into your car at this outrageous amount and filling your generator tank is more painful yet its only Osun state that is paying the minimum wage!

  568. U make sense?thks 4all d time

  569. arogunre kazeem oladapo · · Reply

    Let’s fight this out,enough is enuff,our leaders doesn’t have the interest of the masses @hearht,am seriously part of this struggle,if we refused to stop this,another government will come in another didspensation to give another story why thy have to increase fuel price again just for their selfish interest………………………….

  570. christabel · · Reply

    I go with mr Bubu said. If we have 2protest d tym is now. Lets fight for our right.

  571. Who ever posted this must be an agent of d govt, we do not need organized labour or any other union for anything, and we do not need to wait until Friday for anything, some ppl will be dead before Friday morals will be at its Lowest and ppl would av been used to d current price. Nobody should listen to this thieves who are on d govt payroll, all they are doing is to try to kill ppl moral, anybody who fills aggravated by d current development should take to d street and protest.

  572. emike mary · · Reply

    I strongly agree with d peacful protest bcos dis subsidy removal is nut going to tell on those wealthy politicians but US all..God blessed nigeria but humans r destroying n gulping wat we got for free…we need Gods intervention Now!

  573. immortal · · Reply

    I’m immortal my name is Lanre,my numba is 08051174682 nd my bb pin is 26cd247e if u wanna reach me, anytin doing is worth doing well.

  574. wole wusu · · Reply

    I want us to put God first by inviting notable men of God to, if possible ,lead in this protest because these rulers are already possesed by the devil, this statement is not unfounded but the very truth! WE MUST BE WISE!

  575. francisca abu · · Reply

    Well,dis country is so messed.

  576. Agbabiaka abdul quadri · · Reply

    We can do it if we are determined but the problem there is that we are timid and most of us are hypocrite.the government is intending to spoil our future and we the support of God they wont…

  577. Umar Brigade · · Reply

    Fully in support of this historic struggle for the betterment of the present & yet unborn genertions.. Because what government did is calous,barberic & inhuman looking at the level of Insecurity,corruption,poor infrustrure decay,lack of trust for the goverment by the citizens etc We conderm this fuel increment in it totallity & calling on the so-called GEJ & his cabals to immediately reverse this useless policy of theirs in the name of Transformational in danger….. With no apology to any authority!!!

  578. If I where u (whoever has dis blog), I wld rather write abt d steps d govt shld take in accordance wit helping d country witout d fuel subsidy “yet”. Truth is, d govt owes us (d masses) a lot. We do not take it by irrational rallies bt it shld b done strategically, in a civilised manner. Mobilizing a rally or riot is not going 2 change d decision of d govt. Getn d blog on air wld also help d govt 2 c d perspective of some Nigerians.

    1. bode usuv · · Reply

      Chioma sharrrraaaaaap! Go and sit down!


  579. THis nigeria n problem is beyond our control is as good as not having leaders

  580. Let’s get going. Its now unbearable

  581. If u do not believe in ur cause and willing to fight and die for it… Then u have already LOST… And ur family, ur children, ur children’s children, and all ur loved ones will pay for it in the coming days… So make ur stand for them now once and for all… Uproot corruption from its roots… ENOUGH is ENOUGH

  582. Oga, nice article oo..but I have witnessed and participated in like 5 peaceful protests and it 1. Hardly yields results 2. Most times, we got gased or chased violently of the streets. Do you think that a peaceful protest would have been able to get rid of ghadaffi. I hope that you have also heard what happened to malaye’s peaceful protest to further prove my point. These people don’t feel our pain, they call our bluffs. Please if there is anyway to let the police know that the people that they are firing tear gas at are their families and they should know that besides following orders, we are all going to suffer the consequences of the president’s actions together. I say we take the heat to their door step.

  583. sunmoni abiola · · Reply

    Really and truly the subsidy removal is very reasonable,but the question is,is this the right time for the removal,do we have our own refineries yet?y can’t this people just wait till we get it right.yes the masses do not buy gas,bt they eat and take transport. didn’t the initiator of this idea of removal(okonjo ewala)put this to consideration,…am in full and total support of the protest not that the removal is a bad idea,but it can’t be 141,that’s great madness……….

  584. This is d right time 4 us to stand and fight 4 our rights non violently to achieve our goal of Govt returning back d subsidy and build our refineries.

    IMPORTANT REBROADCAST: ‎​When President Olusegun Obasanjo was in power we spent 300 billion per year on the fuel subsidy. Under the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan it shot up to 1.3 trillion naira in the last one year alone. Can someone please explain to me how it got so high in 4 years and what exactly they were subsidizing with the extra one trillion naira? When the Obasanjo government left power in 2007 the country was no longer in debt and the 30 billion dollar foreign debt that Obasanjo met when he came to power in 1999 was fully paid off. Today, under the administration of Jonathan, our country is back in debt to the tune of 41 billion dollars (both foreign and domestic) and we are still borrowing. Can someone please tell me what the loans were used for and whether we will ever be able to pay them off? When the Obasanjo administration left power in 2007 our foreign reserves were 80 billion dollars even though when he came into office in 1999 we only had 1.5 billion dollars.
    Today our foreign reserves have dropped from 80 billion dollars in 2007 to 33 billion dollars. Can someone please tell me where all the money went? When the Obasanjo administration left power in 2007 23 billion dollars was left in the Excess Crude Account after he built it up from nothing in 1999. Today we do not have one dollar left in that account because the money has been squandered and the account scrapped. Can someone explain to me who spent that money and precisely what it was spent on? By the time the Obasanjo administration left power in 2007 not one bomb had gone off in Abuja throughout his 8 years in office and neither did we shy away from confronting the evil and dealing a hard blow to the terrorists wherever and whenever it was necessary to do so. Today bombs go off at will all over the north, the President hides in the Villa and churches were targeted.

    Who Will Deliver Us From This Goodluck?
    By Femi Fani-Kayode

  585. I love dis. I’m all in.

  586. afe abiola henry · · Reply

    Pls what Ȋ̝̊̅§ fuel subsidy?

  587. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matters”-Martin Luther king…Whatever the mind can conceive and believe,the mind can achieve…Many of our youths still call this a joke not knowing its coming around and if we keep silent,we are going pay for it…
    Let’s join hand and make a peaceful protest!!!!!….Esprit de corp’s

  588. segun adeyemi ariyo · · Reply

    This is the ripe time to do this no more suffering and smiling the one our grandfathers and mothers did then, aluta continua……………they ve to buy our own idea. Sanusi, Okonjo, Oshiomole are not up to 1% of this country. We must see the end of this to a positive end.

  589. fellow Nigerians say no to fuel subsidy removal…we have our right…we have the say…ruling us doesn’t mean he’s our God…….

  590. You know its actually crazy that labour is just planning to discuss a know the next line of action,when this subsidy removal issues had lingered for close to a year…

    I support this movement.Would do with both my pen and legs!Leggo!

  591. Avosahi Bello · · Reply

    I am game for this. I think lots of bottle necks has to be fixed before such policy will commence.

  592. Yem Francis · · Reply

    Please lets emulate d Egyptians, who during d protest the Christians surrounded their Muslim Brothers to protect them while they pray and the Muslims also protected their Christian Brothers While in Church. Make no mistake about this, the effect of subsidy removal cut across all coners. Its no respecter of Age, Religion, Gender, Creed or Color. So lets do it together Guyz!

  593. Oginni Victoria Omotola · · Reply

    Yah! This is really a voice of wisdom and the call is also patriotic. Mr president is not really concerned with the welfare of the masses he is presiding if he is he would have known that our heads are peppering us with his selfish and unplanned decision. LET US TALK AND SING IT LOUD AND CLEAR.

  594. ConcernedNigerian · · Reply

    It’s really a pity for 9ja. This is d time 2 say no 2 all d WICKED policies. May GOD almighty c us through(Amin). Long live 9ja in peace nd happiness.

  595. I will sudgest Monday 9th of January is the best day,reasons are below
    friday is just a 60% working day.
    Saturday n sunday are weekend, the government will nt really feel the weekend protest impact.
    Time is also require for planning n educating d masses which can be done by going tru d anti-PDP state media house
    People( meddle class, lower class n the poor) need time to gather resouces( money, food, medication etc).

  596. hadiza mustapha · · Reply

    This is for us all.But it has to be peaceful,please.

  597. We are READY!

  598. jenny amanze · · Reply

    I hope and pray seriously that the whole purpose of this is achieved and we won’t be sold out by our union leaders and we won’t settle for anything less.
    Let the old fuel price be reversed and no subsidy removal until our refineries are fixed .
    Enough of this hypocrisy from our govt, from our impossed leaders and tyrant jonathan.
    I’m redi for a fight if one shud ensue.

  599. You all asked for a chance to prove your worth, a chance to contribute your quota to your Nigeria. Well this is it…so please don’t blow it. Read, share, retweet, email, print/circulate, and orally recruit more people. If each of us recruited 10 neighbours & family members, and each of those 10 people recruited 10 more persons, we will well be on our way to taking back this country from our oppressors. No number is too much and none is too little.

  600. ladenegan Oriola · · Reply

    May God almighty give us the grace and enabliement to keep the protest simple….Godbless Nigeria..

  601. shina Abadunmi · · Reply

    Viva nigeria

  602. Isiaka Hafsat Saidu · · Reply

    United we stand, divided we fall. Lets fight for remedy. Thanks for the awareness.

  603. Monkom itegila · · Reply

    Properly written and well said , but personally I think since after the amalgamation and almost a century after the amalgamation we still can’t leave together as one nation( Nigeria) . This isn’t the first time the unity of Nigeria is threaten but it looks certainly to be the worst , as concerned Nigerians we are praying for the best and hope for a greater Nigeria ,because we have the potential to be the greatest of countries.

  604. iji kolade emmanuel · · Reply

    I am with u all d way.dis GEJ govt is a brutal one,and I am not goin to sit arnd and do nuftin.am with dis article all d way.

  605. The nigerian security agency are agent of destruction. Someone reacting to his griviences being arrested,teargased or even detained. This act is uncalled for. The organiser of these rallies are not doing for selfish interest but for the whole nation. Then why this brutality. You are part of the masses how ever highly placed you think you may be, because it must touch you in one way or the other. Useless human being.Do your brutality while in uniform. Never forget that those retired before you are suffering just to get thing right but failing. You will one day join them and be suffering. May you remain focusless like this.

  606. For the article. I wish the protest can go that way. But you know the variety of people we have in this country, highly uneducated hooligans, “Agberos”, Opportunist etc. The people in charge of these people should be briefed about these new protest development.(Applicable in Lagos). Because a well structured and organized protest in Lagos will shake the whole country. Imagine a total strike in Lagos for just 2days.

    Where are the so called celebrities, notable and well known people we have in this country. Let them take the lead. Or it seems they are comfortable with the subsidy removal. I only heard very few joined the protest.

  607. Dear azeenarh,

    I have read your write-up and essentially you’ve spoken my mind, I’ve been meaning to write on “how to carry out an organized protest’ but technically you’ve covered almost everything that needs to be said. The little additions I have are

    1. Firstly, there needs to be first aid equipments and professional present, in case of emergency situations.

    2. Secondly, media coverage is VERY important (most especially international media) because we need the world to see how serious we are. And the media attention will also increase pressure on government.

    3. Thirdly, as a student activist for a long time and having been involved in organizing many protest, (some of which are against government) I will like to caution you (from experience) that the most difficult part of organizing such event is; preventing a peaceful demonstration from turning to violent anarchy. Don’t look at it from Abuja point of view, where mostly the people involved are literates, look at it from other towns point of view where the level of illiteracy and unemployed youths is higher. In order to counter this, there should be a VERY serious organization, yeah!, I don’t mean a simple lucid, piece of cake organization No; I mean the highly sophisticated complex organization. With hierarchy and assigned responsibilities with tasks put in place before we start. In the absence of these, people might be carried away by emotions and probably start attacking governments’ property (eg throwing stones at government offices and ministries or attacking government cars etc). Therefore, people must be able to control and manage there anger. And officials should be spread within the crowd to control the tempo. Or else, the government will have the slight excuse it needs 2 disperse the crowd.

    You have done a nice job. Well done and God bless you.

    We have come so far, and there is no going back. More grease to our elbows.

    Mohammed Saleh
    Facebook/mohammed saleh II

  608. femi timothy · · Reply

    I support hundred percent less fight this one’s less help our self before God help us on friday we are together.we shall not rest untill they return it to normal price

  609. Madueke Tochukwu N. · · Reply

    I beg to dissent a bit. Nigeria is in a very sensitive state now and the concept of peace in Nigeria now is more delicate than ever before, a little stagger can break it to pieces. We need to be very careful.
    The question is what is our gov’t trying to do by removing this subsidy?
    Do they rely wish to oppress us?
    Is there any merit in there decision?
    It appears that we have forgotten so soon that we conceded to this when we thum-printed on their side of the ballot papers.
    We trusted in their ability to govern us. Why can we not give them a chance now to prove their competence.

  610. kabir Salam · · Reply

    This is terrible, Nigeria is a great country we must not accept this. Yes I support the move of protest. Well I will just implores our people not to make the protest in a violent way. Its should be in a peaceful way. Let’s start the protest immediately. And again all Nigeria should raise the voice of impeachment against mr president. This should be said by NASS.

  611. hassan saleh abdulkarik · · Reply

    good time 2 goooooooooooooo

  612. I hate dis country…i support wort yu doin,more greece 2 ur albow

  613. Its really ɑ̤̥̈̊ big blow on our country only God can prevail oº˚°º≈º°˚ºo coz A̶̲̥̅♏ feed up of τ̲̅ђε̲̣̣̣̥ subsidy ŋ☺ fuel i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ my generator and water decided nt †̥ turn †̥ petrol………….

  614. Let burn down their houses and chase them out.. Enuff is enuff..

  615. Mansur Maccido · · Reply

    This is a clarion call. We must rise against it . If we allowed it, the next thing GEJ will do is to trade the citizens of our great nation. We should d4 realized that we are @ d verge of getting ourselves in to slavery. Nigerians have now seen the writing in the wall. Let’s b guided.

  616. adedeji bamiro · · Reply

    I hope we will collectively and honestly occupy Nigeria this time around. If the PUSH is well choreographed and controleed to exclude meaningless miscreants it will be the most effective. Note it must start the same time.

  617. Will do this with God by our side
    We’ll win.


  619. “Arise oh compatriot nigeria’s call obey” that is wat our national anthem says and d tym to do that is now. What baffles me is y is it that it is d subsidy dat affects d common man dat they want to remove when the real subsidy is just on a few people. It is a known fact that d salary of a Nigerian senator is higher than that of the us president but no one is talking about that. Sanusi almost got into trouble in a statement he said Nass takes home 41 percent of nigerias budget overhead but that chapter has also been closed. 18 thousand minimum wage has not been implemented but a senator earns 500 thousand for every time he sits in d chamber regardless of contribution made. My fellow nigerians we refuse to be deceived not in dis generation. They succeeded in deceiving our fathers but we refuse to b deceived in this generation. It has to be now or never. “Arise oh compatriots, nigeria’s call obey”

  620. anonymous · · Reply

    Did the president tell Nigerians it was going to shock us. He has led by example how the constitution should be obeyed. IF they want to kill us they should go ahead and shoot us all, Hunger is worse. The days of sit down it will be well is over. We are informed now and not even the president can stop us. We own the government and the constitution
    Cowards should please go to bed and watch, afterall you didn’t think youths all over the country will rise up.
    We won’t negotiate with terrorism, the presidents approch to fuel is terror.

  621. muhsinah · · Reply

    This idea is really amazing. We need 2 stand up and fight together as a nation. There need 2 b revolution just as libyans did to /adafi

  622. john nash · · Reply

    as if u guyz dnt hav wrk abi, u guyz r shameless, instead of going abt ur normal duties u guyz r here wastin ur tym in d name of protest… Gudluck 2 a disorganised protest!!

  623. Abubakar mohammed syd · · Reply

    According to the nation constitution, a citizens have a right to vote,right to education,etc. Why can’t we come out and fight on our right, are we not human being, or we depend on those reps and senators, whose their mind is to get money not to work for people.

  624. Iv just one wish.if only the police,army,air force ect can join d protest.cool ha

  625. Ibrahim Abdulsalam · · Reply

    This is the only way to work this out. That is the only strategy to our success.

  626. olubakin A · · Reply

    I am 100% with u. Let us go

  627. nura sani · · Reply

    I support the move against removal of oil subsidy

  628. dotherighthing · · Reply

    As long as the protest is not targeted at the systemic failure that has brought us to this, I will not join the protedst. Re-draft the strategy and make it target the corrupt three tiers of govt, overpaid lawmakers, over bloated and inefficient civil service, poor security service and other weaknesses in the system. Reversing the subsidy (which is not going to happen), is not a solution to the problems that plague nigeria

  629. Olatunde Ojo · · Reply

    Look, Tosin and all others who are calling God in this matter, you guys just make me sick!I am a christain too, but some of our so called churches and pastors have the resources to support protesters if this peaceful, sit at home protest eventually takes flight. Why don’t you talk to them? This is totally a human issue and we as humans ve the capacity, when united to topple these bastards. Don’t forget that our nation is already divided on religious grounds. Ve u quiclky forgotten the xmas day killings?!!! Please pray at home and keep it to your self.

  630. Yes we are ready!

  631. Sholley · · Reply

    Hmmm…This Jona is a devil,why will our govvernment want the poor masses to subsidise the rich.So if the government can’t,how can we? Was that his promises before the election? Let’s start the protest from our constituencies calling and requesting our representatives to start the impeachment proceedings @ the lower and upper house of Assemblies cos they are representing our interests. let’s demand our right from our source then we can proceed as planned collectively on state level…God Bless Nigeria

  632. Articulate. More than the issue of subsidy, what I’m interested in being a part of is the general social declaration of state of emergency on leadership ineptitude across board and in all respect: local-state-federal governments, ministries, agencies, institutions, NFF, PHCN, etc.
    Pushing for subsidy return is like settling for nothing. I implore Nigerians to see the subsidy protest as that catalyst factor we’ve waited for so long to reclaim our humanity. We must sack our oppressors all this time, HOWEVER we can! Otherwise, we’ll keep wallowing in the docility they’ve always attributed us with. And Nigeria would only exist in our minds!

  633. Enough is Enough! In fact 65 is not the solution. Let us ask for a reversal of the pump price to N50 in order for the strike/protest to be emphatic and effective.

  634. michelle · · Reply

    9aija pple we α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ leaving @ the system of thing and we need Τ̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡ be eprayerful 2tim 3 -1,5

  635. ibukun o · · Reply

    i am fully in support of dis, n i hope d̶̲̥̅̊A̶̲̥̅τ̲̅ d nlc pple av not bin bribed by d govt, dis strike must hold n we must all fight 2d end…

  636. idris halliru · · Reply

    I absolutely agree wit this non vialonce protest.pls keep the flag flying in a peacefull way and we will surely spread news.

  637. Williams Charles O · · Reply

    I hope we can carry this out. if u need some1 to coordinate from Kogi axis or join, pls feel free to beep me

    1. Emperor · · Reply

      what are you coordinating?. Take out time to look at the two sides of the coin.
      Money and wealth will not be circulating in the hands of few as if there own this country alone.

  638. Pls let’s get down on it, am raring to go.

  639. We cannot afford to give in to this oppression or to be taken for granted. We need to stand our ground and do so prayerfully but this is really frustrating

  640. The Lord is our strenght.God Bless you all.

  641. lillian oge · · Reply

    This is a call 4 prayers let God rid Nigeria of evil self seeking greedy leaders once n 4 all.Dis has given a better definition to d word insensitivity.we will not accept it,

  642. A clueless governent should be booted out. Now

  643. Pls tell me why you seem to be anonymous if you are so up or us coming out to peacefully protest you would have put up your name and email not some made up email… Are you trying to exonerate yourself once the peace protests turn bloody seeing as this has already happened in Kogi State… I we are to be bold then that should start with you bold enough to say who you are…. Be warned anyone reading this… Let he who declares peaceful protest like he said not be bothered about his image, name, ego, fame or fortune… Be sure to lead by example

    1. Are you for real???? This looks like a made up name to you? Google me, check my facebook and for Gods sake contribute to save Nigeria or shut it! The least yoou can do is get infromation before you make accusations

  644. Wande Aderoba · · Reply

    Who is dat person saying we r ignorant? I tink u r d more ignorant one. Ponder on this.David Mark earns N600 million annually, enough money to set up at least, 100 schools in his Benue State
    President Jonathan and his friends will eat N1 billion worth of food in 2012, while fuelling their cars for N1.7 billion. This amount will build at least, 50 good health care centres in the South-South
    N200 million was budgeted to water the gardens of the President in 2011. This is enough to educate 200 Nigerians through university education
    This is more than a quest for economic rights, it a quest for justice. This is not about fuel subsidy, it is about the ruling class’ war on the Nigerian masses. They cannot claim our country is broke when president Goodluck Jonathan continues to feed fat on N3 million worth of food everyday. They cannot claim to be broke when they increased the recurrent expenditure of the 2012 budget by another N92 billion. They cannot claim to be broke when the First Lady just spent N5billion furnishing an office. They cannot claim to be broke when in the whole budget is about their salaries and allowances.
    BOTTOM LINE: Government seeks to impoverish us the more by removing fuel subsidy while they continue to waste money on their friends and families!

    ACTION PLAN: We will have PEACEFUL PROTESTS in all the 36 states + FCT from Friday 6th of January 2012 at 10am.

  645. this shallow thinking govt is going to buy 1600 buses. Assume a price of N20m I.e N32bn for a depreciating asset which will consume diesel for their operations.

    Why do we reason like this, 2ight multiple of this figure is all we need as subsidy, why Nigeria. Why.

  646. Fadipe Akinwole · · Reply

    Removal of fuel subsidy must not stay. All these oppressors must realized ∂α̲̅t this Country doesn’t belong to them. Enough is enough!!!

  647. funmi owen · · Reply

    our Mr president is a reprobate preson and it is not good.

  648. GOD BLESS NIGERIA ! I believe in a united Nigeria,though it tarries,it will surely come. But one thing is certain,we cannot all fold our hands and keep complaining, expecting other people to act on our behalf,that will take us nowhere. Mr president should have told us about this while campaigning before he was elected. One thing I believe in is the fact that the Government is supposed to be as strong as we make them and not stronger as to imposing unconstitutional and highly frustrating laws on d citizens. They should remember, they are put there to be our leaders and not rulers! A peaceful protest is fine,bt we should all remember, violence wouldn’t solve anything. Mr president,Nigerians are really praying for you because we all know that ‘uneasy lies the head that wears the crown’ bt pls,don’t just turn deaf ears to we the citizens and ask us to give you “just 2 years” ! Are u aware how many lives would have been lost by then?

  649. abraham nwankwo · · Reply

    Is this protest different from that scheduled for Monday the 9th of January by NLC & TUC?

  650. Zeus (@odumah) · · Reply

    Very concise & eloquently put… Couldn’t add more myself…. Very well done. It ωα§ α learning experience.

  651. We’ve been pushd 2 d wall, we av just 1 optn, n dat is 2 fight bak! We own dis country!

  652. hayatuddeen · · Reply

    Badluck,I swear we(citizens of Naija) are stronger than u think, ready than u can ever emerging, we did not want only fuel subsidy to be reinstated, but we want u to resign, because u show up ur true color. For Nigerian, is beta for us to die fighting for ur rights, than to die for prostration and hunger. Perhaps this is the fresh air we are promised!

  653. Just thinking…

    We often cite the examples of the Arab spring to serve as a warning to the Nigerian government. As enticing as that would seem to the common man, I would rather we exercised some degree of caution. Most people have only heard of the exile of the ex-Tunisian president, the toppling of the once revered Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and the Downfall of the seemingly All-Powerful Lion of the Islamic Maghreb, Muammar Gaddaffi. They have not been following the developments in those countries after the revolutions. While Tunisia might have been making some progress in what was clear as part of the main objective of the revolution from the start-ending of a long and corrupt dictatorial government-the rest of their issues may have been compounded by the relatively violent nature of the protests and demonstrations. Saying this about Libya and Egypt would be a worthless statement of the crystal clear obvious. In Nigeria, at least it would seem we have got what those Arabs fought legitimately for albeit much needed violence. Even it is just a mirage and one could argue it is just a bunch of theories scribbled on worthless sheets of paper; it is a fact that we have a democracy which is supposed to be guarded by the rule of law.

    Yes democracy is the precious diamond of the modern world. As a muslim of course, I would love to exclusively subscribe to a democratic system of government in which all decisions made would be guided by Islamic principles as taught by the Qur’an and the Sunnah if there was ever a chance of doing that in Nigeria without trampling on the rights of other people divinely safeguarded by the Qur’an as well. In the practical sense of today, I would support the democratic system in Nigeria so long as it gives me every freedom to be a muslim and practice Islam as much I should in every aspect of my entire life. I would go on to support the democratic system in Nigeria so long as it gives the same freedom I would enjoy as a muslim to other people of other faiths who hold the same legitimate claims as Nigerians. I would not desist to promote the existence of a democratic government in Nigeria so long as I remember that episode in Islamic history when the Noble Prophet of Islam (S.A.W.) went into a treaty (the treaty of Hudaibiyyah) with the pagans of Makkah. A treaty which brought about a truce safeguarding a peaceful coexistence of pagans and muslims in Arabia. A treaty, even though one-sided in favour of the pagans and which recognised the legitimate claims of the muslims and the pagans alike to the Kaabah and Makkah, was assented to by the Prophet of Islam in favour of PEACE! A treaty which brought about a peaceful and bloodless conquest of Makkah and purification of kaabah only when the Pagans broke it! Now I find it rather very difficult to understand why educated and gainfully employed persons in their right senses and who are not ignorant religiously would resort to unwarranted violence in the name of trying to fulfil their religious obligations. The assumption that the religious violence we have witnessed might have a political undertone of much bigger dimensions may not be unfounded. However, none of this should be cited as an excuse by the government as a reason for the level of incompetence shown so far.

    And there some people are clamouring for the division and partition of Nigeria as if that would solve the problems of the common man. They have cited the very recent example of South Sudan and I want to remind you of the now old example of India and Pakistan. You tell me whether or not the common man who suffered the brutal and bloody process of secession and partition with all its psychological effects has been better off there. Whether big or small, homogenous or heterogeneous, religious or not religious, culturally diverse or not, the problems of nations and countries have always been borne of corruption.

    I want to tell you that when I partook in the last general elections, I voted for Nigeria. No I did not vote for Good luck Jonathan as I voted for another. What is the purpose of going to the ballot box if you’re not prepared to accept the fair outcome in the greater interest of your nation? No, I did not vote for this government but I am prepared to work with it so long as it will be sincere to move our country forward. For our case is like that of sailors on the high seas. You would not axe the ship down just because you don’t like the commander or captain or because he ended up making policies you didn’t think he would make. You would rather find a way to bring the Captain to the dialogue table peacefully as laid out by law knowing that it is only in the interest of everyone to protect the ship and not sink!

    I supported the Arab spring and I will not back out of this “Nigerian storm” or whatever it will be called. I would rather be cautious as to what objectives we hope to gain when the storm is over. The case of the Nigerian government and its people over the fuel subsidy is like that of the proverbial six blind men each touching different parts of the elephant and each required to describe the elephant based on what he is touching. The one holding the tusk says it is all ivory and nothing else! Others naturally begged to differ. I believe it when the people have complained about government’s insensitivity because I more than know how hard it was to live in Nigeria even before the removal of the subsidy. Nonetheless, the truth of the matter is reversing the removal is not in anyone’s long term best interest because I believe the existence of the fuel subsidy ensured our over reliance on oil. Were the subsidy money to be invested so well and efficiently in other sectors of the economy, it would not take too long for us to reap the fruits of this unwanted labour. Surely I would not be a Nigerian If I believed entirely in that but I would be less of a Nigerian if I expected the fuel subsidy back in place and only removed when more local refineries have been built. How long have we known that we ought to build new refineries or refurbish the old ones to full operating capacity and what exactly has any government been able to achieve in that wise? It would seem our fight now should not be about bringing back the era of fuel subsidy.

    Now this is the time we stand the chance to really make something meaningful out this entanglement of problems called Nigeria. When we go out on the streets protesting and demonstrating, let us follow the rule of law peacefully in doing this so the government will not have any excuse to resort to violent means to quash the protest and dampen our spirit. Doing that will ensure everyone is alive to smile at the end of it. This worked so well in the independence struggle of the then British India. When we do that, let us not ask for the reinstatement of the fuel subsidy nor should we seek to unseat this ‘democratically’ elected government because we all know there are power mongering people around both internally and externally waiting to feast on any chaos ensuing in our dear country and there will be a chance to vote this government out anyway later on should they prove to be outrightly incompetent. Our history and other people’s experience should be our guiding compass. Let us rather demand on further cuts on bureaucracies and wasteful government spending. Let us ask for cuts on the stupendously huge salaries and allowances that have become the reality in Abuja and in capitals of the various tiers of the government because it should be a give and take thing. Let us ask for better palliatives put in place for the painful sacrifice of this fuel subsidy removal. Let us seek for much more transparency in the way the affairs of government and public spending are administered. Above all, when we’re out there marching, Let us know that we are not only marching against the government but also against our own souls because we cannot pretend to have a clean hand in all these. As a society, we celebrated corruption terming it as ‘Smartness’! We always choose to outwit the other unlawfully virtually in everything we do and we don’t feel any remorse!

    What moral high ground do we now expect to stand on knowing faithfully well that our government is just a reflection of who we are?

    A word is enough only for the wise!

    Long Live Nigeria!!!

  654. hawwwey · · Reply

    I truly believe in the whole organization thing…it is best to sit and plan, sop that when and if the protest demands for violence, you people will be able to withstand what ever the circumstance is…also I believe this protest should not just be used for demanding the reinstatement of the fuel subsidy but also a call out for DEMOCRACY in Nigeria..because I believe the country only claims to operate Democracy but it is more of a selection…even if we succeed in getting back the fuel subsidy corruption and other embezzlement will not seize to exist, as the next government that comes to station also has its own motives…this can only be stopped when Nigerians demand for their civil right..remember as once quoted by the former president of the USA he said ” Democracy is government of the people, for the people and by the people” we need to bring the true meaning of democracy back to Nigeria and deal with all scandalous and unacceptable acts of those in power….its good to start with a peaceful protest but when demanded..people should do whatever it takes to prove our point…that we are sick and fed up with the way our country is going…every government that comes, comes along with numbers of promises for a better country but leaves them empty…what happens to all the money they claim to budget every tenure for education, electricity and other amenities? we haven’t seen any changes, so where on earth does all this money go to? we need change in our country

  655. nura sani · · Reply

    We must stand and protest, mr president must tell us the cabals becourse he said he new them. Minister of petrolion, minister of finance, GMD NNPC and Governor CBN most go.

  656. I think this is a very good idea and I know by the grace of God our efforts will not be futile. Big ups to azeenar cos this is a very good initiative. Its time to stand up form ourselves…!!!!..

  657. How can i know our meeting point tomorow. I’m in lafia, nassarawa state

  658. bolarin pearls · · Reply

    ‘Yes we can’ Nigerians wake up get up and go to the streets let ur voices b heard its time to fight for our right let’s take what’s rightfully ours why should we have fuel and be suffering of fuel it is unheard of.and for God’s sake what is wrong with that Ngozi iwela or whatever her name is?why should she be the one controlling GEJ.imagine that wicked woman saying she will resign if he(GEJ) falls for the pressure of the masses.Now is the time the late Awolowo talked about.the time when we stand up for our right,the time when our voices shall be heard,the time when they are being told the implications of what they have been doing to us,the time when we protest,the time when we scream………..this we shall do and success we shall get.Arise o’compatriot!!! God help us all.

  659. Macclemmy · · Reply

    GEJ should go back to school because there was a maxim that problems and solution lies interchangeably, that is one don’t occur without the other but it takes a thinker to locate that solution, since a refinery will take between and 3 years at most, what’s stopping his government from embarking on building refineries since the inception of his tenure, how do we get new investors coming here to invest and create jobs for the unemployed graduates of this country if the cost of oil and other produce is so astronomical which leads ultimately to high cost of production? In my own opinion he should resign and if he is clinging on to power without reversing his stand on subsidy removal, then lets force him out of office comrades even if our legislators saddled with the responsibility to do so have turned so in effective tool and inefficient. PERIOD

  660. kenny ojo · · Reply

    I plead that every nigerian(within, and in the diaspora) in support of the nation wide strike, should show their support with a particular dress code colors(white tops blue bottoms).

  661. bimbo Akintola · · Reply

    Where is the meeting point?

  662. Unity and Faith, will ensure our Peace and Progress till we build up our nation as one bound in Freedom where Peace and Justice reigns.

  663. onwuchekwa sunday · · Reply

    This steps are steps that encourages the youth, violent is not the answer to it but sometime you need to face your problems as they come . I appreciate

  664. Okonjo Iwuala must be threatened by some int’l powers 2 ve acted the way she did. Wat dey should ve opined is 2 build a refinery dat wil cut cost. D govt shd be tinkin of is 2 build refineries b4 removing d subsidy. I believe dey ve hidden agenda and d only way 2 twart dis agenda is d strike tactics. Dat is d only tin dat ll make d govt call 4 dialogue.

  665. Lets hold on to the fight for true democracy together we will defeat the enemies of this great nation Nigeria.

  666. Kingtheous · · Reply

    Let us stand together as one n fight. I know d new Nigeria is coming


    With each day that passes the crowd of protesters on the streets gain in their numbers as Nigerians troop in their thousands flooding the streets in the various states particularly, commercial nerve centers- Lagos and Abuja.
    Day 4 of the strike protest bears testimony to this fact as Nigerians having taken to the streets remain on the streets and beckon (via electronic and print media) on those sitting it out to join in on the active, albeit peaceful protest against the withdrawal of the fuel subsidy which was prematurely removed by the Federal Government on the 1st of January, 2012.
    Surprisingly the Federal Government has stuck to its guns, as have protesting Nigerians, ultimately leading to an impasse, as talks have neither commenced nor been suggested. The Government is confident of its stance and argues that the decision to withdraw the subsidy was carried out in the best interest of Nigerians, which though might seem harsh at first would yield bountiful fruits in the not too distant future. The Nigerian Government is resolute in its decision and bent on seeing it through. (Un) fortunately so are the Nigerians.
    The Government has gone a step further to employ the “No work, No pay” rule in a bid to compel civil servants back to work. Thus far this strategy has failed to yield the desired result. As resolute as the Government is, it appears it has met its match in the Nigerians this time.
    Nigerians have stood their grounds, neither budging nor giving grounds, an act (on both sides) which is perceived could lead to an economic crisis.
    The Nigerian protesters are confident that this would not be “business as usual” as they gather in an unprecedented number each propelled by a common goal, which initially started off as a cry against the subsidy removal but has swiftly metamorphose into a one for good government, accountability and matters ancillary thereto.
    Prior to the mass protests, the Nigerian government was experiencing overwhelming challenges in the area of security particularly with the wanton destruction of lives and property by the Islamist Boko Haram Sect and now it is further saddled with a nationwide protest against the fuel subsidy thus leaving the Nigerian government plummeted from all sides not to mention erstwhile challenges it has to deal with like education, health, infrastructure, transportation, implementation of minimum wage et al.
    Some analysts believe these are the elementary steps to a possible Civil War.
    The controversial method adopted by the Government in the removal of fuel subsidy caused labor and other unions embark on a nationwide strike with overwhelming support from a majority of Nigerians. Most Nigerians which live below the poverty line of less than $2 a day clearly have stood against the removal of the subsidy which inevitably translates into an overnight exponential increase in the cost of food products and transportation costs to mention a few.
    While many consider the removal as ill timed and insensitive on the part of the government with specific reference to President Good luck Ebele Jonathan, others view it as just another means of looting the already ravaged treasury, both instances Nigerians are indisposed to accept.
    These protests which have largely been peaceful have also recorded its casualties as Police and protesters have had a run in in different parts of the country. Records have it that in some states Police attacked the protesters with live ammunition and tear gas leaving behind multiple deaths in their wake.
    At various times Police authorities have either refuted these allegations claiming that the group which confronted them were not peaceful protesters but “miscreants and drug addicts” with ulterior motives and intentions which had to be quelled or outrightly failed to comment at all.
    Most Nigerians have either actively or passively been involved in the nationwide strike, for those who choose not to take to the streets, they quietly remained in their homes, thus rendering major cities which normally are a hub of activities into ghost towns. Businesses, schools, ministries, shops, offices, fuel stations and airports have all been shut down consequently bringing the country to a complete standstill.
    One of the groups staging the nationwide strike, National Labour Congress (NLC) has declared that it would not hold talks with the federal government unless and until the fuel returns to its original price of N65 per liter as opposed to the overnight jacked up price of N135 per liter (a direct consequence of the removal of subsidy)
    Allegations and counter allegations have rent the air as NLC has been accused of negotiating with the Federal Government, a line of action which Nigerians clearly do not intend to purse considering how brazenly the latter has rescinded on its numerous promises over time, the latest which is the minimum wage implementation upon which it has attained a terrible reputation of distrust from the citizenry.
    On some other quarter, the NLC had been accused of being fuelled by oil marketers to engage in the strike. NLC has clearly and emphatically denied both allegations and have voiced their commitment to join and remain in the cause of the Nigerian people. These allegations cannot however be ascertained but astonishingly Nigerians have committed themselves to the ‘national cause” than be deterred by these allegations.
    In the meantime various industrial groups which openly declared their resolve and willingness to join have indeed continued on with the mass protest accompanied by several other groups against the fuel subsidy removal. Among these groups are the NLC, Trade Union Congress (TUC), National Bar Association (NBA), the 3 unions in the aviation sector, Road Transport Unions, Youths and Civil Society Groups and the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA).
    Analysts do not perceive of the fuel subsidy removal as a very brilliant step taking into account the already existing rising religious violence and tension in the North, the separatist movement in the South which jointly already seems to overwhelm the Nigerian Government. The nationwide strike would doubtless complicate an already delicate and compromised system.
    “One would have thought that in an area of heightened religious conflict that the last thing you would want to do is provoke a general strike,” said Campbell, a senior fellow for Africa Policy Studies with the Council on Foreign Relations.
    Interestingly the removal of subsidy on petrol which necessitated the declaration of a nationwide strike action has sparked off a new sense of enlightenment, valor and oneness among the ordinary Nigerian citizens. Their cries are no longer on the solitary issue of fuel subsidy (which has served as a spring board) but against several others like injustice, unfairness and inequitable measures meted out on the vast majority by the elite class which consists of less than 1% of the entire population.
    As Day 1 gradually paves way for Day 2, 3 and 4, the throng of protesters found and built up confidence in their numbers as anger wells in the hearts of protesters in response to the new fuel price and the overnight increment of goods and services by 100%.
    Law enforcement agencies in Lagos, it is reported, stood by and watched helplessly as some protesters vent their grievances by chanting anti-government and incendiary slogans while barricading thoroughfares with tyres which were set alight.
    Various states in the Federation witnessed varying degrees of violence and unrests as protesters sufficiently outnumbered law enforcement agencies. Government’s use of force to control demonstrators left many dead and several others injured
    And as the days roll by the death toll increases.
    The President and Labour Unions are ideologically diametrically opposed on the removal of the fuel subsidy which caused the commodity to more than double in a single day trickling down to every other product and services in the country.
    While the President has reiterated Government’s stance on a no-going-back policy, organized Labour has vowed to maintain strike actions until the subsidy is reintroduced into the system. The President argues that it was a tough call for him to make but for the provision of infrastructure, social programs and protection of the national economy, the subsidy was the alternative forgone.
    Labour identifies the subsidy as one of the very few benefits enjoyed by the average Nigerian (from a nation which is one of the highest oil producing nations in the world) who lives on less than $2 a day.
    While some protesters single out and face squarely the subsidy removal issue individually and headlong, several others identify corruption as the real bane of the nation’s problems of which subsidy removal is one of its by-product.

    Ukuwelah Oghie.

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  669. Godpower Kponi · · Reply

    I am supporting this movement and I strongly believe it will work

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