by Azeenarh Mohammed (@xeenarh)

(closeted optimist, provocative writer)

It’s the beginning of 2012 and a time to look back and reflect on the events that happened in 2011, review and reflect the things that went wrong, and adjust to make plans for the new year. It is in that spirit that I wish to bring you Jonathan’s most infamous moments. I pray it wakes all Nigerians up to the challenge before us, so that we can wake up and fight for the Nigeria of our dreams. WHY WE MUST PROTEST CLICK HERE

  • A whopping N9.5billion spent on Independence Day celebrations. The government had planned to bake the biggest cake in the world but due to outrage by Nigerians, the issue was eventually discarded. We are still waiting to hear what happened to the money.
  • Mend bombs eagle square and claims responsibility. Jonathan denies it on their behalf.
  • Jonathan suspends Nigeria from all international football activities without prior thought or consultation, then reinstates them after FIFA threatens sanction.
  • Jonathan denies zoning agreement ever existed in PDP.
  • The rise of the term Umblerra-strictly speaking, this is not Jonathan’s cross to bear, but since she bears his name and he unleashed her upon us, I am going to have to stick this to him. (including my fellow widows, the senators are a children, thanking the nurses for responding to treatment, the bombers who born them, love your fellow Nigerians irrespective oof their nationalities, I would rather kill myself than commit suicide)
  • Jonathan promises an airport in every state when 90% of Nigerians use road transport and the roads are in horrible condition.
  • Jonathan refuses to debate except if he is allowed to see the questions before hand. After refusing another invite from the youth organized “what-about-us” debates, he instead invites Dbanj to interview him as a representative of the Youth.
  • Jonathan proposes tenure elongation for the executive arm of government to 7 years. After an outcry from the public, he decides t point out that he doesn’t intend to run for presidency again. I believe we’ve all heard that lie before…
  • After a suicide bomber blows up a section of the UN building, Jonathan’s reaction at the site of the blast was; “every country gets terrorists, maybe it is the time of Nigeria to get deal with terrorists.”
  • Jonathan has an invitation only ‘Dinner with the President.’ Where youth were invited to come and dine with the president amidst rumours of N250 thousand shared for transportation.
  • Labaran Maku the Minister for (mis)information decides to “thank Mr President, for bringing Facebook to Nigerians.”
  • After a visit with Obama in the US of A, Jonathan wonders why Nigerians are criticising him, when America commends him. Probably because America does not drive these bad roads, have NEPA/PHCN to deal with, or our incompetent security, medical, emergency, & education systems.
  • Non-celebration of the 51st anniversary
  • Arrest and detention of Naseer El-Rufai by the SSS for writing a ‘provocative’ piece.
  • The detention by SSS and seizure of (sun newspaper columnist) Okey Ndube’s passport at Murtala Mohammed airport.
  • The controversial firing of Justice Ayo Salami and Jonathans hurry in replacing him.
  • Travelling to Australia with 200 people under the guise of a conference, only to celebrate Patience’s birthday.
  • The comedy that was called ‘National award list.’ Here Jonathan outdid himself by awarding the security chiefs who have failed the Nigerian masses, re-awarding past awardees, running out of plaques, and getting into a war of words with Nigeria’s living legend Chinua Achebe for refusing said ‘honour.’
  • The invention of cassava bread.
  • Blast in Niger, Yobe and Plateau states, 0n 24th and 25th of December with no reaction from Mr President. Instead he is seen on TV dancing and celebrating while the nation was in mourning and confusion. Again he tells us that bombing is something we have to get used to.

This compilation is only half way. As at this morning, the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) formally announced the removal of subsidy on Premium Motor Spirit. Simply put fuel prices jumped to N138 from N65 overnight. If you think this is bad, listen to what the president’s plan according to the budget speech.

  1. Toll gates will be re-introduced on federal roads (AKA death traps)
  2. As from July 1st 2012, Wheat flour will attract a whopping 65% levy which will bring the effective levy to 100% while the wheat grain itself will have its levy moved from 5% to 20%.
  3. The levy on brown rice will move from 5% to 30%, polished rice will move from 10% to 50% and by December 2012 the levy on rice will be moved from that whooping 50% to 100%. This levy effectively moves from 10% to 100% in 12 months.

This is compiled to achieve one thing in you all: Awareness. The time to talk, tweet and write is over. This is the time to act. Nigeria is a country at war (the president made that clear in his budget by allocating 1/3 to security). This is an internal war-a war of the rich against the poor and unless every single Nigerian opens his eyes to see the long battle that lies ahead, until we sit up, refuse to sit back and fold our hands, history will judge us harshly. 2012 is the year we fight for our livelihood, 2012 is the year I ask you all to take an active participation to make this a government of the people, FOR the people and by the people.
A lot of people ‘voted GEJ and not PDP’ because of religious and ethnic sentiments. Now is the time to come together for a common struggle-gay, strait, Muslims, Christian,  atheists, traditionalists, PDP, CPC, ACN, ANPP, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Ohrobo, Efik, Edo, Bayelsa, will have to put their grievances aside and fight for their livelihood.
Mass protests are being organised as you read this. Will you sit in your house and watch others fight or will you be the change Nigeria needs you to be. I shall fight for my survival and that of my unborn kids. If we fight we might win, if we don’t, we have already lost. Will you march or will you be a coward? WHY WE MUST PROTEST



  1. I can’t die in cowardice… I must march

  2. abosede · · Reply

    I want to march for my right

  3. Ameenah · · Reply

    We really r @war,but u failed 2mention wen 2act n a few oda details.I vote we all sit home 4@least a wk den march afta nothin has been functionin in d nation 4d whole wk

  4. olayiwola · · Reply

    We must standup and protest for our right

  5. Am waiting for command I will march for my Nation

  6. Dilmumdende · · Reply

    Were set 4 an uproar, am glad sum1 shares my own ideology 4 change. Hw do we go abt it? OCCUPY NIGERIA or 2 the Streets oh NIGERIANS.

  7. K A Olarewaju · · Reply

    I’m ready to fight for my right. 2012 this country must change to good by God’s grace.

  8. K A Olarewaju · · Reply

    I’m ready to fight for my right. 2012 this country must change to good by God’s grace. One nation One nigerian.

  9. Hassan Oluwafemi · · Reply

    Yes!2012,is our year of many battles wether we like it or not.Torturing or Tormenting some1 is worse than killing.we av 2 resist dis anti-people policy b4 pple start 2 adjust&adapt.

  10. Nigerian youth,we nid to wakeupp n fight for our right.enough is enough.anything it going to cost we are READY.shit.

  11. Obinna Harrison · · Reply

    Go for good and go with God

  12. Theophilus Chinedu Anya · · Reply

    No going back. We die or live free.

  13. raheenah · · Reply

    I will most certainly march.dis article was most certainly an eye opener.its time we nigerians fought back!Nice 1!!!!!

  14. Ready, and ready

  15. Morakinyo Ayobami · · Reply

    I am ready to march…pls tell me how. This is so saddening and it is the time to face this fascist ingrate who has only brought nothing but grief to Nigerians.

    1. m ready up fight for the glory of Nigeria to b restored.pls kip me posted

  16. How very true and timely. It is time the masses open their eyes and act to stop this daylight robbery by our unpatriotic leaders. Enough is enough!!!

  17. Abubakar Aminu Usman(Thalo) · · Reply

    All that u said is right, we have to fight today for better 2moro, if not ,.,. This is just ϑ begining. As we all know UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. Love u all Nigerians. May God help us.
    At this moment of oil subsidy removal am not afraid, please published my email address, provide box for picture or video I wil all provide ful information plus my biography. Its time 4 we Nigerians to react back 2 wht our government are doing. Sad…sad…Sad… I wish am not a citizen of 9ja. Thank you

  18. I will certainly march. Enough is enough, no more suffering and smiling

  19. Every patriotic member of this Nation need no second thoght to join this generational struggle for ourselves and our unborn generation. There must be no sentiment on this, we must all stand up and fight. In my village, a distance we use to pay N20 to cover costed N60 2day and my wife just dropped a list of items to get today which will last us for two weeks and the month is almost my salary, WHERE ARE WE HEADING TO?

  20. mr MOHAMED thanks 4 ur provocative piece…u boko-haram agent……where were u & ur provocative piece when the so called hausa generals were rulling nigeria…….was nigeria not worst of than now?……pshhheeeeeeewwww…….unviel your mask, lets know ur hate for christians & southerners….some of us cannot be cajoled by this writing….we know where you are coming from & we can see the writing on the wall…..

  21. Every patriotic member of this Nation need no second thoght to join this generational struggle for ourselves and our unborn generation. There must be no sentiment on this, we must all stand up and fight. In my village, a distance we use to pay N20 to cover costed N60 2day and my wife just dropped a list of items to get today which will last us for two weeks and the amount is almost my salary, WHERE ARE WE HEADING TO?

  22. I am ready to march, details pls. Wen and where

  23. If d battle wil begin today. Am ready.2012 must be gud 4 us nt wit dis fuel issue dt mr jonathan brought to us as we are happy to see new year n he mr presido now cm wit dis. Enough is enough.Al d bad leader must out of dis nigerian govt. Beast of unknown nation.Those who av bein collecting billions of dollars 4rm federal govt in all to repair our refinery.Where is d out come? Bush meat.

  24. Abdul Daura · · Reply

    Wat a tragedy! This is something wich is really affecting the present condition of Nigeria and Nigerians, rather than individual. This is all abt social problems. We need 2 wake up!

  25. Mahmud Aboki · · Reply

    I rather die like a man…than live like a coward. Jst notify me of the date and tym

  26. No light, no jobs, increase in fuel, which has direct effect on prices of basic commodities we need to survive, bomb blasts, armed robbery, not enough NGO’s to take care off our fellow (poor) Nigerians, no real health care plan for the masses. Where do I sign up? I fought and adapted, I’m tired now. imagine a Nigeria where its people hv social security numbers, and have access to welfare and basic amenities? And can enjoy their God given resources, Just imagine.

  27. To the streets! I’ll surely march. Enuf is truly enuf! These evil-men & renegades need to put out 1nce & for all.

  28. Tunde Mauris · · Reply

    In the first place, I want to question What is the Nigeria of our dream? Do we all as a people have a common national dream in this nation? I very much doubt so. Besides, I beg to differ that Nigerians are asleep- there’s hardly any day gone by that some group of Nigerians are not debating or calling for a proactive action on the myraid of issues confronting us as a people. Rather I think, (I expect many to disagree) that we are very much clueless as to what we must do to get out of this quagmire.

    While it is clear that our President has goofed on several matters, I don’t exactly feel surprised. When we all voted, I am sure we knew what we were doing even if we didn’t consider the implications. Now we are faced with the consequences of our decision. That being said, whatever we decide to do must be thought through. What is the plan of our enmass protest? We need to have a plan and count the cost before jumping into any action. What will be the point of protesting only for us to back out after some intimidation. Personally, I believe that our we need a wisdom that transcends ‘Protests’. I won’t join a protest that doesn’t have a plan. I have seen too many of it in Nigeria. My suggestion, let us first RISE UP & THINK before ACTION!

  29. Ademubo oluwatosin · · Reply

    Tank u GOD will bless u,yes we must fight for our right.

  30. So what do we do? Where do we turn to?who will raise the bar first so that we can follow. I want to be a part of this great revolution!

  31. ogbodo daniel · · Reply

    Talking about the protest I’m in becouse the so called president is actualy leading Nigeria into a ditch. How can a blind man leads us…the issue of strike in all most all university to me i think is becouse of this subsidy removal so that student or bringing Nigerian student together to protest…I WOULD RATHER DIE PROTESTING THAN TO DIE JUST LOOKING…pls email me

  32. Ama
    But precise details pls

  33. Its time for Nigerians to open our eyes and chase out those ugly ball head away, those that are bringing grieves to Nigeria. I am ready to match.

  34. Its time for Nigerians to open our eyes and chase out those ugly ball head away, those that are bringing grieves to Nigeria. I am ready to march.

  35. temitayo · · Reply

    I am ready to March. Just post the information and I am good to go.

  36. uche okafor · · Reply

    We will fight for our nation NIGERIA

  37. mariam john · · Reply

    We have 2 stand as one n fight 4 our ryt,our voices most b heard we all tired of d whole tin is tym 2 SPEAK OUT NIGERIA

  38. I hate d leaders of nigeria n I will fight for my right goodluck n namadi I hate d fact dat u r d ones ruln nigeria mtschewwww

  39. Fatima M Babate · · Reply

    Dis is very true.I AM EVER READY.

  40. This is d time for revolution. Wake up Niger, we are ALL to march for our survival!

  41. Dis is wat we should hav done a long time ago, they let foreing companies steal our oil, spill it on our farmlands,contaminat our rivers yet dey don’t know d number of barrels leaving our shores, dey dwell on d estimates dey r given, d money from d oil is looted by d same criminals, noting functions in dis country, except 4 nafdac coz dey want us alive in d hell we live in today. Y do we have oil and NNPC but we r still importing, its obvious our system is super-ineficient n its time we did somfin about it. Dis is d straw dat broke d camels back, I am gallantly behind this movment.

  42. DR B R ABUYAZID · · Reply

    I have said it time without number that GEJ cannot lead this country to the promise land. How can an opportunist with no sense of leadership, just becoming a leader by chance lead a complex society like ours? If u could remember d problem between Chris UBA and Chris Ngige when he was slapped by his god father for not given him part of d state allocation. What stop OBJ from doing d same thing to him when after all he made him d president. PDP is defined by an intellectual as Poverty Development Party, so what do u expect if hardship is not impose on d people of Nigeria. Remember GEJ promised us FRESH AIR and I’m sure d so call subsidy withdrawal with d resultant Vicious cycle that will naturally affect every aspect of our life and increase in LIGHT tariff are part of d fresh air that we have to “enjoy”. Nigerians must unite like d Egyptians and Co to have a government of their own. If Jonathan was truly elected by d people, he will never enforce this hardship on d people of Nigeria.

  43. elegbede olajide · · Reply

    We have been pushed to the wall! Enough is enough! I march with my comrades as we seek a better Nigeria!

  44. LordHoreb · · Reply

    All these are mear propaganda. I know most of us will live to praise Goodluck in few months from now.

  45. See all these small children ooo crying for war. How many of una don see war before. No be for filmm. Eni sango ba ti oju e ja… Koni bawon bu oba koso …. A word is enof for the wise
    March ko march ni

  46. abubakar bello · · Reply

    We are overripe for this decades ago. I’ll march with all my will!

  47. To protest is our right. I strongly believe and encourage all true nigerians, a people with no differences what’s so ever to come out in hordes and change the course of our country . Perhaps its time to bring back nigeria’s past glory.

  48. patriot · · Reply

    I think where,how & when could help in this matter… GOD dey

  49. OH yourh! It has come to light the so called nigerian youth leader is against any form of protest. I say to hell with him! The selfish bastard. People like him are the cos of nigeria’s problems. No youth should listen or obey. For the sake of our country.

  50. I cry as I read this,our country has no future in d hands of our current leaders.I will march

  51. David Boboye · · Reply

    Emancipate yourself now Nigerians or pay dearly… Say NO to Subsidy Removal! Say No to Badluck! Join the Protest or get Impoverished!

  52. Nsima Edet · · Reply

    We must fight 2 get our right. Dear lord be by our side.

  53. Nigerian must rise! must rise! and fight the government of incompentency. I personally voted for GEJ factor with the hope that He is the masses representive but ever since he assume office he has been a appiontment to me

  54. GEJ is a failure. Let’s protest in whatever way n make a father a better place. Let’s march together.

  55. Timson Egbo · · Reply

    Note: 7) The cost structure of crude oil (i.e.Qua Iboe Crude Oil) production;- Findings / development – $3.5- Production cost – $1.5- Refining Cost – $12.6- Pipeline/transportation – $1.5- Distr/bridging fund Margin -$15.698) True cost of one litre of petroleumanywhere in Nigeria;- Total sum cost = $34.8- 1ltr cost = $34.8/159 litres = $0.219- Naira equiv. 0.219xN160= N35.02k- Add Tax N5 + N35.02 = N40.029) Let FGN refute the above compositionand if not, they should tell us howthey came about N65/litre.10) Locally refined products cannot besold at International price.11) We really do not need FGN SUBSIDYas there was NONE in the first place.12) What is LACKING, is the WILL toenforce LAW ON CORRUPTION.Pls re-post until it gets to the right quarters for their response;We still stand a chance as a COUNTRY.Analysis done by Professor Tam David West, former Petroleum Minister.Let’s be wise

  56. Timson Egbo · · Reply

    Note: -1) One barrel of Crude oil = 42gallons or159 litres… 2) Our Refineries (i.e 4) Installed(combined) capacity = 445,000… barrels per day3) Actual refineries capacity due toageing equipment = 30% i.e. 133,500barrels per day.4) . . 133,500 barrels = 21.2 million litres5) Local required consumption (F.O.S) =12millions litres6) It means that even our MORIBONDrefineries can actually meet our localconsumption need of petroleum.. 7) The cost structure of crude oil (i.e.Qua Iboe Crude Oil) production;- Findings / development – $3.5- Production cost – $1.5- Refining Cost – $12.6- Pipeline/transportation – $1.5- Distr/bridging fund Margin -$15.698) True cost of one litre of petroleumanywhere in Nigeria;- Total sum cost = $34.8- 1ltr cost = $34.8/159 litres = $0.219- Naira equiv. 0.219xN160= N35.02k- Add Tax N5 + N35.02 = N40.029) Let FGN refute the above compositionand if not, they should tell us howthey came about N65/litre.10) Locally refined products cannot besold at International pr

  57. Umar Ibrahim · · Reply

    I support the mass protest 100%. We should fight for our right until everything went bak to normal, we’r not fools we ol kno wot we’r doing, we voted him into that sit, and have d right to say we don’t want him, we need a change of government …. We’ll fight till we fight no more.

  58. Adedolapo · · Reply

    I wil march….

  59. Rotimi Bamidele · · Reply

    This is a very profound piece and my awareness is intensely incited. Let’s go there….

  60. joel tsado · · Reply

    Am ready to fight, tired of dieing in silence. ALUTA CONTINUA, VITORIA ACERTA.

  61. Adebiyi Akintokunbo Jeffrey · · Reply

    I wil March

  62. felix thelma · · Reply

    I full support this.I must fight for the justices of this country.we must win

  63. Adeniyi Abiodun · · Reply

    I will definitely March against this oppressive government, I only wish and hope that those who support this decision are truly sincere and as well call for a proper plan toward a sustainable protest.

  64. ogbodo daniel · · Reply

    Are we here Just To talk i think THE TIME. TO ACT IS NOW….all this idiots in power think they can just implement policy anf force it on the people to accept….is THIS DEMOCRACY ? OR WHAT…

  65. I will match.I will carry a rifle.I will burn.I will destroy.I am vexed to my bone.I will rise I would lead.

  66. oke victor · · Reply

    After reading your piece I can’t really understand what this guy is calling for because he has not proffer solution all he is calling for is mass violence. Where was he when the terrorist group called boko haram was busy killing innocent Christians in the name of GOD. I beg the nigerian youth especially the southern’s not to play into this northern game of power @ all cost. They have make do with their promise of not making the govt of GJe govern able just because is not their son. Come to thing of it, all this while we have being having northern leaders have the north organize any rally against their leaders the answer is NO. As an economist all what the govt is trying to do is to remove all form of subsidy in the economy there by giving the home market I.e local producers to strife against it foreign counter part because the govt have being spending a lot on the various sector to rejuvenate them. All we the youth should ask for is the implementation of different programmes that will cushen the effect of this subsidy’s e.g. Making house available @ a very affordable rate, adequate transportation plan especially the development of efficient railway system, revitalization of our agricultural sector and finally ensuring that various social schemes are implemented. These are the issues I expected to be discussed not this lack of idea form of protest. I bet this guys are trying to play on Nigerians intelligent . BE AWARE NIGERIA YOUTH

  67. Fighting for what I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ rightly belongs t̶̲̥̅̊Õ̾ us really worth į̸̸̨τ̲̅ and A̶̲̥̅♏ ready t̶̲̥̅̊Õ̾ among those that wȋ̊ℓℓ fight t̶̲̥̅̊Õ̾ get what I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ rightful ours

  68. I can’t die cowardice… I must watch.. N seee !?!

  69. sunday oladipo · · Reply

    I think Jonathan is confused, I don’t see any reason that will make him introduce removal of fuel subsidy that is not acceptable by the generality of the country. I don’t think he Has the feelings of the masses @ heart. Unless the country may tear apart.

  70. theeclecticsource · · Reply

    This is a very lovely post..
    However, i have to disagree with this section –> “This is an internal war -a war of the rich against the poor..” It is not the first time I have come across this statement like this within this new movement, & though it is a very small part of this whole uprising, it’ll be prove problematic if its not properly address.

    Many Revolutions tend to follow this path of ‘Rich Vs Poor’. Forgetting that even the rich citizens have also been affected by this bad government & some want a regime change too. My father is not poor. He has suffered & worked extremely hard for it in the harsh conditions of Nigeria to achieve it. & he too wants a true democratic structure in Nigeria.

    We must remember where the real problems lie; Within The Government. Just because someone people lives in Lekki or VGC doesn’t automatically make them the enemy of the poor. & stigmatizing the wealthy citizens of Nigeria is not the way forward to a successful revoltuon. It’ll only cause them to withdraw their support, which is quite valuable.

    ..maybe you didn’t mean give off that aura in the phrase but you remember people would read & interpret our words in their own away. Lets us leave as little room for misjudgment & mistake.
    so if you, please can change it.
    All in all
    Well done. (Y)

  71. Well, it’s a dance of shame for the person of GEJ who told Nigerian ” i have No Shoe, I No school Bag, i ǎ̜̣̍м̣̣̥̇̊ one of Ɣ☺ΰ‎​‎​” he surprise ‎​M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ hw he have forgotten so soon, the argument is simple, if he can’t meet need of his pple then his govt is irrelvant, useless and policy should be resisted, until the wish is enforced, Yes freedom is not free, Let stand against GEJ led bad govt.

  72. Samson Agboola · · Reply

    We must fight today for better tomorrow. We all know that the no of graduated students are increasing every year and institutions are expanding but our industries are deteriorating, winding up, the rate of unemployment is high,our roads are dead trap,poor power supply bcos of lack of good governance, leadership e.t.c. I think it is right time to say NO. We must march and I’m ready to march.

  73. roselyn Athora · · Reply

    I will be on the march. Enough is enough

  74. Akande Adeniyi · · Reply

    A̶̲̥̅̊ℓℓ I wanna hear į̸̸̨§ “GO” then I ωȊ̝̊̅L̳̿L̳̿ MARCH!!!

  75. We need to act fast, cos egbere badluck jonatan is not competent at all.

  76. johnson · · Reply

    No chinpinchinpin…..Let’s go there..

  77. debola olubunmi · · Reply

    I must march and the time is now to take our destiny into our hands. One for all, all for one!

  78. Ene Adakole · · Reply

    Its time to fight

  79. How can we Nigerians com out $ 4ight as one nigerians when we have so many differnt tribes in nigeria.U know d worst part of it we don’t speak d same language.so u see there’s a big problem.we will overcome them by God’s grace.

  80. Akinwale Olawale · · Reply

    I am game! Let’s march and chase the “otondo” out of Aso Rock.

  81. Kehinde oduyebo · · Reply

    Am ready 4 d protest

  82. David Boboye · · Reply

    Send to your friends,we sure can win!

  83. David Boboye · · Reply

    Send to your friends,we sure can win

  84. Hally's fotography.... · · Reply

    Mr president is confused….all his adviser A??????????????? sick

  85. sadiqdaba · · Reply

    A perfect title to the show last year turned out to be – “2011, Annus Horribilis, brought to you by GEJ”. Watch out for part 2…

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