Good Morning fellow Nigerians.
For those of u who slept well, thank you; We need you all rested. If like many of us you couldn’t sleep, may God be with you.
Nigerians got deliberately hoodwinked & sucker punched by President Goodluck Jonathan & his administration yesterday. They deliberately told you fuel subsidy will only be removed in April 2012.

Why? Because they knew you were preparing while they plotted. They knew you wouldn’t take it sitting down as usual. They got all of us fooled this time, will we let them succeed again?

Now they don’t want us organised, they don’t want us rational. They need us to be illogical and confused. Quick to act & late to think. They don’t want us together or united. They want us squabbling among ourselves running for fame, fortune, popularity or glory. Please do not be deceived by them. This is not the time for individualism or the time to stand out. Our strength lies in our unity & in our numbers. In essence, our collective effort.

Our message must be clear, precise & consistent. We are one, we will fight together. We are one, we will stand together.

War has been declared by the government on the people of Nigeria. It was a well thought out & well executed plan. Will ours be rushed or will we be composed?
This isn’t the time to try to do it alone. We need everyone to join in, contribute & be heard. There are various groups, we now need to come together as one.
People on twitter, facebook, and are just the beginning. We’ve got the people on the street. We must reach out them wit our message.

We need to reach out to people on d street with these well thought out plans & messages.
All groups, religious institutions, clubs, professional organisations, organised labour will have to come together to achieve this goal.

The only way we can succeed, the only way we can defeat them is to be VERY organised.

Our process will not be hidden, secluded or secretive. All hands on deck, every little idea helps. We shall organise TOGETHER AS ONE.
The time for broadcasting jokes and wise cracks are on twitter, facebook & bbm is over. It is time to get up and be counted.
Now if u want 2 help, join, contribute, send your email & phone number and city to This is simply to help get us organised. Share this and recruit as many ordinary Nigerians as you can.
We are presently looking to take this to the streets. We must work together. Plans were being made all day yesterday to get venues & permits.

We need volunteers from every sphere of life from every state & local government in Nigeria. We need to organise & strategise.

Our message must be consistent. We are ONE in this suffering. We will not be rushed, we will not only do it right, we will do it TOGETHER.
Arise oh compatriots. Nigeria calls, obey! To serve our father land with love & strength & faith. Our labour shall not be in vain!
We are marching for the return of fuel subsidy. We are marching IF and WHEN we are all together on the same page.

It is time for us to use the internet and technology to organise ourselves. The time is NOW CLICK HERE



  1. Ameenah · · Reply

    U kw my name n # all I need is a venue,make sure I can treck it tho

  2. victor ojeifo · · Reply

    Let’s do this

  3. Israel Usman · · Reply

    I agree with you completely!

  4. I get drowned in this outpour of displeasure but it‘ll be great to see U pull this off. I‘m so sure GEJ got this right!

  5. asabe Awever · · Reply

    I knew dis drunk fisherman had smetyn up his sleeves!

  6. Am ready to come along, am ready to fight for my fathers land, am ready to fight against the removal of fuel subsidy.

    1. Powerfully supported by me!

  7. aderemi oluremi Esther · · Reply

    Kia na wa o dis is bad we need to do sumtin abt dat

  8. It’s time we tell them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…The people are still trying to get out of the hang-over of the mayhem unleashed by Boko Haram- a trauma the govt. should be held responsible for not providing the basic responsibility of a functioning govt: security of life and property. Power was promised, yet nothing to show; the festivities were spent in total darkness! As if they have not visited us with enough plagues, their new year greeting was another trauma in the form of fuel subsidy…these vampires should be made to know our blood bank has been strained to the last…

  9. Anselm Ngutsav · · Reply

    Lets go!

  10. Anselm Ngutsav · · Reply


  11. Fellow Nigerians, I strongly stand for one thing. That is justice for all.
    I can participate in any protest geared towards fighting corruption and injustice but not against deregulation.
    I support deregulation because I know the long term benefits.
    Also any effort made to liberate our dear nation from the hands of the canker worm is highly welcome by me. I am in for that.

  12. salcase · · Reply

    Good one! Fill me in with the remaining details..!

  13. The time to sit and keep quite is over I m now ready to fight till death for my right

  14. Ruqayyah · · Reply

    Yeah count on me wherever,whenever

  15. Am wit U̶̲̥̅̊ sir that’s all I can say @ the moment…GEJ has disappointed me, nigeria, we need to bite back

  16. Rafat M Ohiare · · Reply

    @yas got wot ryt? Puting d already suffering Nigerians under more hardship or creating more gap btw d haves n d have not!

  17. Hamdiyya A jibrin · · Reply

    It’s ok! To fight for our right, but the mandetory question is; how are we going to start? What do we have as our wepon to fight them?, we don’t have to rush, nothing last forever. But we have to think. Am ready to fight for my right but how? How Am I going to start?

  18. oladayo · · Reply

    Yes,lets do this 2geda!these fools should b made 2 knw nigerians refuse 2 b trampled upon!

  19. Ashbylady Aliyu · · Reply

    U’re right.odas out dere need to be aware of wat reli gng on.I am ready to fight 4 my country

  20. Protesting or no protesting, they will nt change their mind,let’s face d Issue of dis terrorisim first and wait to see what dey are turning Nigeria into, we would survive either they like it or nt.

  21. Abdulmalik ishaq kishimi · · Reply

    I hope it works let’s stand out nd protest,this is democracy nd we want a peaceful revolution before it turns bloody,this is the peoples government not government for a few nd we say no to subsidy removal,Nigeria is our mother land nd our voices must be heared

  22. Mustapher Sani Hanga · · Reply

    It’s about time we stand up and fight back until we saved our dear Nation.

  23. Since d inception of GEJ’s administration it has been unfulfiled promises all through. This tym we shuldn’t allowed ourself to b used lyk sm experimental rat dat d end result is undoubtly dead. If he realy mean gud 2 dis nation, coruption is d first greatest monster he most deal wit den we can have faith in him & odas tinz can 4low.

  24. Some really superb content on this website , thanks for contribution.

  25. HOW TO MARCH azeenarh with love!

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